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    [SOLVED] New desktop won't power on unless I turn off PSU for a few seconds then turn it back on.

    Hey, i just built a new desktop and am pretty new to all of this. But there is one issue I am finding in my build. When I try to power it on, it wont turn on unless I turn off the PSU for a few seconds and then turn it on, then press the power button. When I first built it and turned it on and...
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    [SOLVED] PC turns on, turns off, turns on, then goes into bios

    Whenever i shut my PSU off lately, which I have always done to turn off the LED on my motherboard, and then I go to turn the computer on; when I hit the power button the computer will turn on for about 3 seconds, turn off for a few seconds, turn on again, and then go into bios setup. Once I'm...
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    Question After cleaning, PC turns on for about 10 seconds, then turns off again, repeating this indefinitely

    Hi, I have just cleaned my PC, and after that, it wouldn’t tuen on at all. Then, i discovered a loose cable which is reconnected. However, even after this, the computer only turns on for about 10 seconds, then off again, then on etc. I have tried resetting my CMOS to no avail, and removed/ moved...
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    How much do you think my old PC is worth ?

    Hello, i am would like to sell parts of my old Pc in order to buy a new one. What do You think it is worth ? Asus Maximus Formula with supremeFX II sound card MSI 560 Ti Twin Frozr III Intel Q6600 4 Gb RAM Old creative soundblaser Custom CPU fan Thank everyone for the...