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  1. PhoenixLord1994

    Question NAT and UDP Ports

    Hi everyone I am struggling with a game setting, every time I log into Warframe I get a message saying: "Strict NAT detected. UPnP malfunctioning . Please forward UDP ports 4950 & 4955" to a specific IP address. I am using a Hauwei B315s-936 and I do not know how to change the settings on the...
  2. [SOLVED] Online games disconnects randomly

    Hi! Being a total beginner in network protocols, I would like to understand why I get disconnected in multiple different games. I've done some troubleshooting, and apparently the disconnection occurs somewhat randomly (few min to few hours). At this time, I get disconnected from the game, but...
  3. D

    Graphic chip in old VAIO dead or just needs reballing

    I have an old Sony VAIO PCG-7121M, It works well for my need but it started showing red stripes while booting and windows are reporting faulty graphics card (Nvidia 8400m GT). Because laptop is working except for apps that need dx or anything with graphics I was wondering if maybe just needs...
  4. D

    Machine check exception error

    Hi all, long time reader first time poster. Have just completed upgrading my old computer, and have now hit a brick wall during the boot. I have installed win 10, but after installing and it tries to boot and I’m hit with MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION What I’m running: Mobo: Asus H370-F strix...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] what does game installation speed depend on ?

    what does game installation speed depend on .. i mean what pieces of hardware can make huge difference in speed of installing repacks and games .. does it depend mostly on HDD or Ram or processor or what ? ..
  6. A

    Please help me to fix my problem with asus laptop

    Hello, for first sorry for my English. I Have problem with my asus laptop after update. I cannot power on sign-in on my laptop becouse i am stuck in the screen Page where i need to unlock, (enter pasword). I know my pasword, but touch screen don t giving my becouse work alon and work on another...
  7. S

    for windows7 64bit lenovo ideapad320 drivers

    can any one please help me touchpad n wireless is not working where can i find the drivers even grafic driver too
  8. S

    When is Volta Coming?

    I am wondering when the Volta series are going to be coming in 2018 or if it is coming out this year. I am think about getting a 1050 2gb right now and then I heard a lot of things about Volta coming out soon. I was also wonder what the release price is going to be and I am wondering if it would...
  9. A

    Need help with Ryzen 3 Compatibility

    Hey, I was looking to upgrade my intel pc build into a ryzen 3, I need some help with the compatibility of some parts, since it's my first time building AMD. The parts I need help with are: Crucial® DDR4 8GB 2133MHz M/B AMD A320M-C (AM4) AMD® CPU Ryzen 3 1300X (AM4) Are these parts...
  10. H

    Ryzen running at 3504MHz

    Hello. I recently found out the my CPU (Ryzen 1500X) has been running at either 3504 or 3503MHz, always different when i turn on my pc. This started happening when my cousin went on my pc and overclocked it to 3800Mhz, perfectly knowing I have the stock cooler and with little thermal paste on...
  11. R

    Motherboard dead on arrival?

    Hi I brought asrock ab350 motherboard, i dont have a cpu gpu or ram currently.just to check if this power ups , i plugged it to an old psu and jump started it by power pins and it didn't show any action, not even the psu fan started. But the old motherboard starts up just fine with same psu. The...
  12. A

    Image tearing problem while playing games

    I built a PC recently specs are: Ryzen 1700 (OC @ 3.875, cooled with NH-D15) GTX 1080 Gigabyte AB-350 Gaming 3 16 GB RAM (ddr4, 2666 Mhz) 500 GB SSD / 2 TB HDD AOC 28 u2879vf (4k, 1 ms, 60 Hz) Antec 900w 80+ Bronze I just finished playing Wolfenstein The new order and installed GTA 5, I was...
  13. letsrun4it

    Do I need a radiator?

