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  1. The Electro Machine

    Question The Unicode font containing all signs - does it exist?

    Every now and then when doing some graphic related stuff I run into trouble of using a font which does not have some unusual / rare Unicode signs like ◗ ● █ The simplest way to cope with that would be to have on my operating system a font named like Unicode version XXX - which, in its...
  2. I

    [SOLVED] False character encoding in one entire Windows application

    So, today I've downloaded the text-to-speech Software UkrVox (https://biblprog.org.ua/ua/ukrvox/ ), which is entirely in Ukrainian, so it's mostly Standard Cyrillic characters with a few less common Cyrillic ones and the same number symbols as in English. Unfortunately, the software, including...
  3. Yanitwei

    Question Windows 10 Mail app displays text as question marks in box

    Hi all, I have an issue with windows 10 Mail app. Every text that is written in Armenian language being shown as boxes or question marks inside the box, But only inside Mail app and only inside that message. If I will copy it and paste somewhere else, doesn't matter where, normal text...