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    Question Vega 64 and Corsair TX 550m

    Looking to get a new GPU after my 1070 ti died. Is a Vega 64 and TX 550m a bad idea? Or should I wait for another 1070 ti to come back in stock?
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    Question Pc wont boot with RTX 2060 Super Aorus GPU installed?

    My issue: When I install my GPU (rtx 2060 super Aorus 8gb), the bios on my computer wont show, and the display wont connect. Just says ‘signal detected’ then ‘signal lost’ on screen. The fans and rgb lights on gpu run fine. I am temporarily using an Amd Athlon 200ge with integrated graphics so...
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    [SOLVED] I need help with semi modular power supply

    I bought new pc and i planning to building it tomorrow my psu is semi modular Corsair TX550M ,but i'm not sure yet in which of those psu modular cable ports i need to plug sata and pci-e cables