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  1. gamerbrehdy

    Question TridentZ RGB customization problems

    So here are my argb/rgb components with their software: Corsair K55 and ASUS PRIME Z270-A (iCUE) Trust GXT 138 X-ray (GXT 138 software) Coolermaster MasterFan MF120R ARGB (MasterPlus) TridentZ RGB (currently not customizable) As you can see in this list up here, I'm having troubles with my...
  2. M

    [SOLVED] G-Skill Trident Z AMD memory compatible with intel?

    So I have a pc with an i7-8700 in it and I found a Trident Z 16gb kit pretty cheap but its the AMD version so i just want to know whether or not it will work or if it will give worse or inconsistent performance, etc.
  3. robinby04

    Question Installed new RAM, not getting the speed I thought I would.

    Current setup: Motherboard - AsusROG STRIX Z370 H Gaming CPU - Intel I7-9700k RAM - G.Skill Sniper X DDR4 - 3600 MHz 2x8GB Just added into 2nd and 4th slot - G.Skill TridentZ RGB DDR4 - 3600MHz 2x8GB Problem: Before I put the new RAM in, my default clock speed (using NZXTcam) was 1800MHz with...
  4. A

    Question adding more memory

    hello guys, i have z390 aorus master mb with 2x8 tridentz rgb 3200 mhz kit installed i got another kit of tridentz 3200mhz is it okay to install them directly and i will get stable 32gb of ram or its not recommended do i have to used 4x8 kit or 2x16 like most of manufacturers recommend i'm...
  5. S

    In-game i have good fps, but when i stream it's laggy and it move really bad

    I just wanted to start stream, and i got everything set up, in-game (PUBG) i have good fps, but when i watch the stream on mobile it's laggy and it moves really bad. My first thought was that i have too buy new parts for my pc because it;s kinda old, but if there is an option i would be so...