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  1. S

    Question Adding 8GB to existing 16GB (2 x 8GB) RAM ?

    Hello guys, My current ram is 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4. I use this system only for 3D work and no gaming at all. I want to upgrade to 24GB or 32GB. However I am not sure if I should add just one or two 8GB sticks from the same manufacture. Will adding one or two 8GB sticks work ? My current...
  2. foreignsanxd

    [SOLVED] Need advice for memory upgrade on my MOBA (Kinda Urgent)

    I currently have an B360M DS3H as motherboard with an I3 8100 and Gtx 1050TI, with 8 GB ram (Hyerx fury at 2400 mhz), I would like to add 16 GB of RAM in form of a 2 modules kit and also add an M.2 PCIe SSD. My question is If I use 3 RAM modules at 8GB each at 2400 mhz would I benefit of...
  3. R

    Question x79 Abnormal RAM if I try to use Triple Channel.

    I am using an old ASUS P9X79 Motherboard (not WS/Pro, Just P9X79) and trying to use triple channel memory. I have 12gb of RAM in total, 2x4gb of Samsung Memory and 1x4gb of Kingston. I have them installed, CPUZ says I have triple channel and 12gb of RAM but BIOS says I only have 8gb. Checked...
  4. paro-88

    Question Upgrading triple channel memory system

    Hi all, I have a system based on i7-920 with 6x2GB 1600MHz RAM sticks (12GB). I would like to upgrade my CPU and MOBO without wasting RAM sticks, but it seems that triple channel memory architecture is dead. Is that so? What would you suggest me as a CPU+MOBO upgrade, given that I would like a...
  5. C

    File Explorer (a.k.a "This PC") - [Videos Folder] Gone Missing

    Hi guys, So I am having a bit of an issue here with my Windows 10 Operating System. Before we go on any further, just for your information, my Windows Build version is 1803 just so you don't confuse me with your instructions if your OS looks slightly different on an older Windows 10 version...
  6. gutierrez.ignacio.javier

    I want to buy a motherboard, I need help

    Well I have a ryzen 7 2700x and I want to buy a motherboard that could be useful fos ryzen 3er Gen, I know that there is no information about it. I don't know if I could buy B450 or x470 and what model, I would prefer Asus. Sorry, I don't know enough english, I hope you could undertand me.
  7. I

    Random, mystery PC crashes

    I built my rig about a month ago, and right from the get-go the machine had an issue with random crashes. These crashes usually occur about 2-4 times a day at random times, and sometimes the PC will go a day without crashing at all. These crashes are particularly frustrating because the computer...
  8. M

    Monitor's problem with my neon Lamp

    Hey Guys i have a weird problem with my Monitor when i turn on my neon lamp my monitor become black for a few seconds and then start to work again What is the problem i just changed the neon lamp yesterday :( but I still have the problem i am using LED lamp now but i dont like the color:kaola:
  9. G

    Echo Spot vs. Echo Show: Which Should You Buy?

    Buying a smart speaker can be a big decision, but we’re here to help. Echo Spot vs. Echo Show: Which Should You Buy? : Read more
  10. J

    Z730 aorus gaming 5 no power

    EVGA 650 w power supply I7 8700k Z370 Aorus gaming 5 Trident z ddr4 3000 Try to power up and the lights flash for not even a second then no power. I have it breadboarded right now and I’m getting the same results. Removed the cmos battery for 10 minutes and noting still. The ram does light...
  11. W

    not enough space for Windows 10 update

    My wifes ASUS TP200S notebook came with Windows 10 64 bit OS pre installed on a 64 GB eMMC storage device. Windows 10 wants to do updates, but of course there is not enough space to do the updates. I installed a 16GB microsd card. it has fat32 file system installed on the card. I'm unable to...
  12. E

    windows startup very sluggish

    hello, my computer (intel core i5 3450, 4 hdds, 8gb ddr3 1333mhz ram, asus p8h67-m motherboard) is getting very slow on the startup. to add to that, when i boot up it takes about ten more minutes to load the desktop and taskbar. plz help. overall boot and sign in time is about 15 minutes
  13. T

