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    Question TX650M exploded, need help

    My TX650M exploded with a bang and I there was a spark from the PSU. The earthing pin was missing from the chord, and I think that was the reason. I will receive replacement under RMA, this time with a proper earthing pin plug. I will use a 6A 938J surge protector to avoid excess current. Do I...
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    [SOLVED] Can a North American Corsair PSU work in India? (220V, 50Hz)

    Hi! I am buying a Corsair TX650M power supply for my PC and it says "NA model" on the cover. As India has a different system in terms of the supply of electricity, should I be using something else other than just a plug converter? Thank you!!!
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    HP envy vs Lenovo Y50 or Gtx860m 2Gb ddr5 vs gtx950m 4Gb ddr3

    Hi, everyone. I'm planning to downsize from pc to a laptop. Thinking about getting HP ENVY 17.3" (i7 5500U, 1Tb, 16Gb, gtx950m 4Gb ddr3). I'm gonna use it for HP UFT and LoadRunner, also ocasional gaming (Witcher 3). Can somebody tell me which one will be better? And what is better Gtx860m 2Gb...