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  1. M

    Question Computer turning off and the other day it turned on.

    So let me explain, I bought my computer 5 years ago: Processor Intel Core I5-7400 Kaby Lake LGA 1151 3.0Ghz 6MB Cache, BX80677I57400 Motheboard Gigabyte GA-B150M-Gaming 3 DDR4, chipset B150, LGA 1151 Fonte Corsair CX500 V2 500W, Certificado 80 Plus Bronze, PFC Ativo, CP-9020047-WW - BOX RAM...
  2. E

    Question My laptop turns off after a few minutes ?

    I have an old laptop which is not my main Laptop, I got a newer pc so I moved a hard disk from it to use it for something else I had an older hard disk, so I decided to use it instead on that pc after that my pc turn on and I log in to windows but after that, the laptop turns off, it started...
  3. kristof13371

    Question Kernel Power 41 / PC crashes only when playing games

    A week ago i got a brand new computer and it keeps crashing when gaming. after around 30 minutes of playing call of duty warzone or battlefield 1 i get kernel power 41 error and it only happens in games. With heavy work programs it doesn't happen at all. Even running furmark for an hour didn't...
  4. G

    Question ASUS Laptop turns off with certain games ?

    I have an ASUS ROG G751JT laptop that I bought in 2015 which lately has been turning off on its own at certain times. One of those times is when I open Windows, sometimes I have to turn it on a few times before I can use it. Another one of those times is when I open a "heavy" game, like Survive...
  5. B

    Question All monitors turn off (GPU seemingly turns off) after using 3D software ?

    Hey everyone, so this is my first post and I'm completely desperate and don't know what to do anymore. A few days ago my 3 monitors started to turn themselves off super sporadically after a while of either gaming or 3D working. Sometimes audio stays, sometimes audio slowly bugs out until I can't...
  6. D

    Question Laptop freezing & blackscreen (have to do forced turn off and on TWO times) + higher temps??

    Hello, I would like to ask if this is concerning or not in the moment, and what would be the cause of it. Laptop specs.. CPU: AMD Ryzen 3550H with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx GPU (dgpu): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Mobile GPU (igpu): AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics RAM: 6GB (8GB, 2gb occupied by igpu...
  7. S

    [SOLVED] Did I usb fry my pc?

    Hi all, My old dell xps8500 has been going strong, a few new cards, drives, a new cmos battery and little else over the years (it’s never had new thermal paste, I’ve never touched the cpu tbh). Recently I went to plug in a usb device in one front USB port whilst another usb device was in...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Need help, please.

    I have an MSI GE72 2QF Apache Pro, the fans went out in it so I replaced the fans today, as well as replaced the thermal paste. After installing the new fans and paste, it ran great for a little over an hour and played Final Fantasy XIV to test the new fans, and the installation was a success...
  9. vhrossi1

    [SOLVED] Is 92C a bad temperature for a notebook?

    HWMonitor shows the cores 0,1,2, and 3 are all around 90~98 C when i'm playing certain games, like Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells. My notebook even turns off sometimes, i'm afraid i might ruin my notebook. I don't have any cooling fans, and i'm fairly new to gaming in computers. Is there...
  10. D

    Question PC Turning Off Randomly

    So this has been a problem for about probably a month or two, but now has just gotten to a critically annoying level. Before my PC would just cycle through on and off while booting up, which was no big deal, but now it's turning off randomly in use. Whether it be idle, simple browsing, or...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Friends PC Turns on Then Immediately Off?

