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Forum discussion tagged with Ultra.
  1. J

    Question XFX RX 5700X ULTRA THICC III

    Hello fellow XFX owners or experts. I have a question involving the Quiet Bios Switch, after extensive research I cant find anything about it online explaining the difference in performance. I was hoping that someone could tell me what it does and how much it effects performance and ultimately...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Getting low fps with Asus Rog Strix RTX 2080 Ti

    So as the title says I'm getting somewhat low frames per second with my new pc, that I built about a few weeks ago. I have the RTX 2080ti in it and I've been reading and watching videos about the average fps counts that others have (around 120 or so in Battlefield V at 1440p) and I have pretty...
  3. Mezoxin

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus plus vs Prime Ultra vs Corsair HX-1000

    the 3 models corsair HX-1000w Seasonic PRIME 1000 Gold SSR-1000GD and Focus Plus 1000w gold are nearly identical in price were i live ? Which one should i go with ? I know they are an overkill for my current build but i would be planning to upgrade in the near future
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Will GTX 1070 and i7 4790K be enough for 60 fps 1440p ultra gaming?

    Just as the title says. I have a non-overclocked i7 4790K with 16 gigs of DDR3 ram (1600 mhz stock) and looking to get a GTX 1070 for gaming only. I'm not into competitive online gaming (cs go, pubg, etc) so a decent frame rate between 50-60 fps is enough for my eyes not detecting any slowing...
  5. C

    Question GTX 960 - GTA V - Low GPU usage while playing GTA 5

    PC specs: 970A-DS3P FX 6300 GTX 960 12 GB RAM Windows 7 64-bit While playing GTA 5 / FiveM my GPU usage is at 5 - 25%. I tried changing settings to ultra, except from the game looking better, GPU usage stays the same and frames are still stuck at around 30. Anyone had similar problem? Please...
  6. L

    Makeshift Liquid Cooling for PC?

    Okay, so I dreamt up an idea last night, and I was wondering if it would work. So, it involves liquid cooling- if my understanding of it is correct, it works by having water-filled pipes throughout your computer and, due to water's high specific heat capacity, the water absorbs a lot of the heat...
  7. M

    GHZ vs. Thread Count

    I'm looking at two CPUs and right now I'm thinking of either the 85 8600k (overclocked) or i7 8700. I'm mostly doing gaming and I may be doing some editing in the future. Which is more important, higher GHZ in the i5 or higher threads in the i7? Also can someone explain what threads are...
  8. A

    Slightly better replacement for ATI HD5770

    Hello everyone, I have this pc for almost 10 years, and it ran with an ATI HD 5770 MSI variant since. Recently that graphic card stopped working and I started to look for a replacement, and that's where I would appreciate some help. I intend to just replace the graphics card in order to keep...
  9. M

    Change Kraken X62 to read CPU temp instead of Liquid?

    I've done some reading around recently and heard that the Kraken line of CPU coolers reads the liquid temperatures to modulate fan speed and pump RPM instead of the CPU temperature. I was wondering if it is possible to change this in any way, or if I'm stuck with it. My end goal is to decrease...
  10. S

    psu with gpu

    can I install geforce gtx 1050 ti with thermaltake 530w smart s???
  11. F

    Can't boot PC

    When I try to boot my PC it hangs for a second on Verifying DMI pool data. It then pops up with the error message: " exF Remove disks or other media." However the only things plugged into the PC are my keyboard, hdmi cable and power cable. When I entered BIOS and went to Hard disk boot priority...
  12. J

    How can i improve AE CS6 performance?

    I have just started using Adobe After Effect CS6.I am having the worst experience using such software. My computer Specs: CPU: Intel i5 6600k GPU: Nividia 980Ti Xtreme Gaming Edition 6GB RAM: Corsair Vengence 32GB 3000MHz MB: AsRock z170 Exteme4 Hard: SSD I have no idea if this my pc is the...
  13. D

    Computer lagging for no reason.

    So... Yesterday i left my computer turned on in economy mode (Energy/Power saving mode). This morning i restarted my computer with Normal Settings, but i saw that everything was loading very slow, lag spikes and other things. When i'm playing games some of them crash (yesterday they didn't...
  14. B

    What cables will I need for my first PC build?

    Hey all, I'm starting my build, and I would love to know what, if any, cables I will need to buy for it. Here's the build: AMD FX-8370 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor $179.99 Samsung 850 EVO-Series 500GB 2.5" Solid State Drive $149.89 EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB FTW ACX Video Card $139.18 Asus...
  15. H

    Kingston HyperX Blu 4gb and HyperX Fury 8gb will it work ?

    i have a Kingston HyperX Blu4gb and HyperX Fury 8gb i just want to ask will it work or it will just damage my computer ? sorry for my bad english ! i Have A55M-E Board A10-5800k Apu
  16. L

    New Gigabyte MOBO in a Dell Dimension case?

    Can I use a new Gigabyte Micro ATX Motherboard GA-78LMT that has HDMI in my old Dell Dimension 3000 case? I know it will fit but I don't know if there will be any other issues with it being used in that case.
  17. H

    Built PC, No VGA input on monitor.

    I recently finished building a pc, and everything is working fine, except the monitor says that it couldn't detect any VGA input. I have tried everything, and am seriously worried. All of the lights and fans are working, but the graphic card's fan stops a few seconds after turning the pc on. I...
  18. G

    Halo 1 PC

    Hey i recently purchased an old halo game from CEX its installed of a disc and installs fine. However when i try and launch it nothing happens atall. Ive tried running as admin, compatability mode and reduced color does any one have any more ideas on how to get it to work?
  19. nipun1999

    looking fo a low budget graphic card

    i have a i3-3220 3.3Ghz processor and Intel DH67BL motherboard. I want to play games like assassins creed black flag, fifa 15 etc for it i require a graphic card which can play these games smoothly. I have a budget of less than 7500 pls suggest me some graphics card for my rig
  20. C

    hard disk not getting read in disk manager and my computer

    last night I tried using my external seagate goflex hard disk(1 TB).My hard disk shows signs of powering on but does not get detected in both my disk manager as well as in my devices and printers menu in control panel.I had previously used my hard ware 1 day before and it worked flawlessly.I...