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  1. L

    Question PC reboots frequently ?

    Yesterday my PC rebooted every 2-3 minutes. I blame the memory chips. Because if I don't get them off the slots and put them in again, the PC doesn't boot up (CPU fan running, no display signal, no usb inputs) unless I try to put the chips out and in and blow on them for about 10 times. The...
  2. H

    [SOLVED] PS4 slim turns off by itself after roughly 10 minutes

    Firstly, apologies if this isn't the right place to post this.. I've had my PS4 slim for a few years now and I've never had any issues with it. Yesterday my PS4 randomly turned itself off after loading a game and playing for a couple of minutes. I instantly tried turning it back on but...
  3. agent031693

    Question PC freaks out and turns off when GPU is used

    System specs: CPU: i7-4790k MoBo: Asus Q87M-E GPU: Vega 64 Ram: (mixed) 16Gb PSU: EVGA G5 80+ Gold More info: I've tried several things to solve this issue. Everything I try seems to work... but only for a couple of days before the problem creeps up again. Last three things I've tried: 1st...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] CPU Damaged?

    I was sitting on my couch and heard and crashing noise from inside my pc while it was running. Opened up the side to see that my CPU cooler had snapped the bracket off of the mount and had caused it to fall. My computer shortly turned off after that. I tried placing the cpu cooler back but the...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] PC turns on for a second then turns off

    Hello there, Today my PC has been turning on for a few seconds before turning itself off. When I press the power button, all fans (CPU fans, GPU fans, case fans, PSU fans) work properly, but after a few seconds everything shuts down. Sometimes it would show up the BIOS screen before turning...
  6. AndrewYNC

    Question Computer turns off randomly and then it doesn't turn on

    Hello! I have a problem. My computer turns off randomly after a few hours of running but RAM RGB is still on. I can't turn on it after this happens, I must unplug it and after it turns on and the problem appears again after a few hours. These are my computer components: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 MOBO...
  7. parama3500

    Question PC randomly turns off and back on immediately. (Temps fine, no dust buildup)

    Around a month ago, suddenly my PC would freeze, that I cant do anything other than turn it off physically. This happened both when PC was idle or under load. However, this issue automatically resolved. Then now, I'm having a new issue. Also happens both when idle and under load, also when...
  8. parama3500

    Question PC works fine, powers off (no bsod) and turns on after a second.

    It's not due to overheating, I checked, nor due to dust, I cleaned and reassembled. I would just work on my PC, and suddenly it turns off as if the electricity went down, and then maybe 2 seconds later it turns back on, and task managers Up Time is reset. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, it...
  9. parama3500

    [SOLVED] PC randomly turns off, then back on itself immediately. Help!

    It's not when I'm doing something intensive, also happens when it's idle; so possibly not a heating issue. (didn't check the temps tho but sure they are under control) I'm just doing something on my PC and screen goes black, fans turn off, just as if the electricity went down, then 1 second...
  10. B

    Question my pc keeps turning off

    i turn it on and it looks ok but then it turns itself off and sometimes shows random colours and I don't know why
  11. SleezyPhresh

    [SOLVED] Gaming Pc Keeps shutting down at random times and tries to turn back on?

    Hello fellow pc mechanics! I have a problem here and it has been going on for several days even weeks now. My gaming computer shuts off at random times and then tries to reboot itself. The lights in my pc will turn on then off after a few seconds. When I leave it alone for a few hours everything...