    Starting windows takes too long to load

    it takes about 5-10mins to load i tried to reset cmos, swapping ram, cleaning vga ram proc and cleaning virus btw its window 7. What is the main prob here i also tried clean boot and nothing happens. It works perfect on safemode and i got no prob their its just the normal mode
  14. T

    direct X support question

    sense my computer supports up too diretx 10, does that mean i can play any game that has that support or should i stick to looking at the specs before installing?
  15. Sagar_20

    Dell PC refuses to Turn ON

    Well. I've had this problem many times before But now its happening more frequently. May be its a power Button problem. I don't know. So, when i press the Power Button, Nothing happens. If i press it hard, it would work sometimes or it just wont. The same happened just now. I tried 4-5 times but...
  16. S

    Windows 10 BSOD with multiple errorcodes after upgrading to Ryzen, B350, G.skill Flare X and 960 Evo

    Hi community! I have recently upgraded from an old i5 2500k setup to a setup with Ryzen 1600x, MSI B350 Tomahawk, 32gigs of G.skill Flare X 2400mhz and a 960 EVO NVMe SSD - and a TP Link AC1900 Wifi-card . The rest of the setup is my old EVGA GTX970, a Crucial MX300 750gig SSD-storage, the old...
  17. A

    95 mm fans for noctua

    Hi there, I have a noctua nh-l9ix65 cpu cooler. This is a great low profile cooler, but I was wondering if there were any RGB fans I could replace the original with. I have done some looking around and would appreciate any help.
  18. A

    Last check before buying!

    My pc has died and im about to buy a new one in a few days ahead. If you can checkout my spec and give your opinion before my purchase it will be great. My rig: I7 7820x Corsiar Hydro hi115x water cooling x1 noctua 120mm fan x3 noctua 140mm fan Asus Prime X299-A HyperX Predetor 2x16gb 3000mhz...
  19. Z

    Only Power Button Switches On.

    In my PC, When I switch on the power button, Only it switches on. The LED Fans, switch on for a split second and Switch off. The power button remains On but, No other component functions. Please Help me.
  20. B

    How to easily Wipe Laptop Hard Drive?

    Helllooo, I have a hp laptop, with a 'Requested Recource is in use' source virus, and this virus disables all anti virus's, and impossible to reset system, (tried troubleshoot way as well) i even tried to force deleting the file with the virus. The few ways to get rid of this virus did not work...
  21. B

    New Ram Kingston Hyper X 2400 - System wont boot

    I bought a new stick of ram: And I have this mobo: The problem is my screen remains black upon startup. I tried changing the ram to 2400 - still no success. This ram is...
  22. K

    Computer getting stuck on BIOS splash screen, then after restart it works

    I recently had a power cut which caused my PC to shut down, when the power came back on, everything worked fine, but the next day, when I booted it up, it got stuck on the bios splash screen, and then my fan began to get much louder than usual. I then shut down my PC and tried booting it up...
  23. S

    Exploring Varmilo's Many-Splendored Keyboard Delights

    One of the most fun companies we visited while at Computex 2017 is Varmilo, a Chinese keyboard maker that offers a variety of form factors (20%, 60%, 80%, 100%, and 110%)--as well as switches, DIY kits, and custom keycaps. Exploring Varmilo's Many-Splendored Keyboard Delights : Read more
  24. R

    tmpin3 high temp

    90+ while cinebench / underload its high and why is it
  25. K

    1600mhz ram can run on g41mt-s2p motherboard

    Today I bought a 1600mhz ram when I insert it in my motherboard my pc isn't booting when I use my old 1333 mhz ram my Pc is booting
  26. Z

    I want to setup multi gpu

    Hi sir , help me out I want to setup multi GPU I have GS 600 PSU ,asrock 970 extreme 4 motherboard and Asus r9 280x direct cu ii 3gb Which GPU support my motherboard and how can I setup also tell me I need another PSU OR this one is enough for multi gpu
  27. csandreas1

    How to give internet to two computers from one ethernet port without a router

    I live in a hostel right now and i have only one ethernet port on the wall. I have one ethernet cable and two computers, is there a way to give internet to the two computers without buying a router? Is ethernet splitter like this...
  28. S

