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  1. rds1220

    HP laserjet m402n has stopped printing.

    I'm the IT person for our office and 99.999% of the time I solve printer/scanner computer problems just fine this one though has me really stuck. We have a person who has a Dell Optiplex 7020.It originally had Windows 7 Enterprise but as since had an in place upgrade to Windows 10...
  2. Z

    Which CPU would you recommend?

    Ok I have been buying parts for building my first gaming pc. Here is the list of items I have gotten. Case- Rosewill Challenger Graphics Card- MSI Radeon 480 Gaming X 8G Motherboard- ASRock z270 Power Supply- undecided I am looking for something that will be able to play games at 60 fps at...
  3. J

    WoW , look what i did to my gpu , it might be interesting

    so i basically salvaged my 2 x 120 mm cpu cooler fans and i took of this weak crappy asus fan over the gpu heatsink : and i replaced them with the 2 120 mm fans (with duct tape) and it ended up looking like this : it works! it produces some noise but it's not nasty so can you...
  4. M

    Need help using Prime95

    Hi. I am going to use the prime95 program to test if my power supply or my cpu is fault as I am experiencing pc restarts with no blue screen while playing video games. I dont know how to use the program and cant find much about how to use it for my purpose. I have no overclocked anything I am...
  5. M

    70000INR or 1100 dollars gaming build

    ohkay, so guys, this is my first thread, and it is regarding my first build, hope you guys can help me out, as there are tons of components available, and i am so much confused :( so here are the basic details Approximate Purchase Date: Within 2 weeks Budget Range: 70000 INR or 1100 dollars ...
  6. C

    SAMSUNG 850 PRO SSD: Long Boot/Shutdown times?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering about something with my SSD (Samsung Pro 850 126GB) and I realized that my PC takes about 30 seconds to shut down. My peripherals shut off right away but I still notice my PC going for about 20+ seconds. Could anyone explain whats wrong? The SSD is less then 5...
  7. B

    SPARKLE NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (SX560T1024D5MH)

    This card has 2 6 pin connector my psu only has one and I would like to install the card will it work just for standard stuff with only 1 6 pin plug, or does it need both
  8. Z

    Help me to choose: tri-x 290x vs vapor-x 290 vs gtx 780 (asus or zotac)

    hi everyone! My xbox is dead, my notebook has a crappy gt330m, therefore i'm turning to pc. Right now my pc has: 630w power (old & not branded) 8gb ram i7-4770k ssd120gb hdd 1tb asus z87 pro Monitor 1680*1050 (but i think i will play on a fullhd tv) Right now i'm running on the integrated...
  9. P

    Mafia 2 polygon glass like artifacts ( PLEASE HELP ) they look something like these
  10. jerry_96

    Geforce 6800 agp work with psu 450W?

    does this card agp (geforce 6800) work with psu 450W?
  11. C

    Graphics upgrade?

    present system: Asus A8N-SLI deluxe with two 6600's (128mb each) in sli mode. power supply 600W. MoBo Bios revision 1015. AMD 64-3800 CPU. 2Gb RAM. XP Home with SP2. used for online multiplayer games, like second life, and entopia universe, and some CAD. works fine. would like...
  12. U

    Did I cook my power supply? Help settle the dispute with my dad!

    Yesterday I started to smell a burned plastic scent coming from my computer, then I followed my nose to the power supply. Today I was informed by well over a dozen people that my power supply is probably trying to kick the bucket. This doesn't surprise me, honestly, since the desktop is a...
  13. N

    FS Asus G1s Gaming Laptop 600$

    Well unfortunately I need some money for school so Im putting my beloved G1s gaming laptop for sale. Its been very lightly used and only owned for less than 6 months. Its a very high quality laptop and I love it to death, I hate to see it go. It plays any game out there at medium to high...
  14. C


    I am looking for a cheap am2 board ddr2. I have Paypal
  15. camieabz

    Identify this card please.

