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  1. RuddroKRM

    Question Help regarding Undervolting of my i7 7700K on Asus Strix Z270H

    Can anybody give me guidance regarding undervolting my i7 7700K on Asus Strix Z270 using bios. I have zero experience regarding undervolting CPU's so don't want to fry anything .
  2. GUMSHi

    Question Advice on undervolting i5 4590

    I recently got a PC with an i5 4590 and when gaming it would reach 70+ degrees C, sometimes even reaching 80. HWINFO doesn't say that it's thermal throttling and I don't really see any decrease in performance, however it still worries me as this chip is old and I don't want to stress it too...
  3. Duck's Software

    Undervolting Guide

    Jump to Tools if need to get started quickly. Why undervolt? Most graphics cards consume more power than they need to, this is because of stability, not all chips are equal, some can work fine with a certain voltage that is lower than factory, some can't. all GPUs sold must be fully stable in...
  4. alceryes

    Discussion Undervolting Ryzen 7950X - massive power and temperature drop for tiny performance drop

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JiYAwKIHRY Cool down these new 'hogs on watts' with barely a preceptable loss in gaming performance! This example is with the 7950X. The power and temperature savings will vary chip to chip, model to model, and system to system, but these savings are...
  5. Martim Melo

    Question GPU clock drops to 300mhz every 5 seconds, after a while of gaming.

    I have been having this problem with BD prochot lately, however my gpu and cpu temps are just fine. If i disable this option my GPU "dies" every 5sec. I have tried everything: bios, drivers, power options, undervolting cpu and gpu. My guess is either faulty battery or cable, does any one knows...
  6. I

    Question 5900x Low Cinebench Scores & High Temps?

    Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my CPU and GPU, and I have been doing some testing on performance & temps. Based on comparisons, it seems like my Cinebench scores with the R9 5900x are pretty low (more details below). I've also noticed that my temperatures seem quite high, even on idle. I know...
  7. fordcliff

    Question GPU suddenly artifacted and froze, now after a restart the PC won't boot if the GPU is plugged in ?

    SPECS: i7 3770 Q77-H2AM (motherboard) XFX RX 470 4GB 1600mhz RAM 16 GB (4 sticks) Corsair CV550 (550W PSU) So I was running Photoshop on my pc when suddenly it froze/not responding and the display artifacted at the same time. So I turned my pc off and when I tried to boot it again the...
  8. JelkoBG

    Question Driver crash

    Does gpu undervolting can cause driver crash? In TC2 after ~10min my pc gives black screen, after some time it fixes but game crashes. When I open amd software my gpu voltages is set to stock voltages. My gpu is Powercolor Red Dragon V2 RX480 4GB.
  9. C00kiie

    Question CPU temps nearing 90

    Hello guys, I’ve just build a pc with specs: CPU: Amd ryzen 9 5950x GPU: RTX 3060ti Ram: 32gb Corsair Motherboard: AsRock x570 phantom gaming-itx/tb3, Case: Lian Li Q58 Just build this PC, and im seeing some high temp. When idling the CPU is around 35-40ºc. When playing games like Escape...
  10. I

    Question How can I cool my laptop's locked CPU While having good clock speeds ?

    Hi! I am new to this forum. Thought it would be a good place to ask this question. Recently purchased an acer aspire 7 laptop with an i5 10300H , 8GB Ram along with a GTX 1650. And while gaming on High Performance Power Plan while plugged in, I notice my CPU temps hitting around 78-80 degrees...
  11. Intel i7-9750h Thermal throttling, undervolting issues.

    Laptop: MSI GP65 Leopard 9SD CPU: I7-9750h BIOS version: E16U1IMS.101 (lowest version) Hello community, so once again i encounter thermal throttling issue while gaming. About a year ago i was able to solve it with throttlestop by undervolting cpu. I did a break from the games and now started...
  12. psychobacter

    Question Laptop thermal throttling even after repasting and undervolting

    So some info about the whole ordeal first, Recently I repasted my Asus Zephyrus M GU502GU about 3 weeks ago with Cooler Master master gel maker and undervolted it. I ran cinbench r20 to verify if the repasting improved the temps and I got max temps of around 80 degrees celsius on the CPU which...
  13. Question Idle Temperatures High After Undervolting

    Recently undervolted my gpu (Gigabyte GeForce RTX 3070 Ti VISION OC 8GB) which brought my temperature under load (during gaming) down by around 10 degrees, which is perfect. But at idle, both my cpu (i9-10850k) and gpu have gone up about 10 degrees. At idle, I used to get 20-30 cpu and 30-40...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 9 5950X undervolt unstable?

