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  1. J

    Question New M.2 Drive No Boot Option

    Hey there! So I just bought and installed a new M.2 drive, cloned my old drive to this new one, but I can't seem to boot from it (triple checked the OS DID copy over). The new drive shows up in disk management, Speccy, Windows explorer, and I can use it like normal, but it does not show up in...
  2. codrintechno123

    Question Is my motherboard zapped? ASUS B85M-G

    Hello. Recently I've been trying to reuse some of my old parts to make a system for my young sister. I have an LGA1150 Asus B85M-G motherboard paired with an I3-4160 and 4x2 GB of ram. My issue is, whenever I'd go ahead and push the start button the CPU fan would spin for 1 second and then stop...
  3. MagicDoxxed

    Question PC Misbehaving,overheating,random shutdowns

    Okay so long story short: -I got a pc in early february -Was working fine for 2 or 3 weeks or so -Then suddenly one day it just shut off and it wouldnt turn on -I called the guy who sold me it,and he "fixed it" -Once i got it back,he told me he "replaced" my 580 8gb for a 480 (witch is shady but...
  4. F

    Question No display on 3060, but confirmed working - ultimate troubleshooting nightmare.

    TL;DR: System works with my old 1660 Super, but not my 3060. Had the 3060 sent for testing and they have confirmed it is working in their system. My specs: PSU: Deepcool DQ 650W MOBO: MSI Pro B660m-a (Brand new) RAM: 4x8GB Corsair Vengeance 3200mhz (Brand new) GPU: Zotac RTX 3060 12GB CPU: i5...
  5. halbyron

    Question 4070 Ti running much slower than expected ?

    Hey, recently my 3070 broke so I managed to buy a 4070 Ti to replace it. Originally it wouldn't fit in my case so with some plyers I managed to bend back half of my case to get it in (card is gigabyte OC). After restarting me pc a few times card seems to be working well, except fps wise it was...
  6. P

    [SOLVED] Help - Audio problem on MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk mobo ?

    I'm troubleshooting an audio problem on my mobo. I have an MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk mobo running Windows 10 Pro. I use an old set of external speakers with powered bass speaker. The monitor I use has a built in speaker. Last week or so, a power outage hit. Since then, I don't have audio from...
  7. raptor2012rom

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 doesn't install updates anymore

    Hi guys. Title sums it up. Since december 2022 , Windows updates keeps failing after the restart at 97% or so. I think the first update that failed was December 13 (KB5021233) , I just paused the update wand waited for teh next ones thinking that might fix it but no go , 2 more updates since...
  8. E

    Question Overwatch 2 - Audio Cuts Out and Delays Microphone Input

    Heya Guys, I've encountered a really odd issue which I've been facing with only Overwatch 2 alone - every now and then I'll be playing the game with my friends on discord, and my entire desktop audio will cut out for around 3-5 seconds, come back fully in sync with my entire desktop and game...
  9. A

    Question All Fans Run Max when Computer is off/sleeping

    Today for the first time I noticed that my Chasis fans, GPU, and Radiator fans and RGB were all running when i put my computer to sleep, which is odd because usually they turn off. So i turned my computer off completely and the same thing occured. Fans stayed on unless I completely unplugged my...
  10. R

    Question Nearly every game crashes within seconds of launching ?

    So I just built my first PC however it is unable to load almost any game I launch crashes, the time it takes ranges from within 5 seconds of start up, to around 5 minutes The games I've tested are GTA V, Fall Out 4, Stray, Portal with RTX, Slime Rancher 2, Citra (3DS Emulator), Table Top Sim...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Internet speed cut in half, but only on one computer ?

    ive got gigabit internet speed for my home network and ive got 3 pcs running off of it and for some reason 1 of the PCs is getting half the speed of the others. any ideas as to why that might be? its got me stumped ive tried several things to troubleshoot it and still nothing :confused2: running...
  12. excitedlybored

    Question please help - CPU Over Voltage Error

    My PC was showing this error when boot up after I was fumbling to squeeze in a M2 SSD. May the experts here please help how come this happened :( Thanks in advance
  13. Craxto

    Question 3060ti not being recognized, pcie slot shown as empty

    Just got a OEM 3060ti from DELL for my 2. PC I freshly built, but the card is only working in my main pc, not in the pc I want it to be in. The problem is, my 3080 works just fine in that 2. pc so I have no idea whats the issue with the 3060ti as its working in my main pc just fine. things...
  14. M

    Question GPU performing bad

    Hello guys ! I'm posting today because I have a wierd problem with my gpu since 2/3 days. Firstly, I have a laptop, so it is impossible for me to swap graphics card, it's a Lenovo Legion Y540-17IRH, with a RTX 2060 and a i7-9750HF that runs on Windows 11. I went on holiday for a month and did...
  15. J

    Question No display w/ boot LED

    Just built a new PC and it's not booting. Everything seems to be on and running but the display is just black with a white BOOT LED on the motherboard. I've tried everything like clearing CMOS, reseating RAM, checking all connections, and trying different display ports. I also already updated...
  16. Bubzz

    Question PC random black screen folloed by restart, can't figure out the issue. Please help.

