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    Question explorer.exe (Hp Pro Book 430 g1) Windows 10

    My Laptop. (Hp ProBook 430 g1) Launched and a black screen and average keybinds dont work And i need help please
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    How to reset cpu?

    so i have been having trouble with my fps in games, and long story short apparently my cpu is running under clocked ? it never uses more than 16% of its potential getting this from the task manager (i dont know why i just bought this cpu and put it in ) . also i was talking to a guy on a forum...
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    File Explorer doesnt show the external HDD's folder

    I have a 350gb external hdd.. when I tried using it on my laptop it doesn't show up on the file explorer.. Even tried connecting it other laptop got the same problem.. On checking the device management it shows that hdd is connected and on disk management it shows unallocated space.. but no...