    Hello everyone i hope you're doing great I am from Spain and now that we are in summer, it is very hot in my city, so I had decided to undervolt my 5950X which I have with a NH-D15 double fan Download CTR 2.0 and after making the diagnosis, apply the recommended values for undervolting which...
  15. F

    Question Undervolting my laptop's CPU (i7 9750h) ?

    Greetings fellow Tom's, long time no see! I recently discovered undervolting and thought about giving it a go, since it doesn't really involve that much of a risk except for maybe a crash and BSOD here and there. Laptop name (from Lenovo Site via Detect My Product option) Legion Y540-15IRH...
  16. [SOLVED] Dell G3 3590 undervolting - BIOS downgrade

    Hi, I want to undervolt my G3 3590 (9300H+1650), because of very high temps at idle. I've downgraded to BIOS 1.8.0 (on this version undervolting working; later versions not, because of Plundervolt issue), then I've reset "default factory settings" in BIOS and after that I've disabled automatic...
  17. samjr

    [SOLVED] Does undervolting my GTX 1650 decrease the power limit consumption?

    Does undervolting only decrease the temps or can reduce the power limit consumption as well? I own Asus ROG Strix G531GT Laptop and noticed that my GPU (having TGP of 50W) always suffers from Power limit throttling. Now since I can't increase the TGP of the laptop, I was thinking whether...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Does undervolting really increase performance??

    I have a gaming laptop (acer aspire 7 with i5 9300h + gtx 1650) and I undervolted it around -140 mV...and I ran cinebench r15 (without undervolt temp - 88°c, multicore score - 815)(With undervolt temp - 71°c to 79°c, multicore score - 709) why this performance hit with undervolt????? N.B. - I...
  19. octaゼ永あ

    [SOLVED] Why does my RX 580 get so hot?

    I bought my ASRock Phantom Gaming D RX 580 8GB yesterday, and i noticed that the temps are too high, i've seen reviews and the maximum of temperature that this card reaches is like 75c ° (without undervolting), but mine just goes up to 85c ° and it gets thermal throttled, the thing is that i...
  20. J

    [SOLVED] What's causing frame drops in Rust with a 3080 GPU ?

    Ok, this is a confusing one, I previously owned 1060 and my frames on rust medium settings were around 60-70. About 3 months ago I bought a 3080, I cranked my settings and was seeing about 80-100. Unfortunately, after playing for a while I saw some major fps drops which were confusing, so I...
  21. Chibaleko

    Question Undervolting RX 590 settings

    Hello, I have a Radeon RX 590 special edition, which I bought about a year and a half ago. I noticed right away very high temperatures when playing games even in winter, so yesterday I decided to undervolt the card. No matter what numbers i put in the 7 states using both Radeon Software and MSI...
  22. R

    [SOLVED] RX 580 rejected undervolting? Then crashes.

    Long story short, I undervolted my RX 580, and it didn't go well. I followed a guide on YouTube and the creator, as well as everybody in the comments, seemed to have success from this guide. So I know it probably wasn't that. After undervolting, I launched Fortnite which is a game that I have...
  23. Boris_yo

    [SOLVED] Disable Ryzen 3600X PBO for Undervolting?

    Hi, First, a question I had: The difference between Precision Boost (PB) and Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) is when former boosts CPU clock to it's maximum based on die's temperature while the latter boosts CPUs maximum clock even further by "overdriving" it but now it's based on CPU voltage...
  24. [SOLVED] I5-9300H overheating (Undervolting does not help)

    Greetings! When I was gaming yesterday (GTA 5 + Spotify apps were open), I wanted to adjust the screen angle, and at that moment I felt the laptop was quite warm. Then I opened Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and saw that temperature was 97 degrees (Screenshot 1). I reduced the input voltage value...
  25. NikaTGR

    [SOLVED] Undervolting Core 2 Duo E8400

    So as you saw from title I need to undervolt my CPU (Core 2 Duo E8400). Minimum core voltage of it is 0.85V, 2 Cores 3.0 GHz, TDP 65w. So I want to know will it run if I won't change core speeds or do I have to lower it. If so I would like to know the speed I should use.
  26. Mido1

    [SOLVED] High cpu temperature and undervolting -(ryzen 5 3600x)

    I have ryzen 5 3600x with rtx 2080ti but I notice the high temperature of the processor in red dead redemption 2 game , with variable values ranging between 80 to 90 celsius basically and sometimes reaching to 92 and maybe up to 95 celsius .. is this normal ?? if isn't , Can I reduce the...
  27. Lemuel Buenviaje

