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Forum discussion tagged with troubeshoot.
  1. G

    Question ASUS TUF B550-Plus Green Q-LED, no bios

    I'm putting together my first build, parts are as follows ASUS TUF B550 PLUS Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1660 Super 16gb 3200 DDR4 Crucial P1 500gb m.2 EVGA G3 550w Fully Modular I'm testing for post outside of the case, all cables are plugged in properly, though when the Q-LED lights cycle through, it...
  2. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Constant Blue Screen

    Hey Guys, The problem is suddenly from yesterday, my PC constantly runs into Blue Screen with "System Service Exception" StopCode Error 90% of the time. And while I am browsing the webpage crashes sometimes saying Restart Chrome or PC. And I've been getting crashes during game sessions. I have...
  3. Y

    Question Video Card Issues with ryzen 3700x

    Hi Everybody, I'm building this pc for a friend. This build is for music editing so it needed the most powerful CPU that i could fit in the budget, but i cheaped out on the Video Card, buying the cheapest available on Amazon. The problem is the PC does not boot with this components and gives 1...
  4. Aafantastic

    Question MSI B550 Tomahawk: Not able to boot window

    I just finished building my new pc on the MSI B550 Tomahawk. Everything seems fine, all the components are showing up but I'm not able to boot windows from usb drive. It does recognize the plugged in usb drive tho. I checked the Ezy debug led and the boot led is on. I tried making a bootable...
  5. U

    Question [Troubleshooting] Monitor, keyboard and mouse losing signal/power

    Hey everybody! Always been a lurker when looking for troubleshooting advice on these forums but hoping you guys might be able to help! Bit of context, so I've been using my old custom rig for a while and a few month ago my GPU (Radeon RX480 8GB) stopped working and I've now managed to replace...
  6. Goose_Tosser

    Question Pc keeps shutting down when running a game

    My Pc will run games past the menu's but once it has to load into the actual game it instantly crashes and the PC shuts down. Dr. Debug flashes a decent amount of codes but none of them stay just like a normal boot. It runs things like firefox and youtube fine its just when gaming it starts to...
  7. P

    Question New PC Build is not POSTing at all

    These are all new parts for a new PC build. When I try to POST, nothing on the screen happens, no fans spin at all (not even the CPU fan). The only two things that happen is this: There's a single click sound somewhere in the system when I press power and on my motherboard on the EZ Debug LED...
  8. Jaeish

    Question PC won't load windows or bios after Mobo swap

    Just bought a gigabyte H370N wifi To swap out my of Mobo because it got damaged. Got windows to load once, then pfn bsod Then it would hang on windows repair Now the bios will not even appear. Tried a different, new ssd. Psu is good. Booted windows from USB after old drive didn't load...
  9. R

    Question my frame have dropped significantly recently for no apparent reason

    Nothing has changed as of my knowledge and the games I play are Rainbow Six and Overwatch. I normally get 100 frames but they have dropped to 40-50 now. Here is my DxDiag, I'm just including it because I heard it may be useful, I'm not really sure what it is. DxDiag
  10. O

    Question RAM not detected by BIOS

    Hey guys! I just built a PC for my friend but the machine kept giving them BSoDs after about a week of usage. The most common was IRQL not less or equal and the machine simply won’t boot into crashing; I can’t even boot into safe mode. Sometimes it does boot and goes to the Windows desktop...
  11. H

    Question Overheating

    Hi all, Today I installed my new Ryzen 5 3600 with the stock wraith stealth cooler. I did some benchmarks in GTA V and played a little bit of Assassin's Creed Syndicate and I've noticed that the CPU temperature tends to jump quite high. In AC it stayed on 75 Celsius, but when I did the GTA...
  12. dawaxer

    Question Why does my pc freeze??

    This is a long time problem I've had with this self-built pc. It freezes at mostly random times. I can be when in game, or when idle on desktop. However, there are certain apps it is MORE LIKELY to freeze during, and this DOES NOT correlate to either CPU usage or GPU strain. It is very...
  13. N

    Build not powering on after CPU cooler change

    Hey guys, so I’m having some issues with my build not powering up, but I’ll give you a little background to understand my situation a little better. For the record I’m a pretty handy person, used to working on cars and doing most of my own repairs in the home, so I don’t think I screwed things...
  14. Slaooy Q

    Question Computer on, “no signal” on monitor, keyboard turns on then off repeatedly

    Hello, so recently my monitor has been saying “no signal” when I turn it on, even when connected to my computer. Tried all the troubleshooting steps, power cycling, PSU power testing, Ram cleaning and adjusting, etc. I went to Micro center today to get it checked out and they recommended a new...
  15. H

    Build Advice Unexpected shutdown every 5-10 minutes. Do I need a stabilizer + UPS to make sure everything runs

    Hey guys, I just built my PC and it worked fine for a day until it suddenly shuts off unexpectedly and wont turn on. And when I tried unplugging and plugging the plug, suddenly my room light went out. After that it can no longer turn on at all. The very next day, I got it into the repair shop...
  16. M

    Question Does this combo of mobo LEDs mean a bad CPU?

    I’ve been setting up a new system - Mobo: ASUS X570-Pro - CPU: Ryzen 9 3950x - GPU: ASUS ROG Strix 2080s Once I had everything hooked up I turned on the system and it wouldn’t boot. After checking the LEDs I noticed the VGA light was on. I removed the GPU and tried booting again, but I was...
  17. FredChecken

    Question Think my new motherboard is dead out of box

    I'm currently trying to help my brother build a pc, here is a link to the part list: PCPartPicker Part List: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Zhrxq3 CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper H412R 34.1 CFM CPU Cooler Motherboard: ASRock B450M/AC Micro ATX...
  18. H

    Question Brand new build wont run

    Ive just got a new build in the post, i got a bit excited and installed two 1TB drives in it without checking to see if it runs alright (stupid I know). I went to boot it up and ive got nothing on my screen. The fans are going but ive got no HDD light coming on and it wont even go into boot, the...
  19. D

    Question A PCIe slot set itself on fire due to water damage. How do I recover?

    i've posted this on reddit but they don't seem to really know (or my post got buried) but the PCIe lane holding the graphics card of my 980ti on my gigabyte gaming g1 z170x set on fire because of a leak in my cooling system that I unfortunately fatally overlooked. It set itself on fire (the back...
  20. K

    Question RX 5700XT not working on full potential

    hello, recently i noticed a abnormality in my PC. While playing games i have around 50 fps with frame drops while my GPU is working on 50-55% of its capacity. as the GPU isn't on heavy load the temp is also never above 55-60 degrees Celsius. I tried updating the drivers, updating the chipset...