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    Case size and gtx 980ti gigabyte g1 gaming

    How big a case needs to be in order to fit in this monster.I know for a fact that my case's length is 500mm and the gpus to be 309.The drawback is that I'm not close to my PC right now(I'm actually towns away) so I can really take the ruler and measure for myself, so id appreciate it if anyone...
  2. J

    CS:GO on a budget (£200-£300)

    Hi guys, Looking to either buy parts and have a friend build me a PC, or buy something ready made. I'm really not concerned about running CS:GO at its highest settings. Something that can provide a constant 100+fps at medium/low settings will suffice. I will most probably also tinker with...
  3. F

    GPU brands to choose

    I'm buying a r9-390 GPU and I was wondering if there was any big difference between the brands of GPUS. Here, im talking about XFX, Powercolor, VisionTek Asus and MSI...since the visiontek one is about 60 $ cheaper (canadian money)
  4. E

    Select best 850W PSU option.

    Hello, I need help to decide which of this 3 PSU will fit best for my new rig. -PC Power & Cooling Silencer MKIII 850W 80Plus Gold 109$ -EVGA SuperNOVA 850 G2 80+ GOLD 109$ -Seasonic M12D 850w 105$ For details of my pc here: PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: AMD FX-8350...
  5. L

    Core Parking Windows 8.1 (revisited)

    Sorry to beat the proverbial dead horse here, but I've not had any luck coming to a sound conclusion on this: I'm running AMD A8 7600 Windows 8.1, I observe from Resource Monitor that 2 cores are parked on idle. Yes, I realize this is a power-saving tool and that when my system needs more...
  6. K

    help needed with ram

    hello, i am building a secondairy rig with some spare parts, the motherboard and cpu will come from an old del optiplex 755, and i got 6 gb of ddr2 ram to put in, but 2 sticks of 2gb and 2 of 1gb, the 2 of 1gb are the same, the 2 of 2gb are different. which sticks should i put it what slot...
  7. A

    Is this copy of Windows 8.1 genuine?

    Hi, just bought a second hand computer off Gumtree last week, which came with Windows 8.1 preinstalled, to my surprise! I checked to see if it was activated, and it was. My question is though, does this mean that the copy is genuine or not? How would I find out?
  8. V

    Can I run gta 5

    I m buying an acer aspire E5 51G so can I run GTA 5 on it? its specs are AMD A10 quad core processor 1.9ghz turbo boost 3.2 GHz AMD Radeon R7 M265 2GB 8GB RAM HD DISPLAY 1TB HDD
  9. L

    Overclocking a new build, need advice

    So i just built my new system and got it going 2 days ago. I was just wondering if I should wait a while and let things sort of "settle in" before i start trying to OC. I am planning on using AMD overdrive at first because i have never done any overclocking before. any advice is greatly...
  10. D

    Help me to find this game ? I forgot the name of the game

    Sorry for the bad english It is a FPS where you need to kill the red guys I know it has a campain And your flag is like an eagle in a circle And in the first mission you need to get at a tank and go with your mates and destroy the red base. I know that i played it like in 2004-2005
  11. D

    is this rig decent

    Is this rig any good for the price im wanting to play ark survival evolved n could improvements be made with out increasing the cost? http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/zRfPWZ Would windows 7 be just as good? Are they doing a free upgrade to windows 10 like ive heard?
  12. J

    New mobo new ram new HDD still BSoD trying to install windows

    Hey guys, i started having blue screens a few days ago, related to ram. i wanted to upgrade anyway so i just bought new ram, didnt help, still bsod. long story short, i have replaced the motherboard, ram and hdd, plus got a new video card. Still cant even install windows without a blue screen...
  13. G

    Asus h97m-plus and xeon E3 1230/1231v3

    Does Asus h97m-plus motherboard support Xeon E3-1230/1231v3?
  14. T

    Need to free/move space from my SSD to my HDD... Been Using my SSD for EVERYTHING while my 1TB HDD was inactive!!!

    Basically what has happened in my situation is that when i built my computer in 2013 i did everything correctly ACCEPT activate my HDD, these past two years i have been wondering why everything i have downloaded/ installed has gone onto one drive my 120gb SSD (Now 111gb for some reason) and...
  15. E

    build a gaming pc

    hey guys, i want to build a gaming pc,, mostly play csgo, dota and battlefield, what specs are u guys recommend? my budget will be around $1000
  16. G

    My Lexmark printer won't print from my wireless laptop. It seems to freeze up after the inittalization process. Any ideas?

    Everything seems okay. Have a good conncecion. Ethernet working. Was working 2 days ago.
  17. Minitany

    Budget Gaming Build Thoughts?

    Trying to build back up my gaming PC, I love my laptop but I want my old desktop back. Ive read mixed things on starter processors. I built AMD in the past but I am done with the issues I encountered with stability. I havent decided on a graphics card yet as I will be getting that down the road...
  18. T

    Computer CPU Problem

    when i started my computer today, instead of bringing me my desktop this was showed up: CPU Type:Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU CPU ID:0676 CPU Clock:2.53GHz Base memory:640K extended memory:2047M cache memory:3M _________________________________________________ Diskette Drive A:1.44M, 3.5" Pri...
  19. P

    Possible to use home wifi for uploading and 4g dongle for browsing at the same time?

    I was wondering if it is possible to connect to a WIFI connection and also receive a WIFI connection from a dongle plugged into my pc at the same time. Id like to use my home wifi for uploading and use my dongle for web browsing when im uploading, is this possible?
  20. V

    What Motherboard Should I Get?

    Hey, I recently bought a computer and wanted to buy parts and upgrade it manually as I am a rookie. But there was a problem when i bought a new PSU. The power supply i currently have has only 16 pins whereas the new one i bought has 24 (20+4). My motherboard only supports 16 so therefore i have...