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  1. tamarindo

    Question BIOS underclock RYZEN 3200g on PRIME B450M-A

    hola a todos, me presento me llamo ismael, es mi primer post. mi problema es que quiero hacerle underclock a un RYZEN 3200g on ASUS PRIME B450m-a, pero solo me permite bajar hasta 2.3ghz, hay alguna forma de modificar el bios y sacarle el limite inferior? me imagino que no hay un problema...
  2. R

    Question How to underclock R9 280 safely to prevent artifacts

    Hi there folks, Today my worst fear has happened, full screen vertical lines (artifacting) and both screens turning off. And I need help diagnosting this issue. I have an ASUS R9 280 DirectCU II TOP 3GB and sadly when I search the internet, this gpu series (R9 280, 280x, 290) seems the culprit...
  3. I

    [SOLVED] Any way to underclock cpu when I'm not playing games?

    Hello, I was curious if someone could direct me toward the information I seek. To begin with I have an i7 7700k @ 4.2 (3.9 idle w/ speedstep ) on an Asus PRIME Z270-AR mobo. I'd like to figure out if it'd be possible for speedstep to go down to around 2.5-3 ghz while my pc is just idling or I'm...