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    Question How to underclock i7 13700k on Gigabyte aorus z690 elite ax

    Hi guys, So I've been doing some testing and it seems that my cpu reaches 100ºC under 100% load on cinebench using a 240ml AIO. I watched JTC's video on underclocking intel and managed to get it to 1.115 V (static) and 5.1Ghz (I don't need it at 5.3-5.4) using Intel's XTU and it was running at...
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    [SOLVED] Under clocking Q6600 + Gigabyte G41M

    Hi, My Intel Q6600 processor is heating to 70- 80 degree Celsius. So I want to undervolt and under-clock it. Can anyone pls help me select the following values in the BIOS setup? CPU Vcore; CPU Vtermination; CPU DRAM; CPU Clock ratio My PC config. is as follows: GigaByte G41M Combo Mobo...