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  1. bem5152

    Question System blue-screened and now it will not boot ?

    Hello, Was playing Diablo 4 tonight and my system abruptly blue screened and I saw "Windows is restarting your PC" blue screen for about a second before the computer went into a restart. Once it tried to restart, none of my peripherals were getting power (keyboard,mice,monitors not getting any...
  2. RenTaki

    Question Ryzen 3 4350g No boot/no beep/Dram Light on

    i have a ryzen 3 4350g, i bought it last year so no more warranty on the store i bought it from. anyway it recently died on me, i use an asus prime x570-pro since i planned on upgrading to ryzen 5000. the issue is the DRAM light is on (yellow LED) i tried every dimm slot and reseated and...
  3. N

    Question Bought cheap PC seems to have a few errors but i think it’s fixable

    Bought this little guy for $25 CAD has CPU ram no GPU power supply cooler master RS-460-PSAT-JS along with a gigabyte motherboard GA-MA785GM-US2H. No hard drive however I put in a 1TB Seagate. Beeps 5 times last beep is a short-beep rest are long beeps. Continues to beep until it reaches 12-14...
  4. S

    Looking to upgrade my card soon.

    My PC specs are: FX-4100 HD 7750 8gb RAM I'm looking at 3 cards. The GTX 750 ti, R7 265, and a GTX 660. Anyone have any advice? Oh, and also this will be the power supply...