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  1. Karan1024

    Question My pc is not POSTing anything

    I have acer veriton M20 series pc with 4gb ddr3 ram and third gen i5 processor with 1gb AMD 5450 grapics built for my educational purposes... Yesterday when i turned it on there was no POST, no beep. A thing i noticed was that the hdd light was glowing very very dim constantly but still not...
  2. S

    Question Is my CPU Faulty?

    I built a pc with AMD Ryzen 3200g and an Asus B450plus motherboard. I updated the bios to the newest version with an older amd chip. But it still won’t boot.
  3. Nerdasaurus

    Question Thermal Paste in AM4 Socket - Computer Won't Post

    Hi guys, My friend has recently attempted to build his first gaming PC, only to get a small amount of thermal paste stuck in his CPU socket and on his CPU. After a BIOS update, he managed to get his computer to post long enough to install Windows and a couple of programs, only for the computer...
  4. The Android

    Question Computer Hard Freezes Forcing me to Restart During Heavy Gaming

    Hey, so. about 3 weeks ago when playing AAA titles, my PC would reset out of nowhere with no bios error or beep codes, so I decided to reinstall windows in case of a faulty driver, yet that sort of fixed my problem, yet let another to arise, because now when i try to play any AAA title, my...
  5. S

    Question Desktop PC Suddenly Shut Down Now Refuses To Power On At All

    Went for a quick toilet break, and when I came back my computer was off and now wont start. I have done most of the troubleshooting that I can, but no matter what i do it just wont start. No fans start spinning, no nothing, but the GPU light turns on and USB connected devices seem to get powerd...
  6. Lennygenneret

    [SOLVED] Fans starts for a second and then shut off

    So, okay iam pretty new to building computers and i wanted to upgrade my pc with a new motherboard extra ram a better psu and a new gpu but now when i just install the cpu a ram stick i know that works and psu works as well the fans start spinning and shut off like a second after i am really...