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  1. S

    Question Undervolting CPU (i7 13700k) leads to a decrease in performance no matter how small the undervolt is.

    I have an i7 13700k paired with RTX 4070ti. The idle temps are good (35C - 40C) and even while gaming the temps generally never go above 75C. But whenever I try to run a stress test or benchmark the temp instantly jumps to 100C. In order to fix this a lot of the people in the community suggest...
  2. A

    Question Undervolting i7 8700 / b365m Pro4-F

    Okay, lets make this quick i7 8700 /w Pure Rock Slim ASRock B365m Pro4-F 2x16 Vengeance 2666 CL16 Kingston NV1 1TB ROG STRIX 3060 Ti H510i EVGA 750 GA Gold Windows 10 64 Bit Was hitting boost clock limit and games and benchmarks, so wanted to remove the voltage limiter. B365 needs A-Tuning...
  3. RuddroKRM

    Question Help regarding Undervolting of my i7 7700K on Asus Strix Z270H

    Can anybody give me guidance regarding undervolting my i7 7700K on Asus Strix Z270 using bios. I have zero experience regarding undervolting CPU's so don't want to fry anything .