    My Dad's friend replaced his graphics card and gave (Yes gave!) me the old one. I want to know what its capable of. Vanta/TNT2M64 MS8808 VER:1A I hope thats enough info. I've only used ATI in the past, so help would be great. P.S. Its AGP. <b> "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with...
  16. G

    Lost disc

    i have hp deskjet printer 3740 and have lost the instalation disc is there away to install without the disc
  17. ramseyrt

    New heatsink is 3-5C hotter than stock heatsink

    Hello, I installed a Rosewill RCX-Z300 heatsink in my Dell Inspiron 530 (Q6600) today and found that it runs 3-5C hotter than my stock heatsink. My stock heatsink is all aluminum and has a smaller fan compared to the Rosewill. Also, the Rosewill has a copper bottom (top is aluminum). Any...
  18. nathangonmad

    Any amount of overclocking results in system_service_exception

    Any amount of overclocking results in system_service_exception. Simply raising the multiplier in bios results in BSOD within an hour. System Specs: Mobo: Biostar TA770E CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965 RAM: 4gb DDr2 running at 333mhz I have a Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro and even under load it never...
  19. A

    TML3 - patch

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi all, New patch (3.2) is ready. Should be the final. Here's what it does: * Plague settings are less intensive * Triumphal Arch now obsolete with gunpowder * Refrigeration is cheaper * Suicide Bomber has increased bombard strength (12) *...
  20. G

    Will sell FOP38

    How much will ya give me for FOP38 (don't ask me to sell ot for $10 or so), I used it for a day and then I found out I hate NOISE!
  21. J

    Far Cry 3 4GB vs 6 vs 8GB

    Hi, i have a GTX560, a Intel Quad Core Q8400 overclocked 3.00 Ghz,MOBO Asus P5KPL-AM EPU DDR2 with 2 slots for rams and 4GB Ram. I think i might buy Far Cry 3 in Christmas and i was wondering if 6GB is a lot better for Far Cry 3 (it is the recommended RAM amount). Also i was wondering 6 GB Ram...
  22. E

    Does Microcenter Price match?

    Just as the threat title suggests. I'm planning on building a rig purely from Microcenter and was wondering if they do Price Matching with Newegg or other stores?
  23. D

    Custom Build shop that takes PO's

    Hi, I am looking for a reputable company that takes purchase orders for custom-built machines. I need this computer for a laboratory setting and the requirements are similar to a gaming system (although I don't need a fantastic graphics card-just one with greater than 512Mb of memory.) I...
  24. D

    No sound coming out of my monitor's speakers

    When I first got my new desktop and monitor, the monitor's built in speakers had worked. Now however they're no longer working. My actual speakers had shorted out so I'm trying to use the monitor's. Any solutions? It's an HP 2159m. Edit: Nevermind. There's an option on my monitor's menu to...
  25. G

    is newegg good?

    could you tell me if it is reliable? thx
  26. G

    Gigabyte to introduce new dual-GPU graphics cards in February

    Gigabyte Technology plans to introduce a series of dual-GPU graphics cards built using Nvidia GeForce 6600 chips, following the December launch of its first dual-GPU model, the GV-3D1, according to market sources. Gigabyte to introduce new dual-GPU graphics cards in February : Read more
  27. F

    Overclock causing BIOS error? Help please!

    So I'm trying to overclock a Pentium Dual Core E2200 Conroe @ 2.2ghz stock on an EVGA 7050/630i mobo. I began incrementing the quad-pumped FSB from 800mhz to 833mhz giving me a CPU speed at about 2.3ghz and memory at its standard of 667mhz. I entered that into the BIOS, soft reset (no power...
  28. G

    Downloads Folder Missing

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I do not have the Downloads folder under my Sims 2 Folder or the Sims 2 University .... If I just insert a new folder named downloads will it work the same? Do I put it under the Sims 2 Folder or the University Folder?