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  1. R

    [SOLVED] Lian Li Lancool II Mesh AIO and front fan solution

    TL;DR 1. Are there any 360mm AIOs with long enough tubes to install them with tubes down in a Lian Li Lancool II Mesh? 2. Will a 280mm AIO + a 120mm fan fit in the front of a Lian Li Lancool II Mesh? 3. If the answer is Yes on question 1 and 2, which alternativ is better? (May need to read the...
  2. Perseidit

    [SOLVED] Top mounted aio tubes

    Hello. Just a quick question about my top mounted aio. I was wondering if my tubes are too bent and if i should turn the pump so the tubes from pump head are pointing down. Or if everything is fine like they are now. hope this image link works: View:
  3. Question Need help identifying custom loop tube size, fittings

    Hey, this is quite an amateur question but I want to upgrade this loop (done by a shop in 2013) to have a 2nd radiator and actually redo the tubing aso. I think the tubing is 19,1/12,7mm Tygon E3603 ? or something like a weird 16mm/10mm Tygon E3603 ? The 90° angled compression fittings seem...
  4. S

    Question Should I use a aquarium chiller water custom loop to cool my RTX 2080 Ti?

    Hello all, I recently installed my RTX 2080 Ti Gigabyte Gaming OC Edition. The temps at max load were 80'C+ and ran hotter than my old RTX 2080 8GB at max load. I have heard people using aquarium chillers to cool their RTX 2080 Ti to around 20'C (way below room temperature). Is this a good...
  5. L

    Windows 10 keeps messing up my driver settings no matter what I do

    My problem: Basically, since I bought Windows 10 I have had nothing but problems with drivers. It started with the USB wifi adapter, where Windows kept installing some Windows driver over the driver that came with the product. This made the wifi slower and made the wifi adapter start...
  6. W

    motherboard delivery problem

    i made an oreder with aria yestaday for the motherboaad msi npower sp z87 it has just been delivered and it wasnt bubble wrapped the box was just in a bag so the box slighly damaged (note major). But when i opened the box the motherboard in a static bag but no protective foam. And the board was...