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  1. A

    Question [NOOB Question] Why is GPU undervolting more complicated than CPU?

    I already asked this question on r/undervolt subreddit and LTT Forum. But I haven't got any proper answer. I know what undervolting is and the other basic stuff. I undervolted my CPU with Intel XTU. It was straightforward (just setting the voltage offset). I wanted to do the same with my GPU...
  2. Ugijago

    Question How to undervolt gpu in linux?

    how ? in window i can use afterburner in linux? my gpu nvidia 1060
  3. S

    Question CPU GETTING MAD!

    My CPU (i5 9300h) (-125MV Undervolt) has started heating a lot than before! It also shows higher clock speed than before even though I never Overclocked it! It has also shown decrease in its cinebench score from 1850 (AVG.) to 1650 (AVG.) What could be the reason for this ?
  4. F

    Question RX 470 Undervolt/underclock Help

    I've changed some parts to the pc I had an RX 470 with i3 7100 and 430w PSU I've got a ryzen 3 1200 same GPU but last month and 2 days ago something happened I got a black screen and 5 beeps and my GPU XFX RX 470 Bluelight turned red. I know the five beeps were CPU error I've got it working...
  5. Boi216

    Question Sandy Bridge Mobile Undervolting?

    I have a thinkpad x220t, and it has the i7 2620m. I have been searching for a pretty long time on how to undervolt it and it seems impossible. It goes upwards of 90 degrees even with thermal grizzly and i clean it regularly. Any suggestions to cool it down other than a cooling pad which i plan...
  6. V

    Question I have a laptop with i7 8550U and am dissapointed with it's performance in games. Is there a way to increase it's performance?

    Hello, I came here to inquire whether there is anything I could do to increase the performance of my CPU in games such as LOL, rocket league or Apex. I'm a complete noob when it comes to overclocking as I never had a CPU that could do that. My current CPU is also not a "K", however I'm fed up...
  7. PRATZiLLA27

    Question CPU clocks max even during idle

    I'm currently using an ASUS ROG G531GT with an i7 9750h and the idle memory clock of the CPU is always above 4 ghz while once I put it under any sort of load it throttles down to somewhere around 3.2 ghz. My laptop is on balanced mode and I have never overclocked it. I applied a 0.120V undervolt...
  8. H

    Question I undervolted my laptop but it changed my thermal limit. Please help

    I have a stable undervolt -139.6 on core and -133.6 on cache on my I5- 8300H and a +122 mhz undervolt on gtx 1050. Although I get much better performance numbers but originally my manufacturer limited laptop to 75 degrees. But now when it tested thermals using aida64 + heaven , I found that It...
  9. botalk6

    Question Undervolting RX 580 using MSI Afterburner

    Hi, I'm new to undervolting (and PC building in general) - I want to know if I'm doing the best I can to optimize my RX 580 performance. I want to undervolt my graphics card in order to lower temperature/fan noise, and possibly gain some performance improvements if possible (I was getting...
  10. R

    Question Undervolting my CPU - Dell G7 15

    Hello I got a new laptop recently and i'm really liking it however the one thing I hate is how hot and noisy it gets when doing stuff on the laptop and mainly when gaming. I could just be browsing youtube videos or the internet and all of a sudden my fans will ramp up and then slowly go down...
  11. A

    Question High CPU Tempratures - ASUS Scar III G531GW (Laptop)

    I think I am hitting temperatures on the higher side while gaming. But it comes in a weird pattern, I use MSI afterburner to check the temperatures. After a session of gaming, I checked the maximum temperature to be around 96C which almost gave me a heart attack. But when I checked the graph I...
  12. illumind

    [SOLVED] I7-8700 (non k) + Z370-F Gaming | 1.5 Volts + 75°C | How to lower Voltage/Temp Spikes? | ML240R Cooler

    I'm running an Z370-F Gaming (BIOS: 2401) and i7-8700 (non k) with temps/volts spiking to 75°C/1.5v under load. Cooler is liquid ML240R, as per title. Seems like a high spike in volts, if nothing else. The ambient temps in all cases was ~22°C, although I fear in summer @ 40°C ambient, it will...
  13. M

    Question Throttlestop Help

    Hello, I want to use throttlestop to undervolt my i5-8300h but I am worried that if I went to far that my system crashes and then when restarting it still applies the undervolts and I basically be stuck in a loop. I've ticked save voltages immediately in FIVR and made a task for throttlestop to...
  14. H

    [SOLVED] How to set up laptop for gaming.

    Hello there to all. Hope everyone is safe and sound. I would appreciate if one with experience could help me out with properly setting up my new gaming laptop. I am new to the pc world and gaming and I have recently I bought an HP Omen 17. I know that as a new guy I bought a monster I can...
  15. FuzzFest

    Question Undervolting too much

    Hi all, Pretty new to this so please bare with me. I recently got a Dell G3 3590 gaming laptop for a great price knowing that it runs quite hot so I decided to undervolt it and have managed (through ThrottleStop) to get to -450mv for CPU core and cache with no problems in stability. But reading...
  16. Andycrenator

    Question is a -1 V undervolt possible on a i7-8750h

    is a -1 V undervolt possible on a i7-8750h or is something wrong with my laptop. I did it on throttlestop. Screenshot of hwmonitor
  17. M

    Question GPU Undervolting

    Hi, if i undervolted my laptop gpu with msi afterbuner frequency/voltage curve should I open msi afterburner everytime when I boot windows and choose this specific profile for it to work considering I intentionally didn't tick automatic apply oc at windows startup in it's control panel, also if...
  18. AverageGamer24

    Question Undervolt makes my GPU get HOTTER?!

    So after a lot of research and troubleshooting my problems that I mentioned in my previous threads I finally managed to fix it, but now I have a new question, not problem but question... I have noticed that my GPU (Which is an XFX RX 570 4 GB) doesn't reach max clock speed so I decided to...
  19. Vlad1156

    Question Gpu Dying?

    Hello,My gpu is showing artefacts after playing 2-3 hours of csgo.What can be the problem,is it dying :(?Gpu:EVga superclock gtx 970 CpuPhenom b59-》unlocked tu athlon x4 559 quad Ram Kingston 8gb ddr3,motherboard:asrock n68 ucc.PSU:Segotep rp550 Images View: https://imgur.com/a/I2wDGE6 View...
  20. Arthav24

    [SOLVED] Cannot undervolt i7-9750h after BIOS update [Dell G7 7590] [1.11.1->1.12.0]

    Before updating my bios to 1.12.0 from 1.11.1 I could change the voltage offset for both CPU and Cache , which was -0.125 Volts for both using Intel XTU and later ThrottleStop(8.71). But surprisingly after Update CPU seems to just ignore the offset and the settings in XTU are greyed out. I tried...