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  1. L

    Question Problems with games

    So, i have been playing a game called Rainbow Six Siege for the past few months without an issue. The game recently updated to its new season - Ember Rise, and ever since, the game has stopped launching completely. I have tried multiple solutions, such as verifying integrity of game files...
  2. 3ggy

    Question How to diagnose possible hardware issue/software issue?

    Looking to gain some insight as to how one might go about narrowing down an issue that may be hardware related, software related or a mix of both. I play Rainbow Six: Siege on a weekly basis, and I have been consistently crashing to desktop while ingame, browsing menus, during mvp screen in...
  3. T

    Question GPU not performing as expected!

    Hello! So i just experienced an anomaly and i thought that i might discuss it with you guys! Let's jump directly in! So i just downgraded from Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8GB to Sapphire RX 570 4GB Single Fan. I was expecting some performance loss cause RX 580 8GB is a BEAST and performs way better...
  4. N

    Providing internet connection to a computer in another room

    I'm unsure on how to proceed in providing internet connection to a second computer in another room. I have a wireless router but I've been told that I'd need to leave it connected to my modem, and from there use an ethernet cable to connect it all the way to the room with the second computer...
  5. _MrLilNik_

    Overclock Damaged PC?

    Hey Everyone! Last October I decided that I wanted to overclock my Intel 6600k I was not thinking straight that day and was not writing down numbers, typing numbers mindlessly and I put the vCore too high and it just crashed with a blue screen. Immediately I set my bios settings to optimized...
  6. C

    Cheap Graphics card for 1080p Skyrim

    I am looking for a Nvidia graphics card below $100, (if possible below $70) The card needs to run Skyrim on high or medium Settings at 1080p with a FPS of no less then 30fps. I would prefer to get nvidia but if necessary i will settle for something else. Unfortunately I am at a bit of a struggle...
  7. T

    I have a front hdmi port on front of computer where does cable connect to motherboard sata port?

    I have a hdmi port on front of computer need to know where cable goes to the motherboard what it plugs to
  8. E

    No sound with Realtek

    So I recently upgraded to Windows 10 via a clean installation. Everything running well, except the sound. I've tried upgrading drivers (uninstalling, auto installing, downloading from motherboard site and installing). And also, the famous changing bit rate and disabling enhancement I've tried...
  9. E

    What can I CF with 290 Tri X

    Hi, I was wondering what I can crossfire with a tri x, can I only use another R9 290 Tri x with it or any R9 card like a 280x?
  10. C

    Where to buy Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit

    Hello Eveyrone, I have receltly been looking for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit ever since I found out my copy was corrupt. I don't know where to buy it because where I bought it it is not available anymore. Any ideas? Online is good, but if it is a chain store, thats great. - Thanks, Cheez
  11. ChaZZad0g

    Best GPU for Intel Pentium G3258

    I want to upgrade my GeForce Gtx 750ti to a better card but I don't know what GPUs will be bottlenecked by my CPU. Please could you tell me a lists of GPU's at any price and I'll look into it. -Thanks
  12. D

    Abit KN9 Ultra with AMD A10 ??

    Will the AMD A10 CPU Chipset work in the Abit KN9 Ultra Motherboard. u used to have a motherboard that worked with the A10 chipset, but one day just out of the blue (pooff) no screen, I turned it on and there was no screen showing, its not the Graphics card as I put it in the pc with the KN9...
  13. C

    New Gaming Build - Advice

    I'm looking at upgrading my aging gaming system, I have done some brief research myself and came up with the list below for around £3,000. It would be great if you guys could have an imput and even maybe suggest areas where I would get more value for money etc? CPU Intel Core i7 5820K CPU...
  14. R

    Motherboard return warranty

    Do i have to have an anti static bag returning it to newegg ? The motherboard cam in dead PCIE lane. The mother board was a asus m5a97 r2.0. Everything else was goof just that lane.
  15. C

    New Budget Gaming PC!

    Hello everyone, recently my laptop died and i have to build a new gaming pc. Because of the sudden death my budget is very low (500$). However i think i can build a descent gaming pc. I would like some expert opinion about my build here ---> http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Ppw2NG Feel free to...
  16. M

    Athlon X4 760K w/ R9 280x?

    I've been planning on upgrading my Geforce GTX 750 Ti to an XFX Radeon R9 280x. Will it be good with an AMD Athlon X4 760K? That is my current processor. If not, what other graphics cards around the $200 range will be good? NOTE: I plan on upgrading the CPU to an i5 later in the future.
  17. E

    I have bought new laptop with ssd c drive with Windows 8.1 pro installed. I have a 1 tb empty d drive. I would like to install

    I have bought new laptop with ssd c drive with Windows 8.1 pro installed. I have a 1 tb empty d drive. I would like to install an image of my old laptop c drive, which has windows 7 pro and about 40 programs, on to my empty 1 tb d drive on my new laptop. Is this possible? Mahalo, Charles on Maui.
  18. A

    Ram for the i7 4790k and a Z97 mobo.

    Which Ram do you recommend for the i7 4790k and a Z97 mobo ? What do you think about this options: *F3-1866C9D-16GXM *CMY16GX3M2A1600C9 This are good Ram kits for the i7 4790k and a Z97 mobo ? Which one is better for the i7 4790k and a Z97 mobo ? What Ram should I get for the i7 4790k...
  19. W

    First gaming build

    I am looking to build my first computer for around $520. I have tried picking out parts by myself but I don't want to mess up. I would like this to run windows 8 and be able to run dayz at atleast medium-high settings.
  20. T

    Headset Recommendation :)

    Okay, I couldn't find where I was supposed to post this one, but put it up here. So, I'm looking for a Headset for audio, mostly music and games, but the focus is on the music quality. So: Preferred to be a decent looking headset, and the budget is at around 1-150 dollar. I don't know if an...