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  1. ramavz7

    Question My PC stopped turning on. It only displays the BIOS then shut downs. Whats the problem

    PC specs: Processor: Athlon X4 760K Quad Core RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x4Gb Graphic: GTX 650 Ti (2xMolex to 6pin) PSU: Generic Power Supply 750W Motherboard: GIGABYTE F2A68HM-S1 (FM2/FM2+) Only used this system for a week.. even if i play games, it suddenly shut downs and restart. It was fine...
  2. MeepsMeeps

    Question PC wont bootup / turn-on when i plugged in

    PC wont bootup / turn-on when i plugged in but it will turn on when i plugged it off any1 got same prob ? really need help
  3. T

    [SOLVED] PC sometimes shuts off immediately aftern turning on

    Hey guys, so I have a little problem with my PC. Sometimes, after I turned my PC on, it goes off a few seconds after but then restarts normally. This just happens sometimes, not every time. The first time I had such an issue was after I overclocked my RAM speed in Ryzen Master. First, I made it...
  4. T

    How much can I overclock a MSi Hawk R9 270X using MS afterburner?

    So, how much, and what settings/multipliers can I use to overclock a R9 270X from MSI's Hawk series? I'm relatively new to the overclocking scene, so I'm not sure if you need to know that CPU, but in case, it is a non overclocked Athlon 860k.