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  1. parama3500

    Question PC randomly turns off and back on immediately. (Temps fine, no dust buildup)

    Around a month ago, suddenly my PC would freeze, that I cant do anything other than turn it off physically. This happened both when PC was idle or under load. However, this issue automatically resolved. Then now, I'm having a new issue. Also happens both when idle and under load, also when...
  2. parama3500

    Question PC works fine, powers off (no bsod) and turns on after a second.

    It's not due to overheating, I checked, nor due to dust, I cleaned and reassembled. I would just work on my PC, and suddenly it turns off as if the electricity went down, and then maybe 2 seconds later it turns back on, and task managers Up Time is reset. It doesn't matter what I'm doing, it...
  3. parama3500

    [SOLVED] PC randomly turns off, then back on itself immediately. Help!

    It's not when I'm doing something intensive, also happens when it's idle; so possibly not a heating issue. (didn't check the temps tho but sure they are under control) I'm just doing something on my PC and screen goes black, fans turn off, just as if the electricity went down, then 1 second...
  4. E

    Question Computer automatically turns on when I plug it in the power outlet

    Hello everyone, My issue is as follows: for various reasons I have to unplug the PC from the outlet. Whenever I plug it back, my PC automatically turns itself on for some seconds (actually the case fans ramp up, not sure if the system actually tries to boot or whatever), and then it turns off...