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  1. N

    Question I want to upgrade from my Geforce GTX 750 ti - triple monitor to what?

    I paid about $150 for my triple monitor setup about 6 years ago. I am doing a lot more video rendering now and want to upgrade the GPU. What is also comparable in price that has newer technology but still enables 3 monitor setup? I would need DVI, VGA and HDMI if possible to minimize the...
  2. Dereban

    Question 3 monitors cutting out, sound device changes, tabs switch while screens are dark

    Not sure if it's a graphics card issue or not, I was leaning towards it at the start but not too sure now. Basically, every so often my 3 monitors screens turn black for about 3 seconds, sound cuts out, sometimes my tabs switch, and weirdly my default sound device changes to something random...
  3. S

    Question Looking for a triple monitor mount

    I am looking for a triple vesa monitor mount and have not idea what is a good brand, I have a budget of $300aud. I also have no idea if it is better to have a desk mount or a wall mount, does it matter at all aside from potentially moving the setup? Also one of my monitors is a samsung crg50...
  4. B

    [SOLVED] Can I run triple monitor setup with 144hz across all monitors?

    Hi, I have this GPU: ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 Super ROG Strix It has 2x DP ports and 2x HDMI ports I'm thinking about buying 2 new monitors that both have DP. Can I somehow "add" another DP port to my graphics card, so that I can run 144hz across all monitors? Thank you in advance
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Using 3 monitor and single monitor, single gpu, for different games

    Hey Peeps, First post ever. I've tried looking for the solution for this online without success. I was wondering if its possible to have two different monitor setups (single and triple) for different games. I want to use the triple setup(3x1080) for driving games, music production, minecraft...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Wich graphic card do i need for my third monitor?

    Hello, (Sorry for my bad english) I have a nvidea geforce gtx 1660 with two monitors now. I want to use a third monitor, but my graphic card only have two display ports. I thought a second graphic card would be the cheapest solution, but i dont now wich second graphic card i should buy and how i...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Plugging in my 3rd Monitor disconnects my main display

    I was using 3 of the asus vg248qe monitors for a while all connected with Display Port and it worked fine. The monitor on the right broke recently so I hooked up a old Hanns G monitor until I can replace it, this Hanns G monitor is connected with a DVI cable. It's been working fine for the past...
  8. C

    Question Green tint issue on new triple monitor setup

    I have been using an ASUS VG245HE monitor for 2 years now, and recently decided to upgrade to a triple monitor setup and purchased 2 more. After I finished mounting and plugging in my 2 new monitors I noticed they have a green tint compared to my original monitor. Using the buttons on the...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] Connect 4k TV as the third monitor make the other 2 monitors stop working

    My Specs: CPU: i7 4770k GPU: GTX 1080 RAM: 32GB PSU: EVGA 800W For black friday, I bought a samsung 65 inch NU6900 4k. Really like it, color is good, etc. I'm connecting it to my PC as my third monitor. The other 2 monitor I have is LG 34um88, and asus predator XB271HU. Below is a picture of my...
  10. A

    Question Is my PC capable for 3 monitors set up?

    Hi guys, How do i know if my PC is capable to run 3 monitos set up? I'm twitch streamer, i already have dual monitor setup right now and plan to add one more, so how do i know if my PC is capable enough to run 3 monitors? Will using 3 monitors gonna make my PC slows if i run the same amount of...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] corsair 120LL or thermaltake riing trio

    which one is better and easier to install ?
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Moving OS system to ssd without deleting pc content ?

    Hi, i just got my new samsung evo 860 500gb, So i want to clone my windows 10 OS to the SSD for better results but my HDD which is 1tb is allready quite full. My question is how can I clone the OS of my pc without deleting any files that allready exists on my HDD, i want only the OS to move...
  13. L

    Connecting amp with ni HDMI port, DVD player with HDMI port, DSTV with HDMI port to TV and surround sound

    I need help here. I recently bought a Sansui home theatre system but only now found out that there is no HDMI port available on the amp. I want to connect my DVD player and DSTV and TV to the amp.. could anyone please assist here. Many Thanks
  14. 1

    NEED HELP!!! Will a Intel Pentium G4560 work with a GeForce GTX 1050 2GB

    Need buying certain parts wondering if a Intel Pentium G4560 work with a GeForce GTX 1050 2GB I have friends tell me I won't work that I will melt the cpu Please Help!!!
  15. K

    Acer aspire won't connect to internet

    My Acer aspire would connect to WiFi but no internet after resetting the whole machine. Solution - delete mcafee antivirus and Reboot. Then go to internet options, advanced settings (last tab), reset advanced defaults and Reboot. It seems that mcafee makes a change in the advanced settings that...
  16. C

    Pin to Start Menu problem

    I recently reinstalled windows and got this problem which I can't pin or unpin anything from the start menu. When I pin any apps, it doesn't appear and nothing happens. When I unpin any of the apps which are already pinned, it disappears but still shows the button "Unpin from Start". After...
  17. X

    Help with Utilities

    Need some help with these utilities for my first pc build. I am confused if I even need these utilities or not with my MSI B250M Pro-VDH motherboard. Also I am not planning to overclock anything for this build. MSI Smart Tool X Boost Command Center Mystic Light Super Charger Fast Boot Intel...
  18. L

    PC shuts down while playing and stress test cache

    My pc shuts down when im ingame, not always but say about 2-3 times in 1 day. Also i tried doing a stress test cache with aida64 it also shut it down.,its like its going for a restart but wont start up again,bcoz fans is still going. stress test cpu and fpu works fine. All tempratures looks...
  19. A

    Cpu 4k streaming

    Which cpu is available to stream 4k games at 60fps using obs/shadow play? Will ryzen 7 1800x be able to do it?
  20. S

    mid or full? and PSU help

    Hello guys, I am going to switch to a new chassi and I was wondering if I should get a mid or a full tower? Im also upgrading to a gtx 1070 soon so I was wondering if my 500W PSU is enough. (ps im really kinda bad at pc stuff). thank you,