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  1. LarfG

    Question Is it ok if i do a triple monitor display using 2 18" and one 24'

    I currently have a 1060 and r5 2600 and 16 gb ram. Do you think having a triple monitor display would benefit me from playing even though the size of the other two are smaller? Like I'll have the 24 in the middle and the two 18.5 on the sides.
  2. T

    How do I watch a movie from my desktop HD on my android tablet?

    I have a storage drive on my desktop that I have ripped and converted all my movies to mp4. I have shared access to that drive so I can view them on my laptops via my home wifi network. I want to be able to do the same thing with my tablets and I haven't figured out how to do that. How can I...
  3. L

    Pc turning off then on by itself randomly

    Hello, My computer turns off then on by itself (especially while playing games) I thought the problem was solved after i replaced the psu, cables and connected more fans. First i thought it was a heat or psu problem, but now i'm clueless. i've called the hardware provider multiple times too...
  4. A

    Cpu 4k streaming

    Which cpu is available to stream 4k games at 60fps using obs/shadow play? Will ryzen 7 1800x be able to do it?
  5. A

    NZXT s340 Red Power Button

    Specs: I-5 4960K Asrock H97M Gtx-960 I have all the LED pins and power button pins in correctly The fans for the cpu cooler case fans and gpu fans all spin My keyboard and mouse light up no display pops up My s340 power button is red? is this an error?
  6. Deniedstingray

    Best 1070 for value?

    I have been looking for a 1070 recently but i have been confused by the differences in prices of up to 100 CAD. I want to know which 1070 is the best for the lowest price. I don't need the super ultra clocked fighter jet edition with a backplate made of steel from the remains of the world trade...
  7. -Gamer4Ever-

    Need Help choosing a 4TB Internal HDD

    Hello, as the title says, i can't make up my mind choosing a 4tb hdd. Unfortunately i can't afford a HGST nor a black WD one. now there's the Blue WD or the Toshiba X300. I'll be using the drive mainly for gaming and storing games. I don't care about copying speed I just want reliability and...
  8. Jonas Vandy

    Computer hard crashing (MOBO bought today)

    I recently bought a new motherboard today in hopes of fixing a HDD issue but that's not my problem. I got the M5A97 and now it is hard crashing. I got more RAM and upon researching, I saw that it may be bad RAM. I installed my old RAM that I know works and it's still giving me problems. I can...
  9. N

    I am in the market for a new desktop, primarily for storing pictures prior to moving to an external drive

    I am in the market for a new desktop. It will need to store pictures (temporarily until they are moved to external hard drive) and run a few video games that my husband plays (age of empires, nothing fancy!). I know I don't need anything top of the line, but I want something that is good...
  10. L

    Mouse Isn't Working With Windows!!!

    So I just updated to Windows 10 everything was working fine, and I decided to update a program and it required me to restart the computer so I did. After the restart when I cannot click in anything in the start menu, cannot right click or left click. I can use the keyboard to open programs...
  11. S

    First Pc Build

    Hello, this is my first Pc build and I want to stick with a red/black theme, this is my parts list fir now, if you have any feedback or ideas feel free to comment.
  12. S

    27" Monitor Advice!

    Looking to upgrade from my 32" LG TV, for playing PS4. I like to sit closer to the screen, therefore I decided 27" monitor. Contrast ratio and all that other stuff is really beginning to drive me insane! The two I've been looking at are: Samsung...
  13. Mondra

    SSD + HHD in one comp?

    So, I want to combine the speed of a SSD and the storage capacity of a HHD. the ones I think I'll buy are listed: -WD Blue 1 TB -Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 1 TB So, I'm exactly sure, but I looked around and a couple sources say that you should first install the SSD, install your OS on it, then power...
  14. J

    What is the best graphics card for around 100$?

    I'm looking for the best graphics card I can get for around 100$! :)
  15. C

    Is this good for gaming?

    I have an Intel 2 Duo E6550, 4GB DDR3 RAM, and the CPU graphics. I plan on putting a GPU in it soon, but could someone tell me a cheap GPU that could pair with this system to run games? Running games on high/ultra isn't a very big deal to me, but having a good FPS on about medium is what I desire.
  16. R

    Radeon R9 270X Vs GeForce GTX 970

    First of, I understand that GTX 970 is way more powerful than the R9. The real question is "should i buy the $300+ GTX 970 now? or should i just get the R9 ($160+) and upgrade it later?" In theory I can get the R9 now for half the price of GTX 970 and used it for a couple years. If i need to...
  17. M

    Upgrading graphics card help!!!

    I want to put a gigabyte GTX 650 2GB in my computer but I don't know how many watt my power supply has but my specs are Intel core i7 920 4gb of ram Gainward GTS 250 EX58-UD3R motherboard If my power supply can currently support those components can it support a GTX 650 2gb?
  18. M

    Gaming Laptop Suggestions?

    Here are my answers to most of the questions from this FAQ thread: 1. Budget: $1300 or less 2. I don’t care about the size if it’s a good laptop 3. Not sure about resolution; maybe 1920 x 1080 (something decent) 4. Preferably Portable...
  19. T

    PS4 Or this PC

    PS4 Graphics and gaming general vs this pc CPU : intel i-7 4770 3.4 ghz ram : 8 gb 1600 gpu : gtx 660 2 gb mo-bo asus H87M plus 120 SSD k 2 tera HDD