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  1. W

    Problem in Partition SDD

    When I used niubi partition magic, i found out that my there are 3 more partition parts in my SSD, which i'm don't know what it is? It won't allowed me to merge NTFS 499 MB with main partition NTFS 465.2 GB, and also there are 2 more partition: 1. FAT32 100 MB 2. GPT Reserved Partition 16MB...
  2. U

    Drive docks worth it?

    I have 2 - 500Gig and 3 - 160 gig spare hard drives sitting in a draw. No space in my computer. Any suggestions for an inexpensive solution to combine to a network storage? I was thinking of a dock to use at least the 2 - 500 gig but they seem to be for drive duplication. Thanks for any thoughts...
  3. heavyartillary9

    rx 480 comparison

    Hi I was wondering which of these would be better 1st xfx radeon rx 480 xxx custom backplate oc Or Msi radeon rx 480 8gb gaming x Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time
  4. N

    Kingston HyperX Savage vs Fury RAM

    Kingston 16GB (2x8GB) HyperX FURY Black Series DDR4 2133MHz CL14 1.2V XMP Ram (279 TRY/93 $) Kingston 16GB (2x8GB) HyperX Savage Black DDR4 2133MHz CL13 1.2V Dual Kit Ram (386 TRY/130 $) Fury is in a discount in my country right now. Normally they were about the same in price. When I got to...
  5. W

    How do I keep an NZXT S340 cool?

    I recently purchased an NZXT S340 case. I also purchased an MSI R9 390 graphics card, but I heard that the card runs really hot, so I was wondering how I can keep it cool. I know the case has one fan on the top and one on the back, but it has two spots for fans on the front of the case. Will...
  6. G

    'Failed to Load Detection Driver' Windows 10

    CPU/APU: Intel Core i5-3570k CPU @ 3.40 GHz Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4 RAM: 8 GB's of RAM Power Supply:Forgot Graphics Card: Saphire AMD Radeon HD 7870 Hard Disk Drive: Standard mechanical drive, 500 GB Solid State Disk Drive: n/a Operating System: Windows 10 64bit Details: With...
  7. T

    Need to free/move space from my SSD to my HDD... Been Using my SSD for EVERYTHING while my 1TB HDD was inactive!!!

    Basically what has happened in my situation is that when i built my computer in 2013 i did everything correctly ACCEPT activate my HDD, these past two years i have been wondering why everything i have downloaded/ installed has gone onto one drive my 120gb SSD (Now 111gb for some reason) and...
  8. E

    build a gaming pc

    hey guys, i want to build a gaming pc,, mostly play csgo, dota and battlefield, what specs are u guys recommend? my budget will be around $1000
  9. S

    Is this a good overclock for my GTX 970?

    I have an MSI GTX 970. My afterburner settings are +25 mV, +220 Core clock, +500 Memory Clock, 110% power limit. I reach 1550 Mhz boost clock and 4000 Mhz memory clock. So I'm wondering, is this good? I don't really know where this stands compared to other overclocked 970s. I ran Heaven 4.0 and...
  10. Y

    Witcher 3 only 50-65 fps on ULTRA max with 2x GTX 970's!

    How can this guy getting 80+fps with 2x970 on witcher 3?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycFnW1d7XrI we have the same GPU's but he is getting 20+fps more than me! I have 4770k cpu
  11. I

    HP Pavilion Laptop not connecting to any Wifi Network, please help!

    Hi, I have a HP Pavilion laptop using windows 8. I went to use the other day and it has suddenly stopped conencting or picking up any wifi networks, my own network or any neighbours, which gives me the impression its something wrong with my laptop and not my internet. Its like my wifi is...
  12. G

    My Lexmark printer won't print from my wireless laptop. It seems to freeze up after the inittalization process. Any ideas?

    Everything seems okay. Have a good conncecion. Ethernet working. Was working 2 days ago.
  13. G

    pc shut down automatically

    i'm using windows 8.1..my spec are below gpu:- r9 270x cpu:- fx 4300(overclocked to 4.4) mb:- msi 970a g43 smps:- corsair vs550 my pc is shutting down by itself no message or any anything just black screen and then it's off not and this happens while i'm not using my pc and i don't have this...
  14. J

    Mouse not working on wood?

