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  1. T

    [SOLVED] PC outputted to two monitors - one displayport to my 27" 1440p 144hz & one hdmi to my 22" 1080p led. BIOS doesnt show up on 27" main screen

    My main pc screen is the 27" displayport monitor and whenever i launch my pc, the HDMI monitor is getting the bios startup menu. However, i have configured the pc to not project to the 22" when not in use to save power (win key + p). So whenever i turn the pc on, my 27" will take a while to load...
  2. Azrail

    Question Critical Structure Corruption ( Rtlihvs.dll error code 126 )

    While watching a simple video on fb I got the BSOD Critical Structure Corruption. A similar thing happened when I open a game and mostly happens then for example if I open AC origins the game plays fine sometimes it crashes when I open LoL it happens all the time, after automatic restart it...
  3. X

    New Graphics Card wont boot the Computer

    Hello, I bought a new Graphics Cards, a EVGA GTX 980 Ti. I replaced my old card and wired the 6 pin connector and the 8 pin connector to my power supply and now it won't boot. The little green LED is the only thing that turns on, but that turns on when I connect the main power cord. When I...