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  1. Killerspoon

    Question Crashing under load MSI RX 480 4GB Armor OC

    SPECS: PC1 MSI pro b660m-a ddr4 I5 12400f 850watt 2080 PC2 Gigabyte Z490 gaming x I5 11400f 550w RX 470 PC3 Acer DTX motherboard b560 socket I3 10100f 550w GTX 1070 Bought from ebay vBios updated. Havent check the card for shorts even tho it looks pretty good (visual check). Fans spin, it...
  2. P

    core2duo E6600 running below the stock speed

    i have a C2D E6600 its stock speed is 2.4Ghz but its runing on 1.8ghz so i just enabled overclocking and kept the stock multiplier and frequency same [9x266] but when i do that my sound gets disturbed makes flickering noisy. dont know what to do , its messing with my fps in game
  3. S

    enable freesync hdmi dvi

    Hi, I am trying to set up a triple monitor free sync arrangment. My graphics card is a r9 290x. It has 1xhdmi 1xdp and 2xdvi. My monitors are samsung 22 cf390 which support freesync. The monitors only have hdmi and d sub. I have hdmi of card to hdmi of one monitor, and dvi to hdmi cables to the...