    Ok, so today, I had a game of CS, mid way through it my mouse started to take time to "work". Once I moved my mouse it took about 3 seconds for it to start moving the mouse. I tapped on the mouse twice; by tap I mean hit it not lightly, nor hard on the laser. Just a 'hit' By the way; I use my...
  15. S

    Can't activate Crossfire, tried everything

    Hello! I just registered even though I read this web since years. First of all sorry for any mistakes with my english. The problem I'm having is that I have 2 GPU, 2x Sapphire R9 270X Dual-X 2GB GDDR5 aiming for a crossfire, but I can't get it work. My PSU it's Corsair CX750 750W Builder...
  16. N


    I recently added a new 2gb Ram chip to my system and for some reason i've been receiving nagging BSOD. Sometimes the system works fine until I shut it down.On restarting the system it may take up to 10-15 start/restart cycles until it boots up properly. I don't know what seems to be the problem...
  17. M

    Cheap and good mobo for my new i7 4770

    I just bought a new i7 4770 and was wondering what cheap mobos that are good can I get? Any good sub 50s? I care much about anything on mobos maybe except usb 3 and sata 3. I don't need anything fancy, just cheap and works well with my new cpu. I'm pairing this with a ssd and my r7 265.
  18. T

    unable to launch MSTS Ex collection after install

    The install of Microsoft train simulator, exclusive collection, went fine, when trying to launch I get a window "cannot locate the CD-ROM" with message "please insert the correct CD-ROM and restart application". The Install came with 2 CD s, insertion of either does not help. What to do?
  19. K

    CPU causes on-screen glitching flashes

    Hello, I already searched around and found no threads with a similar problem as mine. I have a pretty strange problem that is *solved* and need some clarification or ideas:- System config: X4 955 not OCed, never was 650W CoolerMaster PSU ASUS M4A79XTD-EVO 4GB Kingston RAM HD 5850 AMD WIN 7 x64...
  20. E

    Cant afford a gtx 780ti would the asus 290x be my best bet?

    title says it all, i have a evga gtx760 right now i use at stock settings. good card but want more fps so i would like to upgrade the 760 and can spend up to $550? Seems from all the bench tests/reviews i have seen that the 290x from asus is the closest to the 780ti in fps/speed?
  21. T

    Will my SSD work in different computers?

    Basically I just want to know if I configure my brand new SSD to windows 7 and install all the drivers on one computer, is it possible to use the same SSD on another computer?
  22. Vengeful Veteran

    Electrical shocks on my laptop?

    So, I bought a HP Pavillion g4 around 2009 (Horrible for gaming and I didn't knew much about computers at that time.) and until today, I noticed I will get electrical shocks on the edges of my laptop's keyboard. What's the issue? Is it ESD? (I live in an Apartment). I have it, like, everyday...
  23. G

    Best budget proc upgrade from i3 2120?

    hi this is my current set up Proc: Intel® Core™ i3-2120 Processor (3M Cache, 3.30 GHz) GPU: EVGA GTX 650 ti Boost SuperClocked 1GB MOBO: ASUS P8B75-M LX MEMORY: 2 x 2gb ddr3 G.SKILL RIPJAWS X SERIES HDD: 500gb sata2 Hitachi PSU: Silverstone Strider Essential series 80+ ST60F-ES 600W MONITOR...
  24. J

    wondering if all of these parts work together

    I was wondering whether all of these parts would work together and if there are any cheaper solutions for better parts, any help would be appreciated thanks. Case BitFenix Colossus Red LED Big Tower Windowed Case - Black £119.99 Processor Intel Core i5-3330 3.00GHz (Ivybridge) Socket LGA1155...
  25. A

    Coolermaster PSU £34.98 Gold plus

    Going to order this PSU tonight. Need a second opinion on it seems good on paper 5 year warranty, gold plus etc... for only £34.98. http://www.ebuyer.com/545508-coolermaster-silent-pro-gold-450w-rs450-80gaj3-uk Its only a 450w but states that it can run cards like the 7970.. the most I would...
  26. gokitty199

    is everything on this pc compatable, and how is it for the price

    my friend got 790 bucks for his birthday(lucky him i usually get 120) and has been wanting a good pc to game on, hows this. any tweaks that could be done to give better performance, he does plan to overclock? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2gSp9
  27. H

    Upgrading my pc

    I have this pc I built 2 months ago and for christmas I want to upgrade it for 250 dollars. This is what my pc is. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Collin1234/saved/2CU1
  28. ZaRodinu

    Micro-Stuttering on GTX 670 2-way sli - What Should I Do?

