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  1. R

    [SOLVED] (Rural) Wanting to Ditch DSL & Need Help Choosing Alternative.

    Hello everyone. I will be starting online college soon, & I would prefer a faster internet connection. I currently live in a rural area outside of a small town in NE MS. I have Frontier Communications DSL & get 1.2 Down & 0.08 Up. I play games on PC like League of Legends & World of Warcraft, &...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] How to Share my home Wifi Internet to a cabin 15 miles away

    Hello guys, So I have a small cabin in the woods near ny home and wanted to know what would be the most practical way to share the internet from my house to my cabin. I've heard of some ubiquity and microtik antennas and receivers but it all seems very confusing to me. I don;'t really know for...
  3. TripleStack42

    Question Ubiquiti Wireless Networking

    Hey, I am wanted to set up a ubiquiti wifi set up using 2 UAP-AC-LR access points over a poe switch, however, it states that i should be using a passive 24v output method, but i have no idea what this means or what kind of switch i should be looking at Any help would be great!
  4. H

    IPS pannel glow... or backlight bleed?

    Hi, I have been noticing that my monitor's lower right corner is somewhat more light filled (compared to the rest of the monitor) during movies with very dark scenes. Nothing that bothers me, but the display is under warranty and no reason to not solve the potential problem. Max brightness -...
  5. RetroFanatic

    Lamptron FC6 and Bitfenix Spectre Pro 200mm...

    Recently bought a fan controller (Lamptron FC6) because a pair of ports on the built-in one in my Corsair Graphite 600T case died. I plug it in and one of the first things I notice is that it doesn't get any rpm data from the Bitfenix fan. The second is that it doesn't start until I turn the...
  6. Y

    My Computer is making some video files as WEBM CODEC files

    One day some of my video files changed to WEBM File. Not all of them. Some of them.....so i have 4 questions First.........Why would some change randomly? Second......Why would some change but others NOT change then? Third..........I have back up files of videos on a flash drive. So i thought...
  7. R

    FPS Issues on New Laptop

    Hey there guys. So I am having issues with my new ASUS Q534U Laptop. I bought this laptop with the understanding that it was a pretty hefty rig and would run almost anything I threw at it with High to Max settings. So I will cover the specs before we go into exactly what it is doing. -15.6in 4K...
  8. S

    Asus Adds ROG BIOS Integration To Claymore Mechanical Keyboard

    We were impressed with Asus' Claymore mechanical keyboard when we saw it at Computex last summer, but the company has added more to it in the form of a detachable numpad and tight integration with its ROG motherboard BIOS. Asus Adds ROG BIOS Integration To Claymore Mechanical Keyboard : Read more
  9. S

    integrated MB and integrated CPU with R7 260x

    My PC Config MB-GA-880GM-USB3 (integrated AMD 4250 graphics) CPU: A10 7850k (integrated R7 graphics) GPU: R7 260x RAM: 6 GB Can It handle all latest games in 1080p with 60fps?
  10. B

    Help!! The motherboard doesn't read my GTX 650Ti Graphic Card.

    The motherboard doesn't read my GTX 650Ti Graphic Card. It was working great couple days ago. I don't know if the PCI-Express slot is broken or my Graphic Card is broken. There is only one PCI-E x16 slot on the board and there are two PCI x1 slots. I wonder if it will work to have an PCI-E x16...