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  1. michiaelsa

    Headphone Microphone Audio Very Low Now

    I've got a pair of Turtle Beach EarForce Z11's that I've been using for a while on both my PC and Xbox. The cable started to fray a while ago so I taped it up. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and the mic output is very low but it is still picking up audio. The headphones themselves still work...
  2. H

    Question Headphones giving pc audio through microphone

    I have a Turtle Beach Earforce M3 gaming headset. These headsets have a single jack for both microphone and speaker, but a splitter was included in the box which I use on my PC. The headphones work perfectly fine, except for one issue. My computer audio is also transmitted through the mic...
  3. H

    Question Looking for headsets comparible to the Turtle Beach Ear Force P11

    The Earforce P11 has dual volume controls. I can have voice calls for one dial, and music/games/other things for the other dial. If music is overpowering the person I'm in a call with, I can just lower one volume dial and/or turn up the other volume dial. This is a feature I've grown very...
  4. idefvx

    refurbished GPU worth it?

    Hello community! I was looking for a GTX 980 to see what the prices were like, and they shoot up to $700 for some models which is personally bs for a GPU that is only slightly better than the 1060 yet much worse than the 1070. I kept looking until I found a model by MSI, which was still...
  5. R

    Reinstall windows 10

    Im trying to reinstall windows 10 whille still keeping the storage on my other 2 HDD and SSD. Is it possible that I can reinstall windows while still keeping what is on the other storage devices? OR would I need an external HDD and just move everything to that temprarily?
  6. ozthepyroking

    Random PC Shutoff After New CPU

    Hope that this is in the right place. Recently I upgraded my CPU and started getting the occasional random shutoff and reboot. This has occurred whether my rig was gaming or just sitting idle. Hoping that it is not the processor, but I still have the old one just in case. Any help would be...
  7. Flashthepyro

    Toshiba Tecra 730CDT BIOS damaged.... help?

    Hey all, So i got this old laptop, a Toshiba Tecra 730CDT, Pentium MMX, windows 95, all that good stuff. i bought the thing in a thrift shop, with some stuff like a external floppy reader en mouse ect included. got a universal laptop adapter recently that supported it. but once i power it on i...
  8. M

    My ETH mining PC wont start. Help me identify the issue

    I have bought a PC to mine ethereum. It's been working flawlessly for the past 2 months, but this morning when I got up my PC was offline. I tried turning it on but no luck. Nothing at all happens when I press the power button... Even the LEDs on my MOBO (which were lit even when the PC was...
  9. P

    Best CPU For 775 Motherboard?

    I dont plan on upgrading the mobo anytime soon, but i need a new CPU for this thing. Im thinking of getting a Q6600 and do the BSEL Mod to 3Ghz since my mobo cant overclock (DP35DP). But i was wondering if there were any other LGA 775 CPUs that would give better performance without the BSEL...
  10. Merklemore3D

    Complete lockup... bad USB?

    Hello folks! I'm having an issue with my custom-built desktop. This is a semi-recent issue (last week or so). The computer will run smoothly for anywhere from half an hour to a few hours after booting, and then in the following order: either the mouse will freeze, the internet will go out (or...
  11. K

    i5 750 + GTX 750 TI which one to upgrade first?

    Hello guys I'm planning to upgrade my pc, but I'm confused which one to upgrade first due to my limited budget.. I want to upgrade either my CPU (ofc with its mobo and ram) or my GPU. mostly I use my PC for gaming on a 720p monitor and college daily use. I read that GTX 750 TI is still very...
  12. A

    mic only picks up loud noises

    as the title says my computer can only pic up loud noises. i turned on playback and i could clearly hear my voice but nothing shows up on the green bar unless i blow on the mic. ive tuned the mic levels all the way up to no avail please help edit: ive updated everything so thats not a solution
  13. T

    New Display Advice

    I've had my PC hooked up to a 55" plasma TV for the past 4 years and unless I sit a good distance away, everything looks too pixelated so I wanted to solve that. I'm in the market for a gaming monitor w/ FreeSync but I'm not sure if I should get a 60/75Hz FreeSync monitor to save a few bucks, or...
  14. Deniedstingray

    Cheap gaming build

    My friend is going to be getting into pc gaming and is resuing a case from an old pc for fun. How much would a cheap pc build be in CAD? Im thinking a dual core and a 4gig GPU. Any build suggestions are welcome. EDIT: Not including OS or case
  15. K

    total war shogun 2

    laptop i3 6006, 4 gb ram, intel hd 520 graphic. can i run this game?
  16. M

    GTX 1050Ti bottleneck issue

    GeForce GTX 1050Ti 4GB is compatible with i3-3210? Will my processor be bottle-necked? Specs: Processor - i3-3210 Motherboard - Gigabyte H61M-DS2 RAM - 8GB 1600MHz PSU - 450 Watts
  17. A

    I'm really confused

    Hey guys So I recently listed my pc specs asking if they were compatible. 2 people said yes and 1 said no. The guy who said no said that my mobo didn't support my cpu(something about out of the box)(mobo:m5a78l-m lx3) (cpu:fx6300) But I looked on the box and to my suprise it said am3+...
  18. C

    Power spiking and a hot PSU cord.

    Hello, I had recently been troubleshooting my PC randomly restarting on it own. While I believe I found the cause to be power spikes (caused by the air conditioner kicking on and off) I have ran into another issue that I am unsure of and haven't had much luck in researching online. I decided...
  19. A

    ram configuretion problem

    hai......when i insert ram to second slot it says " memory not configured move it to other slot.." please tell me how i can configure it?
  20. J

    Sound card questions

    Should I get a sound card? I have an ASRock H97m pro4 and the on board audio is pretty decent. If so I would like to spend no more than $50 on it. Anyone have any advice? I'll be using Sennheiser HD 558 headphones.