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  1. Classy666

    Question What happens if you uninstall processors from Device Manager ?

    What happens if you go to device manager and processors, then uninstall every single one of them View: https://imgur.com/a/YdOP8gA
  2. [SOLVED] Can't uninstall programs that are on my deleted hard drive

    So my D: drive died and I deleted it from my system and now there are a bunch of programs that are under "Apps & features" that I cannot remove/uninstall because they were on the D: drive that doesn't exist anymore. This is also stopping me from downloading programs I've used since they ask to...
  3. B

    Question Realtek HD Audio Uninstall Loop problem

    Everything was fine. Then i downloaded an update from the gigabyte motherboard [B550M aorus pro p ] site to update the audio driver. Then it uninstalled. but didnt install upon rebooting. And then keeps uninstalling after reboot upon reboot. Then i lost all audio. Nothing connected even shows...
  4. G

    [SOLVED] I need to uninstall Asus Aura completely.

    The first time I tried it didn't work the normal way. I couldn't get it uninstalled by normal means. Then I had a not so great idea it seems. I erased all folders that have todo do with the software but windows still thinks it's installed somehow. So I tried Revo Unistaller to erase any trace...
  5. haf_fish

    [SOLVED] Cannot boot automatically to windows 10 after uninstalling linux

    After uninstalling elementary os from dual boot i have little issue when i restart my laptop, it is open the gnu. I searched for tips on google and yes it worked but a new problem arose. when my laptop restarts it becomes looping, a text appears and then it dies. when it start, the laptop show...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] Is there a truly good uninstaller worth it's price

    Hi. So I am hoping i am not the only one who has ever wondered this, but my computer is like a room that I like to keep clean. You might give it a tidy and a vacuum every so often and throw out some old junk but look under the bed or behind the wardrobe ,and alas, there is hiding nasty things...
  7. L

    Question "Pirates Buster for e-book/Application (Decoder for Eisys)" taking up lots of space and cannot uninstall

    Hello all. So this is a program I've seen on my computer a long time ago, and I think it used to take up a relatively low amount of space, and thought it was not important. I was just optimizing windows and cleaning up files when I noticed this in both the Windows Settings -> Storage and...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Cannot uninstall Windows Update KB4549951, error code 0x800f0905

    Hello- I've been trying all day to uninstall Windows Update KB4549951, as my computer has slowed down since its installation. When I try to uninstall it normally through Control Panel, it tells me "An error has occurred. Not all of the updates were successfully uninstalled". When I try through...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] Uninstall AMD drivers and settings?

    Hi I upgraded my PC with a RTX 2070 super. My old gpu was an AMD RX580. So, I uninstalled the AMD software, drivers and settings. But the AMD settings icon still appears in the bottom right and If I click on it, a window pops up saying something like "The AMD something can not be found". There...
  10. I

    Question Restore Point leaves program uninstalled but files still there?

    I recently reverted to the most recent restore point on my Windows 7 machine but it uninstalled 1 big big program (15GB) but left the file folders untouched in C/Program FIles. I want to free up space on my SSD and reinstall that same program again. But what do I do now? Do I just delete the...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Speedfan is haunting me

    So I installed speedfan (4.52) while I was folding to see if I could ramp up my cpu fans a bit, and it ended up not detecting them. But it did detect my gpu (rx580 strix) so I was like fine, I guess I'll see what I can do with those. changed them to a static percentage (automatic seemes to do...
  12. amshak01

    Question Trying to remove MSI dragon center and just install mystic light by itself.

    I need some help to determine in MSI dragon center has been thoroughly removed from my custom PC. I initially downloaded it as a way to control the RGB lighting on my RTX 2060 Super from MSI, but I recently wanted to start getting into overclocking with Afterburner's auto OC scanner and read a...
  13. cv_02kr

    [SOLVED] Can't delete application file?

    Hello all; I was going through my program files and doing general cleanup, and I've come across something I can't get rid of. It's one folder, one application. When I go to delete it, it gives this message: View: https://imgur.com/a/Wq1x27q (pic 1) Ok, cool. Opened task manager, went to...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Should I reset before upgrading?

    Hi guys, I’m about to upgrade my mobo, cpu, ram and graphics card so basically the whole system 😂😂 but I’m wondering do I need to uninstall windows on my current system or will I have to option to reinstall Windows when I plug everything in after I build my pc. I’m using the same drives so I...
  15. editor1

    [SOLVED] I cant uninstall ghostpress

    Hi I have try'd many uninstall programs. I don't see the default uninstall exe for ghostpress. It gives net framework error on pc boot up. I wanted to uninstall and reinstall.
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Can not uninstall Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

    I've been having issues with my installation of Morrowind and wanted to uninstall and reinstall the game. However when I attempt to uninstall the game, wither through the games splash screen, Programs/Features in the control panel, or Revo Uninstalller, I get the following message from...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Uninstalled apps still showing as installed

    And when I click uninstall (they've already been uninstalled) this shows View: https://imgur.com/HuQUpOE I've googled and found how to remove them but is this safe to do, or is there another way to do it? Also, why does this in the first place happen? This is what I've found...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] Can't delete a folder in use?