    Hi, so for around 6 months now i have had a problem with my pc where it randomly black screens followed by a reboot. This used to happen infrequently but recently the issue is becoming more prevalent and i worry for the health of my old HDDs. I'm actually a little worried typing this right...
  17. J

    Question PC peripherals and screen stopped working ?

    So I builded my pc two years ago and it works normally. Yesterday I was using my PC as usual. I leave it on a couple hours (normal) and when i came back to shut it down I moved the mouse and nothing, I realized that the keyboard backlit was not on, so this was weird. I then shut it down using...
  18. in5n80

    Question Motherboards with troubleshooting friendly features like Fault_code display and Debug LEDs

    I am building a commerical PC which I had to troubleshoot at times from remote location. I regularly purchase ROG Maximus Hero motherboards which had all the features, but from 12th gen onwards the cost is too high. So I am looking for an affordable motherboard with below features Fault code (7...
  19. A

    Question Remove m.2 heatsink tape if I am not using the slot?

    I only have one m.2 drive and 4 places for more in the future. Do I need to remove the tape from all 4 before I turn it on? I've heard remove just because its plastic in a computer and leave alone because it won't melt and will keep it clean for future use. Or is it just preference? msi mpg z690...
  20. R

    Question PC infected with a virus? Randomly dysfunctional

    Randomly today, my PC started acting weird, trouble closing applications and windows, troubleshooter stuck, internet/wifi not working, task manager freezes and numbers are static, control panel freeze, what is happening? And it keeps happening after about 15 minutes into computer use, and I have...
  21. Killerspoon

    Question Crashing under load MSI RX 480 4GB Armor OC

    SPECS: PC1 MSI pro b660m-a ddr4 I5 12400f 850watt 2080 PC2 Gigabyte Z490 gaming x I5 11400f 550w RX 470 PC3 Acer DTX motherboard b560 socket I3 10100f 550w GTX 1070 Bought from ebay vBios updated. Havent check the card for shorts even tho it looks pretty good (visual check). Fans spin, it...
  22. L

    Question BSOD WHEA but no dump file being created.

    Ive been getting BSODS are random times all with the same erro codes, the bsods happen more often when the computer is idle at night than when im using it. The Event viewer lists a lot of WHEA errors that seem to have been corrected. XML view of the WHEA-Log Every WHEA-logger is the same...
  23. K

    Question Watchdog Timeout BSoD while playing league of legends-- hasn't happened again.

    Hello everyone, and apologies right away if the post is in the wrong spot. Recently while playing league of legends with my partner, my computer BSoD'd on me with a "Watchdog_Timeout" error. It hasn't happened since, and my PC has booted up to windows normally every single time, though staying...
  24. AidanS

    Question Can’t Install Windows

    Hello! I have run into a little bit of a new problem with my PC. Specs: Ryzen 1700X 2x 1070s 750 Watt PCU 32GB 3200MHz IO cooler SSD and 2 hard drives I have been trying to install windows 10 on this fully wiped SSD and finally I get to the install page after other problems, Now it is saying...
  25. AidanS

    Question Computer Turning Off

    Hello! I have an older build as follows: 2x 1070s in SLI Ryzen 1700x 32 GB of 3200hz corsair vengeance (4*8gb) 250 GB kingston SSD 2x 2 TB HDD here’s my problem, my pc would randomly shut off, so unplugged all of my storage and attempted to run linux and see if it was a window’s problem...
  26. A

    Question PC display won't turn back on after screen inactivity timeout. Event ID 6008: "The previous system shutdown at [time] on ‎[date] was unexpected"

    My PC's display will not turn back on after I leave my computer for a while (30+ min?) and the display closes due to inactivity timeout. When I return to my PC, I click my mouse/keyboard to wake the display, and the display lights up for a second (backpanel lit, but display is still black)...
  27. IamSkeez

    Question Red CPU LED is always on, how to fix ?

