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  1. S

    Question USB Transfer Speeds over Network - seem slow

    I have been testing transfer speeds of files onto a number of different hard drives across a network. I notice significant speed loss when copying files onto the drives when compared to when they are plugged directly into the machine; 2-3MB/s over network versus 100-110MB/s directly plugged...
  2. B

    Need help checking PC build

    So, I’m building a PC and honestly dont know the first thing about the internals of a computer. Can someone please check my build and let me know if everything would work well together?, or any other thoughts? I’m trying to keep it under 1k, so I think the price point I’m at right now is pretty...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Computer Keeps Freezing

    Computer keeps freezing and I can’t play any of my games at all, I’ve installed all the drivers and shit but it won’t play any games. Components: B350-f Asus motherboard Corsair 16GB rgb pro ram GeForce RTX 2080 Samsung 970 ssd Intel wifi adapter Corsair 750w psu
  4. C

    RAM suggestions please

    I am upgrading to a 2600(x?) next month, and have decided to get the MSI B450 Tomahawk. I have been pouring through MSI`s QVC, but have yet to find anything solid. Im looking for a 16GB kit around 3000mhz in the $100 - $130 range. Edit: Here is the QVC list -...
  5. S

    New to M.2 SSDs. ASUS Z97-PRO board. Need your advice.

    Hey guys, I always appreciate the advice. I have the ASUS Z97-PRO board which can be seen here https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/Z97PRO/ Here is what it says. "With two native PCI Express 2.0 bandwidth, M.2 supports up to 10Gbit/s data-transfer speeds." So, we know my board supports it...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] PC stuck on Asrock boot screen after replacing motherboard

    Hello! I've recently upgraded from my intel i5-6500 to a ryzen 5 2600x processor. It wasn't compatible with my previous motherboard so I had to get a new one. I got Asrock b450m Pro4. This was my first time installing a motherboard but I think that after hours of fiddling with it I managed to...
  7. M

    Frametime unusually high and frametime spikes

    Someone please explain why is this happening Game is assassin creeds origins. http://prntscr.com/lmftfz I tried reinstalling windows upgrading power supply, ram Using anti virus to get rid of virus which was not present Used anti malware used malwarebytes used windows defender My last guess...
  8. kcarbotte

    HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review: No Tether, No AMD

    HTC's Vive Wireless Adapter lets you cut the tether from your VR headset, but it doesn't always provide a smooth experience. HTC Vive Wireless Adapter Review: No Tether, No AMD : Read more
  9. I

    Help!! Slow laptop after fresh install

    Hi everyone. I have a Median Erazer X7849 Laptop I wanted to remove all my old games and apps by doing a fresh install. I installed the latest windows 10 ISO and now the laptop is very slow. The specs are: I7 6700HQ GTX 1070 32GB DDR4 256GB SSD 2x 1TB HDD I have tried resetting and reflashing...
  10. A

    Msi a320m pro vh plus vs msi a320m gaming pro

    Hey there! Im confused between these two mobo and as im on a very tight budget. CPU= Ryzen 5 2400g No gpu Ram = 2x4gb ddr4 2400mhz Motherboard = confused between them Hard disk(500gb) and ssd(120gb) Thanks.
  11. A

    Is this a good CPU upgrade to Ryzen 1600?

    CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 (not the X) Mobo: ASRock - A320M Pro4 Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard Ram: Corsair - Vengeance RGB Pro 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-2666 Memory I already have a case (micro atx), 450 watt power supply (might upgrade soon), and GTX 1060 3gb Zotac Mini graphics card. I have a 1TB HDD Blue...
  12. T

    bsod after new hardware

    Hi, I hope someone can give me some insight. I recently installed some new rams and processor and playing gta v game now crashes. The first time it gave me a blue screen, after that it just freezes indefinitelly until i tab out or finalize it. Game worked great before upgrades. Thanks in...
  13. B

    gaming pc cpu and gpu issue

    I have amd a6 r5 7400k and i bought a new gpu nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti 4gb palit stormx,my problem is my fps got worse after installing my new gpu,without the new gpu my fps in dota 2 is 50 to 60 low settings,with my new gpu installed it got worse 30 to 40fps even in low settings ,is my cpu...
  14. K

    formatted accidentally disk drive D: Can I UNFORMAT.

    I have quick formatted a disk drive accidentally, on my daughter's HP laptop. How to UNFORMAT or RECOVER the files from the formatted drive in Windows8. After format I have not used the drive for any purpose.
  15. R

    Radeon R7 250 compatibility with Intel DH67Cl motherboard

    Hi, My computer is having a motherboard Intel DH67Cl and i want to upgrade my graphics card to Gigabyte Radeon R7 250 2gb DDR3 from priorly using Amd Radeon HD 5450 When I installed it in my cpu hardware connecting the HDMI wire to the card ,my monitor displayed " No Signal " but it was...
  16. P

    Issue with my CPU Cooler

    Hi, The issue that I have is related to my CPU Cooler - Cryorig H5 Ultimate. When I put it onto my motherboard, the fan does not fit - the RAM stick blocks it. I've tried to move the fan up, but it still did not work. After doing a bit of research online, I found out that you can somehow put...
  17. G

    PC Crashing Issues (What should I upgrade?)

    I play a variety of games, mostly CS:GO and some other steam games, I can reach around 200 fps in CS:GO, but if I go to that point, my PC usually crashes and black screens. I have already upgraded my power supply, but that only solved 1 or 2 issues, my computer still continuously black screens...
  18. R

    Can a r7 260x and a 6950 coexist in the same computer

    I have a Radeon HD 6950 that I was using in my computer. I use to have 2 cards in this computer. They were not set up in crossfire but worked in the unit along side each other. I was able to mine cryptocurrency this way. Now I recently picked up a r7 260x and installed this into my computer as...
  19. R

    gta 5 online lag?

    when i play gta 5 single player it doesn't lag at all but when i play online when i drive it lags.any suggestions what i should do to get rid of this lag?
  20. T

    Thinking of new computer

    Hello everyone, I am thinking about building a new computer. I need some advice, and critiquing about this build. I am use this for gaming, and very light work items. I don't have an exact budget but I don't have just money to blow on anything. I want this build to last me a very long time and...