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  1. Z

    Question Second OS wont boot

    Hello everyone, I have a small issue with booting to a new SSD. I have an 250GB Samsung 860 evo and I got a 128GB Intenso SSD just for linux. My plan is to have the good drive with windows 10 and the small with one distro of linux. I installed Q4OS Gemini on my 128GB. My bios though can't...
  2. StickyRunnerTR

    Question I am stuck at bios start screen

    Today I plugged my PC off for cleaning and when I plugged it back, every time I start my PC, it is stuck at Asus please press f2 or del to enter uefi bios settings screen and whatever I do it doesn't change. I replaced the mobo battery, tried to update bios by an USB but nothing worked. What...