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  1. V

    Accidentally sold motherboard with my water cooler back still attached

    So basically I sold my motherboard with the water cooler back still attached and now my water cooler can't connect to my new board obviously. I used a Corsair 1150 single fan water cooler. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement back? I really don't want to have to buy a whole new water...
  2. M

    Will the bottleneck b/w I5 3470 and 3gb 1060 be reduced with overclocks

    I have a z77 mobo and i can oc the i5 to 4.0 will it reduce the bottleneck?
  3. G

    The most frustrating proublem

    Do i need to give my case a negative preassure or a positive? Most videos are saying positive, while guides are saying negative. Ps. Is there any ways to completely cover the cpu with a thermal paste?
  4. R

    Does overvolting integrated GPU damage CPU and iGPU as well?

    So I have been overclocking pc parts for quite some time now, but I am going to overclock the HD 4600 to at least 1.9GHz, but I need more voltage. I have been wondering for a while now, does overvolting iGPU damage the CPU as well? What would be the safest voltage? Because I will try to achieve...
  5. C

    Help needed please

    Can a mobile device use two networks at once?
  6. C

    Will upgrading my gpu improve

    i am using my motherboard gpu i have E2200 fata1ty motherboard a friend is selling me a EVGA GTX 285 1GB will it make any differencceee?
  7. P

    Buying GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme also upgrading other parts need advice!!

    So I'm going to be ordering a GTX 1070 AMP! Extreme card and at the same time ill be upgrading other parts in my system and not to sure what else to upgrade while I'm at it and would like to here some suggestions from you folks here is my current system mother board: ASUS sabertooth p67 R3...
  8. J

    Can ACER Aspire F5-571 run any of these games?

    http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-aspire-f5-571-15-6-laptop-black-10137492-pdt.html Can this run heavily modded Minecraft, Skyrim, Creativerse or anything like these? Or does anyone know a better laptop £350 or less?
  9. M

    What cpu cooler should i choose?

    I really dont know what cpu cooler i should buy (air cooler) this will be my rig: motherboard: asus maximus viii hero Case: cooler master haf x Gpu: evga 980ti sc+ Cpu: intel i7 6700k thinking of doing oc in the future 2tb seagate hdd 500gb ssd samsung evo 1000wat rm corsair 80plus gold Please...
  10. L

    Nvidia 980ti microstuttering when gaming!

    Hello guys , here is my rig stats: CPU: 5820k at 4.5ghz Motherboard: X99-A/3.1USB Graphics: 980TI XTREME WINDFORCE (custom bios 1560/8200) RAM: RIPJAWS IV 2400MHZ 16GB (2666 oc) Cooling: Phobya 360lt kit OS: WINDOWS 10 PRO Power: RM850I I am expierencing microstuttering in a lot of...
  11. N

    Linksys E2500 Setup

    Hey guys, about a week ago I realized that our horrible router was becoming quite the issue for all the people in the house that wanted to use the Wi-Fi so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I settled on the Linksys E2500. I have never setup a router before so this is all new to me. The...
  12. G

    R380x and Sound crackling/popping

    Hey guys, I have just installed a new graphics card the Asus R380X, it has yielded me low fps whenever my sound starts the crackle and pop. I have since then installed windows 10 clean which has resulted in the same issue. The sound crackling/popping occurs during gaming such as Dota 2 or black...
  13. L

    USB ports does not detect my mouse and keyboard (but my mouse still glows...)

    Hi! I'm currently using an MSI Gaming laptop (GP70 2QF Leopard Pro) with windows 10 and so far had no problems with it... until now. I've just set up my new work station and when I plugged in all the essentials I noticed my mouse and keyboard wouldn't work (external via USB). I have not...
  14. D

    Ram speeds problem

    Hi i have a custom built pc and the ram i have installed is coming up as really low speeds My build is Asrock N68C-S UCC Motherboard AMD Athlon ii x2 250 3.0ghz cpu 500gb HDD 120gb SSD Ordinairy 2GB DDR3 1333MHZ Ram Kingston Hyper x Fury 4GB 1600MHZ my bios displays them both clearly but...
  15. T

    980ti low clock speed in 3Dmark

    Sorry if this is covered somewhere, but I've searched and couldn't find an exact answer for my problem. When I first bench marked my system a month ago, after the initial build, 3Dmark accurately displayed my core clock speed as 1,140MHz. However, when I ran the test today, it's showing that my...
  16. P

    Upgradable $370 Gaming System?

    I got $370 USD towards a gaming computer. I'm getting a job this summer, so I'll have money then to upgrade my video card, and maybe even the processor, but until then, I want to build a computer that can run Source Engine games at 1080p 60fps. I already have a GT 610 that I can use until I get...
  17. kanewolf

    Asus X555U Disk Swap

    Has anyone successfully accessed the disk on this model laptop? I think the keyboard has to come off, but I haven't been successful.
  18. C

    Compatibility mode loses progress on Diablo 2 character

    I installed Diablo 2 and the expansion on my windows 8 computer. I started a character and got pretty far and noticed lag issues. I then put the program in compatibility mode and when I went back all my characters progress was lost, it was basically a new game. If I turn compatibility mode...
  19. C

    M5A97 LE R2.0 issue, not posting, think its memory related....

    I recently built a lot budget gaming computer for around $500. Everything is fine except that sometimes the system wont boot, or even post. I take the cover off and start with the easiest part, the memory. I remove one or both sticks and replace one, and usually the system will boot afterwards...
  20. D

    I need help about molex to 6 pin on hd 6770

    I got hd 6770 and 500W power supply ms I need 6 pin but my power supply doesn't have 6 pin would it be safe to use 2x molex to 6 pin ?