    [SOLVED] A Question on the use of undervolting for long-term use (Laptop)

    Hey guys, its my first attempt to post a question on this forum so please go easy on me. :) My question is, I have applied an underclock and undervolt to my GTX 1660ti mobile, and have achieved stable performance while gaming and with Heaven benchmark. Now, would it be alright for me to leave...
  28. [SOLVED] Strange voltages on ryzen 5 3600

    Hi, I ve noticed strange behavior on my ryzen 5 3600. Spec: Gigabyte B450 Aorus elite (with dyncamic vcore offset -0.126, xmp profile) Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler: Fortis 3 HE1425 MSI Radeon RX 5700 GAMING X G.Skill RipjawsV 16GB DDR4-3200MHz 2x8gb Look on my HWiNFO 64 under load (OCCT, small...
  29. OhDxni

    [SOLVED] Help with undervolting? (i7-8700)

    Hey, I have an MSI B360 Aegis 3 8, and these are my specs CPU: i7-8700 GPU: RTX 2070 Super Ram: 16GB (I'm not exactly sure which other stuff I should add to the list?) When playing bigger games my CPU temps stay in between 82 - 88 celsius (with spikes to 91 sometimes). That's too high...
  30. D

    [SOLVED] How do I undervolt a laptop?

    Cpu - i5 9300h GPU - GTX 1650 Ram -8gb ddr4 Asus rog g531gt laptop My laptop is running hotter these days. It reaches 98°c playing csgo on high settings. I was wondering if undervolting might bring the temps down. If so how do I do it carefully. Thanks in advance.
  31. T

    [SOLVED] Undervolted my Ryzen 3600

    Hi guys i watched a video last night (linked below) where a guy undervolted his ryzen cpu for lower temps and better performance by: opening ryzen master and going to a profile selecting manual in control mode manually setting peak core voltage to 1.25v manually setting all cores to the boost...
  32. W

    [SOLVED] Help needed with undervolting 1 of 2 2080ti's

    Hello everyone, I need some help undervolting a gpu in my current work setup, I have read a many things about it and watched quite a few vids about how to do it but what I notice is that a lot of people just say; drag this and see if it works and voila, you're running cooler and done! However...
  33. A

    [SOLVED] Should I undervolt my RX 570 for better Thermal/Fan noise peformance?

    Hi, So I have a Gigabyte RX 570 4GB, and often when playing the Witcher 3 it will reach 85-89*c @100% utilisation and thermal throttle from 1244 mhz Core (which is stock) to around 1150 or below, and it is noticeable in the framerate as it will dip below 60fps. It is also quite noisy. I bought...
  34. Niko_Bellic__

    Question My laptop is behaving in a very weird manner after I undervolted the CPU

    So I recently bought the 2019 G7 model with RTX 2060. Despite putting in more powerful hardware than the 2018 model, those geniuses at Dell made the chassis smaller; so the heat output is massive. So, I decided to undervolted my CPU to reduce temps, which worked wonders. I used the Intel Extreme...
  35. F

    [SOLVED] Undervolting my rx 570

    So i undervolted my rx 570, but everytime i boot my pc it returns to default settinga. How do i keep my wattman settings when i boot. I was using amd's radeon settings to undervolt
  36. markec872

    Question ROG STRIX SCAR 2 extreme overheating (up to 100-105 celsius)

    I came here from ASUS ROG community cuz there nobody want to help about problems... So i'll try to explain as clean and fast as possible... So, lets begin I bought brand new laptop ASUS Republic of Gamers STRIX SCAR 2 GL704GW 5 months ago. Configuration is - i7 8750H, 115W RTX 2070, 16GB DDR4...
  37. Badankydank

    Question Undervolting help needed

    Hello, I have been trying to decrease the temperature on my AMD RX580 recently, so that I can reduce my fan speed and therefore noise of my GPU. I had previously asked on another thread about reducing the temperature of my GPU, and after increasing airflow, they suggested undervolting my GPU. I...
  38. Badankydank

    Question Undervolting GPU and Wattman not saving changes

    Hello, To decrease the temperature of my AMD RX 580, I have been attempting to undervolt it with AMD Wattman. I have lowered the voltage by 80mV, decreesing my temps by about 5 degrees C. I know that undervolting too far can make games crash, but if I go anyfurther my game does not crash, but...
  39. J

    Question (delete thread please)

  40. S

    Question how to undervolt a gtx 980 reference card?

    i wanna know if theres a way to undervolt this card to keep the wattage usage lower. i was planning to use msi afterburning but when i tried to do ctrl+F it doesnt show the custom curve for the voltage perhaps someone can help me out with this.