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  1. DavidBalog

    Question Stuck red pixels on monitor screen

    There are stuck red pixels on my monitor screen as shown in the image. The stuck pixels go away after ~2 days but they rather quickly appear again once I use my PC again. All help is appreciated! My monitor is a HP Envy 27s 4K. - sorry for the bad quality image
  2. SImoSere03

    Question Laptop won't turn on. Help?

    I have an "old" laptop, it's a 2015 Lenovo B50-80. Some days ago I disassembled it to fix some problems i had with the screws and do some maintenance. I pretty much dissasembled everything to replace the old thermal paste. I riassembled it yesterday but now it won't turn on. if the battery is...
  3. okozinio

    Question Pc wont turn on

    Hello everyone i just changed my cpu stock fan to a water cooler.The problem is when i plug in my gpu that my pc wont turn on but when I unplug it it works normally.Any suggestions? Specs:Ryzen 5650 Gpu:Gigabyte Rtx 3070 Water cooler:Cooler master Masterliquid ML240 Ram:16 Gb Psu:Be quiet System...
  4. snaznd

    [SOLVED] Annoying FPS hiccups/stutters/drops I've been dealing with for 3 years ?

    I have been dealing with FPS hiccups/drops since I build my first PC back in 2017. Almost every, depending on the area or game. I lose at least 1-20 fps every 5 seconds. I have literally done EVERYTHING you could think of doing to fix it. It's not the OS, all my parts have been replaced (except...
  5. G

    [SOLVED] Gaming performance slowed down after upgrading CPU ?

    I have an old rig : i5 3470 GTX 1650 Super 16gb RAM 1600 ASRock H61M-VS3 Mobo I just upgraded my CPU to a Xeon E3-1230v2 for the 8 threads and gaming performance went down. I have a save in Cyberpunk 2077 that runs at 50fps when I load on that level/save in my old i5. Now it just runs at 28-30...
  6. L

    Question Low FPS with low CPU and GPU usage in one specific game? Ryzen 5 3600, RTX 3070

    Hello. So for a while now I've been getting low FPS, stutters and freezing in one specific game - Escape from tarkov - but my CPU and GPU usage both sit around 20 - 40%. It's bizarre because it doesn't happen in any other game. Like yeah - I get the occasional stutter or freeze in other games -...
  7. steffona

    Question No post on new build (Ryzen 5 5600G, ASUS Prime B450M A-II)

    Hello, I have recently built a rig with a Ryzen 5 5600G, with a B450 motherboard (which I have BIOS flashed). The system gets power; the fans spin and my keyboard lights up (however my mouse does not). When I plug in my HDMI cable to my motherboard, I have been unable to get a POST or display...
  8. J

    [SOLVED] single core score and multi core score are the same in ryzen 5 3600

    I have recently brought a arctic frezzer duo 14 for my r5 3600 and after mounted it I have decided to run r23 single core and noted the temps but when I ran the multi core it took way took long and the results were unbelievable, Single core score - 1228 Multi core score - 1225 I was shocked...
  9. Zanennc

    [SOLVED] My PC has stopped working and I don't know why.

    I Have been using this PC for over a month now with no problems, but just yesterday it was turning off just to post again. Today however it just turned off and won't post anymore, but my motherboard LEDs are on but nothing else is.
  10. Gunntare

    Question What is my computer doing and how do I fix it?

    Hey so recently I have been having a problem where when ever I try to power on my computer nothing happens. I hit the power button and 15-20 mins later, sometimes longer, it will boot and just flicker on and off like cray. I don’t think it’s the power supply. Here are some videos I took of it...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] New build - incomprehensible problem. Help!

    Please help me with this completely incomprehensible problem. I’ve been at this for two weeks now, and I am at the end of my rope. This is not my first build. Win10 installs, goes through “setting up devices”, then “Getting Ready”, then it restarts, the splash screen refreshes three times, and...
  12. MyDude321

    [SOLVED] PC randomly shuts off and can't turn back on unless I replug the power supply back in.

    I don't understand why does my computer randomly shuts off (a lot more recently) and won't turn back on unless I replug the power supply from the computer? It's not overheating, my GPU stays around 70 degrees celsius. Specs: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x Nvidia RTX 2070 super MSI x570 gaming plus...
  13. rmoreno1643

    Question Pc in boot loop

    I recently have this issue where my is stuck in a boot loop. When I power it on, the qled lights up yellow (dram led) then light turns of and restarts. It'll turn back on with same sequence as before. I removed the cmos, tried using 1 ram stick, resetted cpu, removed gpu and nothing. I don't...
  14. aleezzk

    Question Can my old hdd cause gaming troubleshooting?

    Hi, hope that everything is fine. Okay, see, I bought a new pc, part by part, like a month ago, the only two parts that are not new are my two hard drives (i dont have SDD), Im experimenting troubleshooting in gaming in almost all my games that i frequently use like The Division 2, FiveM...
  15. B

    Question Every time I remove my graphics card I have to trouble shoot

    So, basically what I’m dealing with is this. Every time I remove my gpu from my pc ( usually by turning off the psu , then removing the wall power and so on) when I put it back in (Yes the exact same gpu I removed) I end up having to troubleshoot my pc because it’s either not turning on at all...
  16. AverageGamer24

    [SOLVED] All games are looking pixelated and too sharp at the same time!!

    So I recently bought an XFX RX 570 4 GB and after I started using it I noticed that almost all games that I play look too sharp and pixelated... especially far away stuff... Here's the video link where I tested Saints row IV to show that problem... sorry for the poor video quality of 720p...
  17. tVoss

    Question New Build, Random Reboots, Need Help!

    I built myself a new computer and everything works great, except I'll get random power cuts and reboots. It can run perfectly fine while playing games, or cut power a couple of times. It survives any stress tests I put it though, but can also cut power even when idling. Here's the component list...
  18. B

    Question EVGA GTX 1080ti SC Black Constantly Crashing Games

    Hi, so I've been having this issue where my PC would hard crash every time I ran a game on Origin. This basically started last year, but hasn't become a main issue till now. I've tried pretty much every trick in the book that both EA and EVGA have offered. Which were usually just generic google...
  19. K

    Question While Using PC, GPU fans start spinning at max and Display goes Black

    So at random times, all of a sudden while normally using my PC, GPU fans start to run at max. speed and Display goes to no signal. So pc basically becomes a colourful box that I can't use until I restart. This problem happened like 4-5 times a day. Now it's happening every 10 minutes or so...
  20. P

    Question Screens not detected when rebooting windows

    Hi All, I need some help troubleshooting my PC setup. The PC runs perfectly fine, but screens just won't get detected on boot (even BIOS screen is blank) The screens IED briefly blinks with connection received and then fade with no signal detected. If I cold boot (hold power down until...
  21. I

    [SOLVED] No display on newly built PC (troubleshooting help)

    I have a problem I haven't encountered before. Im not a very experienced builder, but I have built more than a couple of systems. Ok, enough about me and on to the problem. When I put my new PC together it seemingly worked fine. Powerbutton worked, led lights, all fans including CPU-fan were...