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  1. O

    Question Microsoft Team Video Breakage Issue

    Hi Experts, We have 12 Access Points and getting random video break issues in only iPhone Devices for all Unifi AP's whenever connected with MS Team Conference Meeting. Unifi Information Device Version: Controller Version: 5.14.23 As for troubleshooting steps, we have rebooted...
  2. Barty1884

    Question Replacing dead POE switch today - Options (Ubiquiti/Unifi)

    Hi all, Just looking to get opinions before I run out and buy something today. My US-24-250W died overnight. Completely, no signs of life whatsoever. I have 13 feeds out through the house/garage + CloudKey. 5 of which require POE. Managed to get my non-POE devices connected with two...
  3. A

    Question Public WiFi at RV park

    Hi, I have an RV park that is having 10-40 consistent streamers/gamers depending on day/time. We currently have 4 Ruckus T310C devices spread evenly across the RV park providing excellent coverage. My issue is that we are upgrading our internet from cable to fiber 1gig up/1gig down, as you...
  4. A

    Question UniFi & Ruckus tried network plans (hotspot)

    Hey guys! I have a massive WiFi system at my place and I am trying to setup a tried setup for clients who want super fast internet and free internet. I am using both UniFi Mesh AP (not using mesh) and 4 Ruckus C310's. I am trying to setup something that will work with both systems and handoff...
  5. Quadacon

    Question How do DNS Server preferences work?

    Hi all, So to summarize my current network setup, I have a Unifi USG gateway/router, and I currently have two pi-hole servers running as DNS servers (yes two). Long story short, I found my old raspberry pi and decided to run it on a new IP along with my existing pi-hole which was running on a...