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TV monitor

Forum discussion tagged with TV monitor.
  1. A

    [SOLVED] Old Toshiba TV with VGA - can I use as monitor?

    I'm certain I've asked this before but searching through my content I can't see it anywhere so I'll try again! I've got an old Toshiba 20WLT56B TV which I occasionally use for playing PS3. The inputs are 2x Scart, Component, S-video and a PC-RGB (VGA) input. I want to use it as a monitor...
  2. joemaxpayne

    Question Options to use TV as Wireless monitor

    I built a Gaming PC with 3800x and 5700xt Gpu, on gigabyte x570 onboard wifi motherboard. i use this pc for work and gaming. while gaming i want to use my 4k big screen tv which is 30 feet away. so im looking for wirelss option to use tv as secondary monitor. i tried windows 10 screen sharing...
  3. T

    Question Samsung TV display problem..

    Hello, I have an issue with my Samsung tv. The model code is UN55KS800DFXZA. I left the tv on to go on an errand, and when I came back the tv shows only bright colors with streaking vertical lines that randomly change every once in a while. Here is a picture to better explain the problem.Image 1...
  4. R

    Foxconn H57D01P8-1.0-8EKS3H MOBO : need help finding ethernet drivers

    so this isn't me but my friend and he has recently bought a foxconn H57D01P8-1.0-8EKS3H and installed it with his new CPU however we are both having trouble finding any sort of ethernet controllers for it considering there is nothing about this particular board on the foxconn website. If...