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    Question One 8pin cable for 3070

    So I have been using my Powercolor 5700XT Red Devil for about two years, powering it with a single 8 pin (2x 6+2) cable. The highest peak I have noticed was between 230-250W (242W) while it was at 99% util. I have the option to swap it for a MSI 3070 Ventus 2x OC and I'm about to go for it. I...
  2. 4rkoudiars

    Question A bit of dificult question .

    Ok first of all thnx a lot for whoever see it and help me . I got restarts when I am in game in Pubg specifically . After many hours of reading on internet and searching for a solution I did a clean install of windows I updated Bios for my Mobo . What i think gave me the solution was that my...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Corsair TX750M ticking

    Greetings, I come here asking whether or not this sound is a sign of a faulty, or problematic PSU, or a simple safety or efficiency gimmick. If you're asking which 'version' it is, it's the 80+ gold rated efficiency variant of it I guess. (I have no knowledge on Corsair products whatsoever)...