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uefi boot

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  1. trekkingtyler

    Question MSI not following UEFI boot priorities

    Hey All! I just installed a new Samsung 980 PRO M.2 SSD (2TB) to replace my old Western Digital SATA III SSD (250 GB). I installed the Samsung Drive, cloned the old drive onto the new drive using Samsung Data Migration and then went into the bios and set the Samsung Drive as the first priority...
  2. Buljic

    Question Can't boot Windows 10 in UEFI mode ?

    Hi everyone, hope u have a great day. Here is the thing... Right now I have Windows 10 PRO 21H1 (b1903) with MBR+Legacy boot. System specs: Asus Rog Strix B350-F R5 1600X XFX RX 570 4GB 16GB Corsair RAM on 2666MHz Corsair Bronze 650W PSU Since Windows 11 is coming I wanted to reinstall...
  3. R

    Question Drives won't show up is uefi but will in legacy

    My computer says that it is incompatible with windows 11 and I may have found out why. For my computer to launch, I have to have my csm set to legacy because in uefi, my drives do not appear. I have a nvme ssd and a sata ssd. Anyone know of a way to fix this?
  4. aranorde

    [SOLVED] GPT SSD missing when disabling CSM in BIOS?

    Both my disks are GPT. PNY XLR8 CS3030 256GB Nvme M.2 SSD (OS) TeamGroup GX2 1TB SATA SSD (Games and stuff) When i disable the CSM and switch to UEFI, only the boot drive (M.2) is showing up and the SATA SSD is not showing up. According to this post, MBR will not be shown from the BIOS when...
  5. GianMarco Douglas

    [SOLVED] MSI bios reverts boot priority (CLONED SSD back to old HDD)

    I just cloned my old WD BLUE 1TB hard drive to a Crucial MX500 500gb ssd using aomei backupper. That process was smooth. My SSD boots but only when I override it in the BIOS. My issue is when I try to prioritize my ssd over my old hdd in the BIOS. My first boot option is the UEFI Hard Disk...
  6. [SOLVED] Boot HDD from Legacy Bios with UEFI

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you can help me with the next issue that I am not able to solve on my own. I read all around and tried all kind of fixes but didn't managed to make it work. I'm having an older SATA HDD that has Win 7 32bit installed on a laptop that had legacy bios. I am trying to...
  7. Question Unable to boot gigabyte brix from Windows 10 installed on SSD ?

    I have Windows 10 installed in SSD in legacy mode (not UEFI). I have connected it to gigabyte brix. When I turn on the Brix, its does not boot from SSD. Instead it gives me UEFI shell: When I type exit and hit enter in above shell prompt, it seems to take me to BIOS which lists SSD is...
  8. Mox1

    [SOLVED] Why can I not boot when I have >1 device plugged into this PCIe hub?

    I bought a USB hub a while back, and I could never get it to work. When two devices are plugged into it, it prevents booting: not even the POST report shows up, nor any beep is heard. Interestingly enough if a USB power cable is plugged in, it still works with the one other device. Upon boot...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] USB Bootable Device (Windows 10 Installation) isn't recognized by the BIOS

    Hello, I just want to ask a question. So I tried to reformat my friends laptop, the BIOS mode is set to UEFI. The thing is, the laptop doesn't recognize the USB Bootable Device (Windows 10 Installer) from the boot menu. Although I re-arranged the boot order, the laptop just goes straight...
  10. A

    [SOLVED] USB device not showing up in UEFI

    Hey all, I'm trying to boot from a USB device, but none that I tried show up. I tried both a USB2.0 and a USB3.1 drive on my Asus flipbook 14 but neither show up in the bios under the USB tab. I have booted off from a USB device before when I installed Ubuntu Linux on the computer. I tried...
  11. B

    Question SSD not detected by UEFI

    Hello guys! I'm having some troubles here. I'm trying to do a fresh new install of Windows 10 on my SSD. One important thing to note is that my Mobo has an option "Support for Windows 8/8.1" that forces me to use UEFI only. If i don't activate it, then i can use Legacy+UEFI mode. So, when...
  12. O

    Question İ Can't İnstall Windows 10 (UEFI)

    Hi guys, sorry for my bad english. My Problem is; View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjVjJ_aJq64 Blue Windows İnstall Screen ? İ Can't install Windows ... Windows its original (USB is original) ... Windows Home 10 Usb box ... Thanks ... My Motherboard is : Asus Rog Strix Z390 Gaming H (...
  13. F

    Question Why I can't see my hard disk in UEFI.boot or insert boot media device and press a key

    Some days ago my pc broke showing this message continuously "boot or insert boot media device and press a key". If i press a key the message just repeats itself. I looked up on the internet and saw that I must change the booting order or reinstall the operating system. I tried to, but when I...
  14. T

    Question bcdedit showing winload.exe instead of .efi

    SO I am taking some basic Comptia hardware courses and am learning about boot processes. Went into my Win10 desktop system and ran admin cmd bcdedit Under my C: partition I am seeing system32\winload.exe I was EXPECTING to find .efi here since I am using a BIOS with a GUI ect. Did the same...
  15. Question Black screen when trying to start UEFI BIOS

    I have a problem: my PC will not boot Windows 10, and when I try to load UEFI BIOS I just get a black screen. Display seems to be working OK (I can see the ASUS logo on startup) and keyboard works too. I've reset the CMOS battery and I'm now prompted to run Setup again: But when I press F1...
  16. R

    Question UEFI BIOS screen showing on wrong monitor

    Hi, don;t know if it the correct name for it but the screen that comes when you boot up your PC that gives you the options to press DEL or F2 to get into the BIOS. So my issue is that prior to getting a second display I had to 1080p monitorone using DP and the other HDMI and the UEFI BIOS would...
  17. A

    Question does the asus tuf x299 mark 2 have UEFI boot?

    hello i just want to know if the asus tuf x299 mark 2 is able to boot in uefi as i am building a pc and i want to use a 4tb ssd as my boot drive please let me know and thanks in advance
  18. H

    Intel i7-4790K vs AMD Phenom X6 1100T

    In short I will be upgrading to an Intel based setup most likely, mainly for the far better memory options and support currently on the market. The question here is will a i7-4790K outperform my AMD Phenom X6 1100T I currently have despite having 2 less cores? According to cpuboss, the Intel...