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  1. B

    Question Trouble with Bios recognizing Keyboard

    I've had this issue for years now, but as I attempt to set this computer up with a new SSD primary drive where I will install windows, I cannot get around it. Currently, the issue is that until it has booted to windows, it will not recognize that a keyboard is plugged in. I've done more than a...
  2. Shortipper

    Question 100% Disk usage only when loading applications/games. It feels like I have tried everything!

    Hi all! My Specs: Windows 10 - 10.0.18363 Build 18363 Ryzen 5 3600 RX580 8GB B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI-CF 1TB PCS SSD I purchased my first gaming PC about 6 months ago and for the last couple of months I have had repeated issues with 100% disk usage and slow performance ONLY when loading...
  3. SDiestel583

    Question Internet is working on all of my devices except for my Window PC

    Ok... I’ve tried everything! For the past few weeks now, I’ve scoured the internet for an answer to my jarring predicament, but to no success. I have yet to find anyone else with my issue. Here’s the problem: My internet is working on all of my devices except for my Window PC (that‘s how I’m...
  4. Its_Davoo

    [SOLVED] My PC won't start! Please help, I've tried everything!

    So here's my situation, I wake up next morning and try to turn on my PC but it just won't. It doesn't beep, lights don't go on or anything. It just doesn't work. I've been using it for like a year with no problems but it suddenly just won't start when I press the button. I've tried and seen...
  5. W

    [SOLVED] Official version of Windows 10 broke my PC

    Never posted on a forum before but Im getting out of ideas and really need some help. I bought a serial code of Windows 10 Home, got sent an invalid key, contacted the seller to get a new one. They provided me with a W10 Pro key which I wasn’t aware of until I got a notification saying upgrade...
  6. B

    [SOLVED] 1070Ti won't install drivers?

    Hi, I recently bought a "working" Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070Ti OC Edition to replace my aging GTX 980. However when I received it, and put it in my PC, I turned it on and it started booting and making this terrible sound that almost sounded like coil-whine. When it came to installing the drivers...
  7. C

    Question Ryzen 3600 Failure, CPU red led, b450 Tomahawk

    Hi, Ryzen 3600 build was working fine for few months but it suddenly stopped working and I see CPU red led on , when trying to boot again. It stays on for a few second and the entire system turns off. Below are the stuff i tried But THEY ALL FAILED switching my ram (8gb x 1) to another slot...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Disk Active 100%

    So I'm getting this Disk Usage 100% since about a month for about 5 - 10 mins after bootup and randomly. Computer is completely unusable during this times. No process is consuming disk resources (0% I/O) . I've tried everything on the internet except Clean installing windows, reseting and System...
  9. vodka20022

    [SOLVED] My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games

    My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games it sometimes happens every time i start a game sometimes it doest happen at all for months. My pc 1070ti i5 6600k 8gb ram 2tb hdd 128 gb ssd 750 w 80+bronze psu
  10. hapri

    Question BSOD windows 10 not booting need help asap

    Making new build put all parts together and even booted windows 10 pro onto it and it worked fine. Also I have tried using a different key and trying to boot it from the 2tb hard drive and same thing happens again. However i have a i5-6600k and asus z170-e motherboard so that i can overclock...
  11. M

    Cooling solution for overclocking i7-4790K

    Hello, I'll be getting a new PC soon with i7-4790K CPU (and GTX 780 Ti, but that should be able to cool itself by its fans and the ones inside case). I plan on overclocking it eventually, at least to some degree and I'd like to know if NOCTUA NH-U14S fan will be enough for that or if I should...