    Hey guys, my friend and I were facetiming because he is having the problem of his PC "Turning on Then Immediately Off" as he stated. I had this problem before when installing a psu, what i did was unplugged the 24 pin and the 4 pin mobo connectors and then i plugged it back in. That worked for...
  12. K

    Question Computer randomly restarts and turns off

    Hello, I have this really weird problem; my computer restarts or shuts off at random times. I use this computer as a server and it is on 24/7, so it is important for it to be always on. I've tried various methods I found online. On event viewer, I see "The process...
  13. J

    [SOLVED] unstable asus rog strix 1080 ti oc

    so my card is unstable (crashing in games) should i downclock or should i try to up the voltage and if so how much. (: and the card stays at 65-70c under 100% load it doesn't go above 70c
  14. L

    Blocking VPN on router

    Hello I was wondering if anyone could help me. There is someone in my house using a VPN and they know im against vpns it is an app that there using called VPN doctor. How can I block vpns ive read that I can block the ports? Do I do this by accessing the router setting, im ok with computers...
  15. X

    RX470 too hot&throttling problem

    Hello. Today i bought rx470 G1 gaming. I just installed drivers, start playing BF4 and... ive got a problem. GPU hit 90 degrees after 1-2 minutes nad starter throttling ofc. The same problem in Rust, ETS2, CS:GO. Already tried reinstall drivers after uninstall&DDU old one but it doesnt work...
  16. R

    PC is freezing when installing any game or application.

    Hi, when I'm installing any game from repack setups my computer is freezing after a certain percentage of setup progression. I tried to install middle earth shadow of mordor by R.G. Mechanics and after a certain percentage my pc is freezing, cursor is not moving keyboard not working etc. The...
  17. T

    SLI not detected on nvidia control panel

    Hello My build is: ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA 2x GTX 980ti hydro copper i7 4790k I have tested this build a year ago and I had to leave it back home because am going to university, I have got it shipped here, everything seems fine.. the GPUs light up when the PC is running but the second card...
  18. V

    Need help solving BSOD

    System specs: Win 7 Home Premium x64, AMD Phenom II X4 955, RAM KINGSTON 8GB(4x2) DDR3, Radeon HD 6870, ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO Event viewer shows critical error: Event ID 41, The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding...
  19. M

    Ram, Possible bottleneck issue

    Hi, I was wondering if a better ram would increase my CPU performance as well? I've overclocked my core i5 from 2.8 stock to 3.960 GHz and it's stable but my ram is corsair xms3 and wouldn't allow even the 800MHz in the bios cause it getts unstable and gives me blue-page. so I settled on...
  20. R

    System Crashing shortly after startup, New RAM installed.

    First off, let's start off with the system specs. OS: Windows 8.1 64-Bit CPU - Intel i5 4670k PSU - Ultra U12-40874 LSX 750-Watt GPU - NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB MOBO - ASUS Z87-A If I'm missing something, please let me know! Anyways. I just bought some Crucial Ballistix Tactical Low Profile 16GB Kit...
  21. J

    Cheap and stable motherboard/CPU replacement for 10 years old Core2Duo for home mediaserver

    Hello - Im looking for at fairly cheap but most important stable motherboard/cpu replacement for my old Asus p5b-v ATX and Core 2 Duo CPU. The MB is used as a mediaserver in my home, and I am looking for at least 7 SATA3 connectors. I have 1 SSD and 6 WD RED drives and although it works very...
  22. W

    Replace Acer harddrive Windows 7

    My niece has an Acer laptop and the hard drive needed to be replaced. I replaced it for her and tried installing the system image.DVD and a recovery DVD. Could not get Windows 7 to boot and install. I then ordered Acer eRecovery DVD, and went home. I am a 100 miles away and I am told 8 DVDs...
  23. addison

    Will I be bottlenecked?

    I got a r9 270 for a pretty good price, 150$ today. My PC has 5GB DDR2 800MHZ (yeah I know, a low amount, my CPU cooler is very large so it makes a takes over 1 ram module slot. 550 Power Up! PSU AMD Athlon 2 X4 635 I know my CPU is pretty old. I got it 5 or so years ago, it was basically as...
  24. C

    Is an Intel i5 better than an AMD FX-6300?

    If so, why? The FX-6300 has more cores, same frequency and higher turbo boost. What would make the i5 better? Thanks