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  1. A

    i7 7700 vs i5 8400

    What’s better and what’s better performance the i7 7700 or i5 8400 ?? Please tell me
  2. R

    Ryzen 2700x issues.

    I just upgraded to my first ever Ryzen CPU because I heard they are amazing to stream on. Upgraded from an i7 6700k. So upgraded the Mother board to a gigabyte x470 gaming 5 and installed. Kept my same Ram 16GB 3000 hz and a EVGA 1070 GPU. Clocked Ram to 3000 and CPU to 4.0 When not streaming...
  3. G

    Help me choose a New DDR3 RAM

    Help me choose a perfect ram for my PC. Here is my specs Processor : Intel G2030 Motherboard : Asus H61M-CS RAM : Dynet 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz HDD : Toshiba 500GB Now I'm planing to add 4GB more to my pc. But i heard somewhere that not all the rams works with each other. But i couldn't find Dynet...
  4. activegalaxys

    Motorola RAZR V3 / V3i - Counterfeit?

    I'm beginning to think that a certain Motorola RAZR V3i that I bought is counterfeit. Why? Well, here's what I've found so far: - You can clearly see into the phone from the front display up top, and the T9 keypad up top - The front is not that pattern on the V3i - the genuine ones have that...
  5. M

    Changing old SSD to new one

    Hey guys+gals, I'm trying to install a new SSD into my PC. So, for context. I have 5 storage drives. Two 1tb HDD's, One 320gb HDD, a 126gb SSD for my OS, and a 32gb SSD that used to be my OS drive. I just bought a 250gb EVO to replace the 32gb drive so I could use it for gaming, but when I...
  6. S

    Speed Up Activities Using An Automator on MacBook Pro

    Apple’s Automator App for Mac is a very useful tool that can help you speed up activities. Even if you don’t know anything about programming, there are built-in functions that can help you create a workflow. The drag and drop interface feature of the Automator makes programming these tasks for...
  7. O

    Lowering graphics settings gives me higher fps but not better stable fps??

    Hi there Recently bought a: i3-7100 geforce gtz 1050 2gb oc asus prime b250m-a 8gb ram 2400mhz I mostly bought this just to play overwatch, and after checking multiple benchmarks i saw this was a pretty decent setup for a decent price. However running this game at 100% render scale and...
  8. B

    Hot spot/ internet..

    I want opinions on what is better... Buying internet service, having router for laptop, cell phones, and tv. Or Buying a mobile hotspot device? Take this into consideration... PLEASE, I can't spend more than $200.00 total for a year.
  9. L

    How to make computer control fan and pump speed by itself?

    So, i'm building a new computer for gaming and video stuff in a few months. I have most things planned out but i can't quite figure this out. Is there a way to make my computer control the speed of the fans and water cooling pumps by itself? Do i need to get specific hardware? do i need to get...
  10. A

    New Curved Monitor headphone jack very weak sound.

    I have my Dell Laptop connected HDMI to my new Samsung 32" Monitor and the sound coming from the monitor jack is terrible. I can disconnect HDMI and 3.5 plug directly to laptop and my Altec Lansings sing like songbirds. My speakers won't play from my laptop with the monitor connected via HDMI...
  11. O

    Windows 10 Stuttering With Hardware Acceleration on with a Dual or Triple Monitor Setup

    I currently have a triple monitors setup 60Hz, 144Hz and another 60Hz. My Graphics Card is a GTX 1070. When I play a youtube video with hardware acceleration enabled in my browser it'll start to cause stuttering. Changing my refresh rate of my 144Hz to 60Hz seems to fix this but is there any...
  12. D

    GTX 1060 6gb Low GPU usage in most games

    Im having issues when playing most games, PUBG, BF1, my temps are ok, gpu full load 65, cpu 65 i5 6600 paired with an galax 1060 6gb got 16gb ram 2113mhz dual channel, already took vsync off, Nvidia panel its fine too, updated drivers, the windows is fresh installed dont know what is...
  13. K

    Rx vega and 570 mining

    So basically I have an rx vega 64 and it was doing over 2K hash on Monero. I added an rx 570 8gb nitro + and now both cards are doing around 550 h/s. I've tried a lot of things. Asking for some tips of what to do. I have Blockchain driver entered, I've tried disabling and enabling gpu, Smh idk
  14. E

    Gtx 1050 dota 2

    Hi guys i recently got a gtx 1050, and ive been playing dota 2 ln ultra graphics and fps goes 50 max is it normal? Pc specs : Ram:4gb Cpu:core 2 duo e7500 2.93ghz Motherboard :intel dg31pr
  15. J

    LG 32ud99 hdr monitor, whats the best colour settings for gaming

    I recently got the new lg hdr monitor and i was just wanting to know what the best colour settings would for playing games on it, and maybe any other settings i could change on it to improve the quality of gaming on this monitor, ive already played around a bit with it whilst playing the witcher...
  16. X

    New PC, looking to get a recording setup also.

    So I've built my new PC. i7 7700k ASUS Z270F Strix 16 GB Trident Z 240GB Kingston SSD 1TB WD Blue HDD Corsair 600C Case Zotac 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme EVGA BQ 850 watt Power Supply I want to get some studio monitors, an audio interface, a condenser mic and whatever else I need. I want to keep...
  17. J

    Question about motherboards

    So if my headphones keeps making a popping noise while its in the usb port does that mean that my motherboard is messed up?
  18. X

    Tried everything but my battery still won't charge...

    My laptop battery does not charge when it's plugged in. No LEDs either. I have an Acer Aspire 5755G. I changed batteries with no results. I know it's not a problem with the charger because I can start the laptop without the battery. I tried switching it off, removing everything, holding power...
  19. G

    This is driving me crazy, yet again 1/4 cores of 6700K is running hotter then the rest.

    SO I've been overclocking, the second CPU is covered by their insurance plan for overclocking, but still - twice? There must be something else going on. No problem with paste, since the other cores are running 70C in prime while Core #2 throttles the thing as it runs 30c higher. All fans are...
  20. I

    What font do you use for the Windows 10 in "How to Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7"?

    What font do they use for the Windows 10 in "How to Make Windows 10 Look and Feel Like Windows 7"? That font is very neat. I liked to use it for my OS too.