    I did some basic google searching and could not find the answer to this very newbie question. I am a new enthusiast and ordered all my parts for a Threadripper build. A couple people have messaged me asking "What radiator are you going to use?" and someone posted "I'm going to have a 42mm (I...
  14. S

    video lagging in my laptop

    i am having win 7 64bit sony vaio series SVE15126CNB. Recently, i started having problem when i watch video no matter if its online or offline. it freezes for a sec while audio still playing and starts where the audio is after some sec. i tried to update my softwares, even cleaned the fan for...
  15. L

    FedEx Caught Off-Guard By Browsers Blocking Flash, Will Give Customers $5 To Enable It

    FedEx will offer customers a $5 discount if they have to enable the Flash plugin in Chrome or Safari. FedEx seems to have been caught off-guard by the browser vendors starting to block Flash content and hasn't yet made the transition to an HTML5 website. FedEx Caught Off-Guard By Browsers...
  16. T

    how much is G-sync needed?

    hey everyone. i want to buy a new monitor since i upgraded my pc with a gtx 1080. i can't decide between the Asus PG278Q and the MG279Q. the PG has a TN panel and a 1ms response rate along with G-sync and the MG is an IPS panel with a 4ms response rate and free sync (which nvidia users can't...
  17. D

    Intel i7-6700k maximum voltage for *longevity*

    Morning all, I'm going to be building a new PC soon with an i7-6700k and Corsair H55 water cooler. Naturally, I'm going to want to mess about with overclocking it (why else would you get a K?) so I decided to do some research in advance. While doing this, I discovered that apparently as you...
  18. F

    HDMI to VGA

    Hi, i've got a Zotac GTX960 AMP! and a monitor connected via vga to dvi adapter, on my card there's remaining 3 ports; 2x display port and 1x hdmi 2.0. so i want to connect an addditional monitor which have only vga output, so here's the question: if i get any hdmi to vga adapter (can be hdmi...
  19. D

    CPU Usage while streaming

    I have a iBUYPOWERPC Desktop - 6th Gen Intel® CoreI7-6700 processor 3.4ghtz - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 - 120GB Solid, when I stream my CPU is roughly 20-30% is that normal? I use elgato hd60 on OBS studio
  20. Z

    CPU 50 degrees

    I've got an AMD Athlon ii x4 640 with a new Gammaxx 300 cooler using pre aplied paste , AIDA64 shows around 50 degrees while watching youtube and doing random things but the other softwares shows temps around 35 . Should i be worried even if the true temps are 50 degrees ?
  21. N

    Odd windows 10 errors

    After a very troublesome build, I finally installed windows. Everything seemed to work fine until all my motherboard drivers were installed and I had to restart. During the restart a blue screen of death appeared twice in a row. Windows then ran diagnostics and worked, but when I got to the...
  22. P

    Please recommend me a PC Build

    Hello. I'd like to build a PC that is good for gaming and programming, along with some other miscellaneous tasks. My badget is 500 euros. If you could recommend me a complete build (without monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals) and a build with no OS that would be great. Sorry for...
  23. X

    After 60 second idle time Pc slowing down or freezes

    Hi, I have a very strange situation. It is happening for the last week and first discovered with watching youtube videos. After 60 seconds watch its starts freezing, but the audio is coming normal. When I move my mouse video goes fast and when synced with the audio it goes on normal. It happens...
  24. S

    "Plug an ethernet cable into this computer"

    Hey, so recently i've been having a huge issue, there was a thunderstorm that happened about a week ago and lightning struck a tree about 30 feet from where my router/pc was. I'm not sure if this affected it or not, but the next day i went on my computer, i was able to access the internet for a...
  25. B

    Ads in hotmail written in mail address, topic and mail itself

    Hi guys. Here is a problem. Just got a call from my dad and he was complaining 'bout some strange lines and words in his hotmail. So I'd jumped to teamviewer just to find out there is some kind of mess happening. Ads were inserted in senders mail address, topics, even in a body on mails OR...
  26. Z

    transferring data from old hdd

    http://tinyurl.com/ofjs9oz how do i transfer the data from that
  27. J

    380X vs 280X

    so I'm looking at either getting the 380X or the 290X, I'm just not sure which i should get. i do have a possible budget of about 1500, but id like to spend as little as possible. its a computer for college, and id like to be able to do a bit of game, at max settings on a 1080p 60hz monitor. My...
  28. J

    What's up with all the AMD only RAM sticks on ebay?

