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  1. K

    Question HELP! Serious Undetectable Malware Infection

    Hello, I suspected there was a malware infection on my system after I found a weird process called "net-helper.exe" running. Rkill detected the process and terminated it. Malwarebytes pro couldn't detect it, and Sophos Hitman Pro also did not detect it. The service isn't a default windows...
  2. B

    Question Windows 10 Installation On SATA SSD Doesn’t Work

    So I just bought a new gaming rig and assembled it. (Specs down bellow) I want to install windows 10 on my ssd, but the problem is that after installing windows on the ssd it restarts and goes back into the windows set-up. Also when I’m in the bios before the windows installation my ssd gets...
  3. Fixedfox

    Question HDD would not dectect in BIOS via SATA but anyother method is dectectable

    I have a laptop support two 2.5'' HDD, use them as data storage for years. Try to relocate that two HDD on that newly build PC. The two HDD is exactly same. After I plug both one in, only one is working and functional. Other one is undetected by BIOS. Here is solution I try (To simplify my...
  4. Question Only 8gbs of 16gb ram is being used in pc

    I have read similar questions to this but none find the solution. When using the computer it only uses 8gbs
  5. D

    Radeon 6950 vs new card(s)

    Hello guys. The question is, how come people in general recommend new cards, which seem underpowered, for example GTX 750 TI which has lower bandwidth than my Radeon 6950. I mean, what should i look for in a new video card. I'm currently using an Asus Radeon 6950 1GB DirectCU2. Some new...
  6. J

    Asrock Z170 Pro4/D3 vs Asus Pro Gaming H170

    Hi, I've got 2 different motherboards that I am looking at and am wondering which one is the best, considering they are in the same price range.