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    [SOLVED] quick question about msi b450 gaming plus used vs new b450 pro4-f

    hey guys im looking for a good/cheap motherboard for next build and i want to oc a litte bit my cpu and i know the b450 gaming is better for that but can someone tell me if i can trust in amazon warehouse to buy this used “new” b450 gaming plus, do you think its worth or just get the b450 pro4-f...
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    Question Ultra cheap low profile video card for light gaming

    Hi everyone. I'm going to upgrade a preassembled core i5 (6th gen.) Trust desktop, which is going to be used for everyday usage and for very light gaming. So, the rig is: Core i5 6th gen(as mentioned before); Trust 1151 mobo; 8gb ddr4 ram; 128gb kingston ssd; 500gb hdd (for storage); 250w psu...