    So, i was looking to buy some cheap ram sticks on ebay and i noticed that a lot of them say that they are for AMD motherboards only. Example...
  29. C

    Does there exit a device that will allow a Credit Card Terminal work wirelessly via WiFi back to a wireless router?

    The need exists for IP capable credit card terminals - normally CAT5 wire connected to a router, to be able to reside in places where getting a CAT5 cable to is an impossibility. If the premises already has a wireless router - is there some device (like an wireless access point?) which would...
  30. X

    LCD or LED ?

    Should i get an LCD or an LED monitor ? im gonna be gaming a lot of the time . I found a good LG LED monitor , 1920x1080p 2ms response time , its the 21.5" LG LED 22EA53HQ monitor , it costs about 219$ . and i have a budget of about 220$ . Thanks all :)
  31. J

    Internet drops intermittently when downloading large files..

    This happens when downloading torrents (healthy ones) as well as downloading games legitimately bought on steam from the steam store. The connection starts, I leave my PC for about a minute and the speed slowly climbs from about 1 - 2.5mbps downloading and then rapidly descends all the way to 0...
  32. S

    780SLI or dedicate 1 as PhysX card

    As the title says... Should i SLI them or dedicate 1 as a physX card?
  33. L

    Looking for a good PSU under £100

    Hi everyone, I am building a new computer and am looking for an appropriate power supply. I already picked all the other parts: Leru's build I got confused about what is necessary, what is useful and what is just extra, so any advice on that would be very much appreciated. I'd like to keep...
  34. Z

    Bios not detecting storage drives after PSU upgrade

    Hey gents. I'm a fairly experienced computer builder, but the changes from ATA to AHCI and BIOS to UEFI have got me a little stumped. I'll start off with my build: OS - Windows 8.1 Old PSU: Rocketfish 750w (didnt fail, replaced to be able to support Crossfire on 2x R9 270x) New PSU: Corsair...
  35. B

    PC fans turn on for half a second then switch off

    I built a PC a couple of days ago and I made sure the installation of the parts was really smooth and without any hassle, I made sure everything is plugged in correctly and I saw the recently uploaded video by newegg on how to build a PC. So I turned on the PC and the processor, and graphics...
  36. D

    Help designing a desktop

    I am looking to design a desktop computer that can handle pretty much any game you can throw at it. With that being said, I am a college student and am kinda broke, so keeping it lower on the price range is ideal (around $1000-$1300). So far I really just searched around and found components...
  37. P

    windows 7 installation problem

    i want install windows 7 in dell optiplex 745 but not installation pls help us.
  38. C

    my 1st gaming build

    Hi guys/girls i am trying to put together a budget build for my little bro im working with a £500 (uk pounds) budget. After alot of research i have picked out some parts if someone could take a look and let me know if anything is incompatible or if i should swap any parts out it would be much...
  39. B

    BSOD when gaming

    fresh install of windows 8.1 after 5-30 mins of gaming I crash every time. The crashes get more frequent after the first one happens. my crash dump https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=49FCDA62455ACFE3%21554 my whocrashed report On Thu 6/5/2014 6:19:34 PM GMT your computer crashed crash...
  40. B

    Is it worth upgrading?

    Hey I'm thinking about upgrading my Computer to an AM3+ Motherboard and a FX series CPU, but I'm not sure how much it will cost and what the compatibility is like, I'm keeping my ram, gpu and power supply the same. The CPU is a dual-core AMD A4 2.80ghz (OC to 3.8). The problem is that it does...