    Hey everyone, I built this pc 11 hours ago and I’m still troubleshooting it. At the beginning I thought that my b550 is not updated to the latest bios, so I did but my 5600x is still not working and the red light is on. I also thought that the cpu cable was malfunctioning so I tried the two...
  28. RaspberryTea

    [SOLVED] Missing capacitors on graphic card ?

    Hey, will my graphic card go back to life if I solder missing capacitors?
  29. B

    Question PC shut down during gameplay and now will not turn on

    Hey, I upgraded 2 months ago and I've been using it with small issues (like sometimes having to restart a few times for the pc to actually display anything on my monitor), it being unable to restart (just restarts on a black screen) and taking a long time to boot considering the high end ssd it...
  30. John Darksoul

    [SOLVED] PC randomly restarting ?

    Specs: Celeron G3900 Gigabyte H110M-E 8gb DDR4 2400mhz RAM Corsair CV450 120gb SSD & 500gb HDD Hello all, would like to start off this post by mentioning that I am not a gamer, PC is mainly for school use. Although I do play some low-spec games now and then. I bought this PC as a prebuilt a...
  31. B

    [SOLVED] Troubleshooting Help: Post but no Video

    So I've recently run into a massive slew of problems and eventually ended up replacing quite a few components of my system. I finally put everything together and got what I assume is a POST, however I'm not receiving any video output and I can't quite figure out why. I had the issue with a red...
  32. B

    [SOLVED] Games/PC crashing when running on DirectX 10 or later version

    Hey. The issue i have is, that every game that i play that runs on DirectX 10 or higher crashes seconds into the game loading in. The game does not crash in lobbys or in the settings menu, only when i try loading in. Games that have crashed are, PUBG, Fortnite, Lost Ark and just every game that...
  33. S

    [SOLVED] Why is my PC only booting with 1 RAM stick?

    Hi everyone, So recently I decided to upgrade from the Ryzen 5 3600 I had to a Ryzen 9 5900x, but when I went to boot it up, it would not POST. I have already tried disconnecting everything from the PSU, and even resetting the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery for 5 minutes, but none of that...
  34. Eletrix

    [SOLVED] Computer randomly turns off while using it.

    In the past 3 days my computer has been powering off randomly usually from 5 minutes to 1 hour of usage. When it does turn off it takes a few times to power back on because it will turn off mid boot. This is not a temperature problem as I have monitored temps and reapplied thermal paste several...
  35. SomewhatSimple

    [SOLVED] PSU works by holding down reset button

    Hello all I got my hands on a Inspiron 5676 with a Ryzen 2700x and a Radeon 580 in it. The motherboard seems to be a propriety cut one with a AM4 socket of course. The problem I am facing is that the power button won't turn on the device, but when I hold down the 'Reset' button on the PSU the...
  36. S

    Question New RTX 3080 displays signal for a few seconds before losing signal

    So my roommate recently bought an EVGA FTW RTX 3080. When we built his new computer and booted it up, it booted like normal but after maybe 4 or 5 seconds the monitor lost signal. I looked in BIOS and it doesn't detect the GPU at all. I even took my card out of my computer and put his card in...
  37. P

    [SOLVED] I updated my BIOS, now I cant even boot into Windows RE from a USB, PLEASE HELP!


 AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (3.6GHz,65W,L3:32M,6C,B0) 


 My PC came prebuilt from a vendor when I bought it 2-3 years ago. When it arrived it had BIOS version 1823 on it. 2 days ago I wanted to finally...
  38. K

    [SOLVED] CPU overheating underload, PC shutting down due to this

    Hi everyone, I wish to ask please: I have a Ryzen 3 5600X, cooled with an MSI MAG CoreLiquid 240R and have changed its thermal paste (Hydronaut by Thermal Grizzly) and applied enough to cover the CPU fully when the cooler is pressed. I have noticed that on idle, cpu temp is about 58 deg...
  39. mister_flowers

    Question What is continuing to cause my BSOD issues?

    minidump link: System: Asrock b550 Phantom gaming itx/ax Ryzen 5 3600 2x8 G Skill Ripjaws V @3600 (running xmp profile, is not listed on MOBO QVL) sf750 80+ Platinum MSI Ventus 3x 3070 1tb 970 Samsung NVME m.2...
  40. gurkaman100

    [SOLVED] monitor not displaying

    so im not getting an output im guessing this is cause the cpu does not have integrated graphics but i wanna be sure so is that why? motherboard: GIGABYTE H410M S2H V3 storage: intel 500GB M.2 SSD 1600MB/s Read 960MB/s Write case: nzxt h510 cpu: intel i3-10100F ram: DDR4 16GB 2667MHZ (single...