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  1. A

    Question Changed GPU from 1060 to 3070 but performance haven't really improved. Huh?!

    EDIT: This is an edit that was made after the issue expressed below was solved, for all you TL; DR guys out there: The problem was due to faulty CPU fan. It didn't cool the CPU enough which throttled the CPU speed. replacing the fan solved the issue. ORIGINAL POST: Hi guys. Today I bought a...
  2. frozennoodle

    Question Underperforming 7950x

    Hi all, Thanks for stopping in and lending your help. Hardware and issues are below: Summary of issue: 7950x performing poorly in benchmarking ~22,000 to ~24,000 on Cinebench R23 and ~10th percentile on UserBenchmarks. CPU utilization during benchmarking on Resource Monitor is about 50%...
  3. Zamfik267

    Question PC severely underperforming, stuttering and weird GPU & CPU Usage ?

    Hello, so recently i’ve bought myself an RX 6650 XT 8gb Shappire Pulse, i had an RX 580.. But after installing the new gpu my pc was severely under performing.. i was getting wierd usages like 50% CPU 45% GPU in games but very low fps.. sometimes i would also get 100% GPU and 20% CPU or...