    Hello, I've had micro-stuttering in games with my current pc for as long as I've had it and just now it's starting to really annoy me. I've noticed it in games like Battlefield 4, Company of Heroes 2 (This game is poorly optimized anyway, it doesnt support SLI). Is there anyway I can stop...
  29. A

    Which GTX 770 should i get?

    http://www.scan.co.uk/products/2gb-evga-gtx-770-sc-acx-28nm-pcie-30-7010mhz-gddr5-gpu-1111mhz-boost-1163mhz-cores-1536-dport-hdmi-d EVGA GeForce GTX 770 Superclocked ACX 2GB...
  30. A

    sound card needed?

    hi, i am going to build my computer, i have all my pieces except a sound card, but my question is, do i need one? will i not have sound if i do not have a sound card?
  31. aigram

    BIOS Displaying Wrong RAM info

    I have the following RAM installed: G.SKILL Sniper Series F3-17000CL11D-8GBSR DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Cas Latency-11 11-11-11-30 1.6V My Asus UEFI BIOS reads the RAM as having timing of 11-11-11-30-2N, the maximum frequency is listed as being 1600 (which was my old RAM frequency) and it is...
  32. I

    PCIE-1 getting to 60 Celsius. asus sabertooth

    Hello. Can anyone help me with this issue please. So i Just installed this motheboard Asus sabertooth 990fx R2.0 And thermal radar is giving me warning about PCIE-1 reaching 60 Celsius after playing bf4 for maybe 30 min I also tried instaling the GPU on PCIE-2 and still having the same...
  33. T

    My PC shuts down due to high temperatures

    Arranging some things inside the case, I noticed that the temperatures of CPU and GPU were very high (between 70 and 90). As he proceeded to go off in minutes ... The cooler the GPU (HD 6850) works slowly and noisily, while the CPU fan seems to spin correctly, but touches 99 degrees celsius...
  34. M

    Outlook 2010: No longer authorized to send emails

    Note that I am the only user on my laptop computer w/Win 7. Have separate MS Office 2007 Student Editiion with W/P/E but no Outlook. Trying to load separate MS Outlook 2010 program. After almost two years of successfully using my outlook 2010 linked to my online Gmail account, about 6...
  35. N

    600 - 650$ Budget Build!

    Looking to build a 600-650$(BEFORE REBATES!) strictly gaming PC/internet browsing. I mainly play World of Warcraft, and I'm hoping to run 25m raids with ultra fps at 40-60 FPS average. I attempted to put together a build not sure if it's the best cost/performance build possible. I've heard that...
  36. Rayne604

    How much should I sell Ps3 120GB + GTA 5 for?

    120gb used PS3 + 2 controllers New GTA 5 PS3 - Unused code
  37. M

    Processor and motherboard compatibility

    Is there a way to tell which processors will be compatible with a motherboard? This is the motherboard http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813121776&Tpk=BOXDB85FL
  38. J

    How do I prevent condensation on my computer

    I sleep with air conditioner but in the mornings I always turn it off and some days I feel condensation like on the floor and what not. What can I do to prevent condensation from building up on my computer
  39. E

    Windows XP: Bios inaccessible password, system reboots

    Lenovo Thinkcentre a70z At my school, some little guy was messing with a computer and somebody asked me to help. I took a look at it, and it can't boot properly. I tried "Launch with good settings", the three safemode options, and resume Windows normally. And after the loading bar finished, the...
  40. J

    New computer build for my daughters

    Hi, I would like to say thank you first for those who take their time to help me with this build. I wanted to build a computer for my daughters (age 8 and 12) who would use them to surf the internet, do their homework and play some games on the net. Nothing extremely demanding. I would like to...