    Nvidia graphics drivers "not compaitble with this version of Windows", fresh Win 10 Pro install

    This is for a 1080 TI GPU. I have a fresh new build that I'm having some problems with. I'm trying to install the latest Nvidia drivers, and it's saying it's not compatible with my version of windows... Error I've tried intsalling through their Geforce Experience app, through their...
  29. G

    Water cooling the cosmos ii

    Can you water cool the cosmos ii with Thermaltake Pacific RL360 D5 Hard Tube RGB Water Cooling Kit?
  30. T

    wanting to upgrade ram but not sure if it works with i3 intel processor

    hi- i have an acer e15 model e5-573-31nu i3 laptop that has 8 gb of ram ddr3l 1600 mhz - and i'm wanting to upgrade to 2 x 8gb of ram of corsair vengeance- ddr3l 1600 mhz- but on the corsair site, it states this memory is good for older gens of i5 and i7 - it states nothing about i3 at all! i...
  31. T

    How much can I overclock my CPU?

    Dont know the name of my PSU but atleast i know its 500W CPU: AMD phenom II x2 560 GPU: GTX 680 RAM: 8gb DDR3 Motherboard: GA-880GA-UD3H Edit: Ive once gotten up to 3.9GHz but after 3 hours i get a bluescreen, and i once had it at 3.8 but when i restarted it went back to 3.3GHz i need to...
  32. C

    PC Restart Problem

    Please Help! My PC restarts constantly. Some days it can run for a few hours before restarting and other days it will restart after 5/10 minutes. The PC will often restart when just browsing the Internet but it happens more frequently when playing games. In the Event Viewer under Critical...
  33. M

    Asus P8P67 Drivers

    I just built a system CPU: i7 2600K CPU Cooler: Corsiar H60 Mobo: Asus P8P67 Delux Ram: 16gb Kingston (8gbx2) DDR3 1333Hz GPU: GTX 1060 6GB PSU: Corsair CX550 SSD: Kingston 240gb HDD: 1tb Seagate OS: Windows 10 On the asus page for this motherboard after i select Windows 10 for my OS none...
  34. N

    GTX 1060 3GB Mini

    I want to buy the GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 3GB. I want to install it into my prebuilt pc. I have a couple of questions. First, can this GPU run games like battlefield 1 and black ops 3 or infinite warfare at 60 fps 1080p max settings? Also, can i run it on a random 480w power...
  35. J

    7th Gen. i7 17 " gaming laptops

    Hi and thanks for the forum. I’m in the market for a new 7th Generation Intel i 7 / 17″ gaming laptop and would like to keep it around 1000 to 1400 , suggestions totally appreciated???? I’m looking at the New Dell Alienware 17 gaming with the AMD Radeon™ RX 470 with 8GB GDDR5. Is the AMD card...
  36. P

    Can I run one monitor off my graphics card and one off my motherboards integrated graphics with my motherboard?

    motherboard: H110-E/M.2 dedicated graphics: MSI 750 TI integrate graphics: Pentium G4560
  37. C

    Current thinnest 1060 laptop

    All I'm looking for is a very thin and light 1060 laptop, 1080p screen, good all around laptop. Max I'll go is maybe 1500$.
  38. usmdesigner

    Good Gaming Headset that isn't supported by the top of your head?

    I'm looking for a gaming headset that has a mic but doesn't wrap over the top of my head. I know i've seen them before that kinda wraps around the back of your head instead but I can't find any online through searches. All I'm seeing is earbuds if it isn't a true gaming headset. Anyone know...
  39. M

    Completely Stuck in Repair Boot Loop

    Hello! Yesterday when I turned on my Lenovo laptop, it said something along the lines of repairing Windows, so I waited for it to be done. Then the screen went black and I waited for a couple hours and nothing happened. So, I restarted and basically tried every method I could find online to fix...
  40. B

    Can i mix 2 types of ram in my computer?

    I have 2 KVR800D2N6/2G in my motherboard, can i add a Simmtronics 2GB DDR-2 800 to it?