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  1. G

    Question Liquid freezer 2 280 weird noise

    I Built my PC in Dec 2020. Everything was fine until recently (last week), my AIO started making a weird noise, i thought maybe it was a fun or something. The sound: I thought i might be fan or something so, I opened my PC, cleaned any dust, checked every fan and...
  2. HonkHonkTheTruck

    Question stutters and fps drops in games.

    Hello everyone So, this last month, I've been dealing with a pretty annoying problem. It started after I tried to make my cable management a bit cleaner. I’ve been experiencing weird fps drops on The Division 2: My game drops to 40 fps for 3 seconds then go back to it's normal frames. It...
  3. HonkHonkTheTruck

    Question Why does my PC turn off sometimes when it goes out of sleep mode?

    Hello everyone This very weird problem is very rare, it only happend twice in 3 months, although, I wanna know if it represent a problem and how to fix it. Thanks for yours answers and have a great day.