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    Question Turbo Boost Option Gone from bios setting (After updating BIOS).

    I recently updated my bios and after updating i cant find turbo boost option. I use Android (X86) os on this pc so, i cant turn it off from os. Is there any other way ? System Model TMP255-MG Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4500U CPU @ 1.80GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical...
  2. B

    Question 9400F + Z390 speed at gaming < 3900

    I have newly purchased the Asus Z390 and Intel Core i5-9400F with 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 MHz. When I played games like Far Cry 5, Battlefield V and Fortnite, the frequency is only 2970 MHz, is that because I have not updated the BIOS? I saw everyone is getting 3905 MHz!!
  3. Z

    Question High DPC latency and Turbo Boost

    Hello. I experience heavy audio dropouts and crackles when Turbo Boost is on. What I've noticed: -It doesn't happen in safe mode. -When I deactivate GPUs while playing audio, crackles disappear for a while. -It works fine during first minutes after system boot. My specs: Laptop: Lenovo Legion...
  4. H

    Question I5 9300H running at base clock speeds when gaming

    I recently bought a new lenovo ideapad L340 and i've been having a problem with it , whenever i boot a game the cpu runs at around 3.9 GHz for about 15 seconds before instantly dropping to 2.4 GHz which is base , it sits at that clock speed and does not move upwards nor downwards , its not...
  5. H

    Question Intel i7 3940XM vs i7-8750H

    I am planning on buying my first gaming PC, and I have found two options on ebay within my price range: a stock Dell G5587 and a customized MSI GT60. The specs are very similar except for the CPUs. The XM on the MSI has a base frequency of 3.00 GHz and a max turbo frequency of 3.90 GHz. While...
  6. S

    Question Lenovo Power Control Switch & boost, enable or not?

    Hi, I have a lenovo desktop computer and it came with a switch on the top of it. The switch is so you can enable "turbo boost/mode" for the computer. When not enabled the Power Control Switch shows the cpu at 25%(at the cool level). When i turn on the turbo switch it goes to turbo mode...
  7. Leoplate25

    Question Turbo boost doubt

    Hi, i have an existencial and silly doubt. If you disable turbo boost; will a game or a program uses more cpu than if you have the turbo on? Or it depends on the core count? Thanks. https://ibb.co/tHx8hHy
  8. R

    Question Intel turbo boost

    hello, so i recently bought i5 8400 and since Counter strike:Global offensive can only benefit from 2 Cores, i enabled Intel turbo boost in bios, but since then i got 50+ fps increase, but my game became more choppy and stuttery, then i tried leave boost on auto mode it seemed less choppy but...
  9. M

    Question Thermal Paste and aftermarket cooler for i5 8400?

    I bought an i5 8400 back when it was first released. Since then i have been having heating issues with cpu temp going to 90 degrees Celsius and above. After turning off the turbo boost from bios resolved the issue. I think it could be improper installation and it had preapplied thermal paste on...
  10. Raerayu

    [SOLVED] i7-7700k Turbo Boost in Bios

    Got a new motherboard (ASUS Prime z270a) and my i7 doesn't have a core hit 4.6ghz like it's supposed to, all 5 are on 4.5ghz. My MSI Z170A GAMING M7 did. I'm confused on how to set the core speeds to have 1 active core boost to 4.6 while all the others hit 4.5 like it was designed to do. My...
  11. F

    Question i7 9700k Turbo Boost 4.9GHz on all 8 cores

    To all Intel geeks, is it possible to get 4.9Ghz on all 8 cores on a i7 9700k in Turbo Boost? HWMonitor was showing it for like 2 minutes in a row and it's not the first time (see screenshot). I have an ASRock Z390 Extreme4 with default settings, no OC mode on. Thanks!
  12. L

    Question How to remove the password on Intel's Turbo in BIOS

    So my uncle decided to crash at my place today and asked me to look at his laptop . I noticed it didn't have turbo on so I went into the BIOS settings to see if I can turn it on . Turns out the thing has a password and my uncle doesn't know about it . I asked him where he got the laptop he said...
  13. SnowMN

    Question Mce and turbo boost

    If mobo z390 aorus master gigabt and i7 9700k and power in windows on balanced what would push cpu in clocking always 4.7 ghz even idle on all cores,would it be mce enabled?also what would be the difference between auto and enabled on both mce and turbo boost Thanks in advance
  14. Raerayu

    [SOLVED] i7-7700k Turbo Boost

    What is the i7-7700k Turbo Boost clock and does it apply to all cores or only 1? I OC'd my CPU through intel extreme tuning utility for 10 minutes and set the values back to default. My CPU's 4 cores now only max out at 4.4ghz and 1 core will hit 4.5ghz randomly and uncommonly. I could of sworn...
  15. A

    Question Can’t enable Turbo for i5 2400

    Hi there I have 2 PCs running with Intel core i5 2400. One has an Acer q67h2-am motherboard & another has an Intel DQ67SW. The acer one shows my CPU like this: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l9b9uxooe1vmsq9/F96CD4F2-0204-48FE-839E-2C782EF374AF.jpeg As u see it’s turbo feature is enabled and...
  16. F

    [SOLVED] Fx cpu wont OC to atleast turbo clock

    I have a fx 8320e 3.2ghz to 4ghz turbo but when i overclock i can only get to 3.7ghz then its unstable and get a blue screen for windows. You would think you could just overclock to your turbo clock and it would be stable. Not sure if its a voltage issue or my cpu is just shit. Any help to aid...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Why can't my CPU work at 100%

    I got a i5-4460 and base clock is 3.20 but with boost should go to 3.4 which never reaches even under stress, same thing goes for the CPU load it won't hold at 100% even if the task requires it to run at 100%. Any reasons why it behaves like this?
  18. D

    Question Internet cuts out on one PC when another boots, wakes from sleep or shuts down

    Hello! I'm having a very strange issue and haven't found a solution to my problem yet so I would like to ask for some help. First of all my networking setup is the following: I have a Sagemcom F@ST 3686 cable modem from my ISP with default settings except I've changed the login details. I...
  19. A

    Question Black screen after gpu installation

    I have a 1050ti and just got a 1070 and I’m getting blackscreened. I’ve uninstalled and 1050ti drivers, updated bios, booted in safe mode and it’s still black, I’m using a 6pin to 8pin adapter for my psu but that’s about it. I don’t know what else to do nothings working.
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    Accidentally put question in wrong forum (CPU). Could a mod please move it to graphics cards :)

    https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/how-do-i-know-if-i-have-enough-power-in-my-psu-for-gtx-1050ti-hp-elite-8300-computer-upgrade.3452267/ Accidentally put this in the wrong forum but I don't know how to move it?