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  1. S

    4k graphic monitors

    I got a 4k model XB280HK g sync monitor with 2 gtx 970s in SLI others on you tube ect getting low frame rates but I run games on medium settings not maxed as same as them but I get 60 frames overall like games like gta 5 tomb raider and rise of the tomb raider , why are they getting low frame...
  2. N

    No display with GPU plugged in (MSI R9 390) - is it defective?

    Hello first time builder, I put together my new PC and I'm having an issue with my MSI R9 390 graphics card. When I plug the HDMI cable from the monitor into the graphics card's HDMI slot and try to boot up there is no display at all (no loading screens or anything, monitor looks like it's in...
  3. S

    Freezing Lenovo G505

    Lenovo G505 freezes when i move it? The laptop is about a year old. When it sits on my desk or bedside table, etc. It is fine, but as soon as I pick it up and put it down somewhere else it completely freezes. If something was playing it stops, the keyboard and touch pad stops working. It is...
  4. S

    New Processor Help?

    My gaming rig currently has an AMD FX-6350. I've been wanting to upgrade the processor, and I have a budget between £180 - £210 (Including a new motherboard, If needed). I was thinking of getting an FX-9590, along with a Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 (Which supports 220W Processors). That totals up at...
  5. T

    Updating my old graphics card

    I have and older system that i need to upgrade while i save up for my new build, the old system will then be given to my GF. It has an EVGA 780i FTW mobo, I forget the CPU i know it is a socket 775 quad core running sightly overclocked at 3.4GHz, and 8 Gb of ram, and a 1000W PSU. Current...
  6. R

    Prime95 one core significantly slower

    Hi, im not actually overclocking but since Prime95 is mainly used after overclocking i thought this was the best place to post this: Ive just built my first PC (yeah im a noob at this) and everything seeems to have gone fine, windows 7 installed, no problems. On the tutorial i watched to help...
  7. J

    O*C bansheee

    Where i do tweak it.For o*c a cpu is damm easy.A complete explain
  8. S

    SM Bus controller Help

    I dont know if this is the right place to post this so...if is not, please tell me where I have a problem with the "SM Bus controller" and the "Universal serial bus (USB) controller" I can find the drivers and i have goggled everything i can think off, and yes there are some answers but i can...
  9. ponchato

    Cleaned (dusted) PC, rearranged wires, no boot

    Long Story: Turned off power (switch), unplugged everything from the computer, unplugged power cord going to PSU, took it outside and cleaned with a can of air, redid cable management (actually, did it for the first time in that PC), moved HDD a few slots lower to improve airflow, put the case...
  10. ironcito

    Computer wakes up by itself. Tried everything.

    Hello, I'm having a problem with (apparently) Intel motherboards. I used to have an Asus motherboard and this problem didn't happen, then an Intel DG45ID and now an Intel DP43TF, and it happens/ed with both. Whenever I put the computer to sleep, it will wake up by itself after a couple of...
  11. R

    Which drivers should i download

    Hey guys, Just got done building my first build and was wondering which of the many drivers I would be needing for my Asrock z77 Extreme6 motherboard. My set up is as follows: i5 3570k cpu Asrock z77 Extreme6 motherboard G.skill ripjaw x series 16Gb Sapphire HD 7970 vapor-x Coolermaster...
  12. iamcacao

    Overclocking RAM?

    Hey everyone, I have some questions about overclocking RAM. I am pretty comfortable with overclocking my CPU and GPUs however I have yet to try overclocking RAM. I'm running 32gb of Corsair Vengeance RAM at 1600mhz on an asus rampage IV extreme mobo, if I were to say overclock it to 1866mhz...
  13. M

    Will both work

    Hello, pc2 5300 memory to replace 3200 on a gateway E-4100 dual care p-4 2300
  14. Q

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    http://blogs.zdnet.com/Berlind/?p=412 Wasn't Richards complaining about this a few weeks ago????
  15. T

    Asus G50VT AC Adapter

    Hey, Iw asn't really sure where to ask this but I've heard good things from this site! So, from what I understand about ac adapters (correct me if I am wrong or there's more than that!) is the input doesn't matter too much and the output is pretty important! Now, speaking of when replacing an...
  16. G

    intel G965wh motherboard

    hi i have intel g965wh motherboard. in device manager it keeps showing unknown device. i can't figure it out what that is. help me outtttttttttt
  17. S

    Main bios checksum error

    Hello, Retriving recovery source from HPA error on every bootup & then PC gets restarts
  18. shadowedge

    Looking to upgrade my OLD RAM

    Hi, My computer has been really slowing down with Firefox lately, especially with multiple tabs open or with the new Tumblr archive format. Firefox can use over 1GB of memory and over 25% of my CPU speed according to the task manager. Here are my current specs: Windows 7 64bit. 6GB DDR2...
  19. Blahman11

    ASUS M4A78LT M LE flashing from barebone bios

    Hi I built last year a computer that I thought used the proper ASUS M4A78LT M LE bios. However I soon realized that it had the V-M4A3000E bios instead. This didn't bother me much until now. I've got an Athlon ii X3 and there's the possibility that It may be a full blown Phenom ii Deneb core...
  20. I

    What is Max AMD XP in K7S5A

    Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.elitegroup (More info?) I presently have a AMD XP 2200 running in my system. What is the fastest AMD XP I can plug in? I've heard that AMD make difference versions of XP chips. I'd Like to take it up to 2700 if possible. Any info would be...