    So recently i have had an issue with a game on steam (Total war warhammer 2) eventually i decided i would uninstall it from my ssd. I uninstalled it from steam and restarted my PC, when i came back i looked in my folder and the game was still there? So i decided to try and delete it directly...
  19. Garry423

    [SOLVED] Looking for a new cooler for Core2Duo

    Specs: GA EP41-UD3L, Core 2 Duo e7500 2,93 Ghz, 4Gb DDR2 Ram, 120Gb SSD, GT730 2Gb GDDR5 VRAM, very good and stable rig for my particular tasks, no upgrade needed, overall cooling system with NEW 3 х 120'fans in spacious case is fine, but 11 years i have old box type noname CPU cooler and that...
  20. A

    Best setup for extending range

    Hi everyone. thanks in advance. I have a home with a large basement apartment. The modem/router from the cable company is located in the basement shared laundry room in a cabinet with cat5 cables that terminate in the apartments rooms. There is a thick concrete wall that separates the laundry...
  21. V

    CPU Overheating even in idle!

    Hey guys, first of all, I've had my desktop for 3 years and here are my specs: i5-4690k ASUS z97-A 16 GB DDR3 1866 MHz GTX 1070 ti PSU 550W 1 - 500Gb SSD 1 - 2 Tb HDD 1 - 4 Tb HDD Still using the stock cooler from Intel. (No overclock!) The only thing I replaced was the GPU 3 months ago, but...
  22. J

    Can I transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to my ssd?

    Hi, im getting an Samsung 860 evo ssd and I dont know if im going with a 500gb one or 1tb one. Since the prices for the 1tb one is so high compared to the 500gb one I wonder if I can only transfer my OS and specific games from my hdd to the ssd. My hdd currently has 2tb with over 500gb used so...
  23. G

    Can I run FAR CRY 5?

    PC Performance: i5-3470 GTX 1050 Ti 8GB ram Can I run this game with medium graphic quality? Thanks.
  24. M

    Laptop doesn’t boot up

    Laptop won’t startup after making a bunch of clicking noises and then giving up. Windows 10. https://youtu.be/gL2zx1nNGpQ - where the sound is https://youtu.be/obdtXJZkUis - error it gives after 10mins. I tried the options but nothing seems to happen...
  25. C

    Windows auto repair doesn't work and it won't let me reinstall Windows from usb

    So first of all I was having issues with my monitors connecting to the pc. Often getting no signal etc. Continuing to restart pc or holding the power button down while power is disconnected would usually the trick. I then left my pc on during the night and when I returned it had of course went...
  26. R

    New TV purchase or gaming monitor?

    Alright, so I have a 120" 1080p projector in my room as well as a 27" 1080p monitor. I play on both using a HDMI splitter. I can only play FPS on the 27" monitor since it's less of a surface area that I have to look around. I can play racing games and everything else fine on the 120". However...
  27. A

    Windows 10 Installation Error

    I am currently attempting to download Windows 10 on my new computer (using the USB media creation tool) , but after I enter the serial number, select "Custom Install", select my drive (I have only one) and hit next, the screen just loads for a bit and a message pops on the bottom saying "We...
  28. S

    Shader.arc in RESIDENT EVIL 5

    When im trying to installing the game the launcher showing c/..........nativePC/system/shader10.arc.how to solve this
  29. K

    Computer does not detect GPU after to MOBO and CPU install. Then won't turn on?

    So I installed a new MOBO (B85M-DS3H-A) and a New CPU (Intel I7 4790) and I turned on the computer it was running a little slow for some reason. So I tried running a game and the game instantly crashed I was looking in the logs and saw it wasn't detecting the GPU for some reason. I checked the...
  30. T

    4x 2GB Ram on Dual Channel Board

    Hey There! I Have A Intel Dh67Cl mobo, and there are 4 slots for ram on it 2 of them are black and 2 of them are blue.ive currently installed 2x2GB ddr3 rams (both on black slots).I was wondering for an upgrade,so i thought what if i bought 2 more 2GB rams and place them on the other two blue...
  31. N

    This might be good

    I have never built a PC before and have used this website. I want to spend less than $1700. I need to make sure it's good so is there anything wrong with it? http://pcpartpicker.com/list/mGz6BP
  32. K

    CPU Overheating - Understanding this BIOS Reading

    Hi, It seems like I have a CPU overheating problem which is causing my games to lag excessively. System specs - CPU - i5 6600 (Gigabyte) RAM - 8 GB GPU - GTX 960 PSU - Cooler Master 500 W OS - Windows 8.1 I looked up the UEFI BIOS readings today - BCLK - around 99 to 100 MHz CPU Frequency...
  33. B

    Upgrade GPU need advice

    hello folks I just want to play never games but my pc starting to lose its power with new games I'm wondering to buy new gpu like rx 470 or gtx 1050 TI when its come but it wont be a good pair with my pc parts now will I have a lot of issues with rx 470 or gtx 1050 ti I don't have much money for...
  34. O

    What is VID?

    Hello. I am new to overclocking and I have some questions that I would be very glad to get awnsered. First of all my cpu is a 6600k clocked at 4.3 ghz at 1.27Vcore. In CPUID My vcore goes from 1.22-1.27 but my VID goes from 1.16 all the way up to 1.31. To my question. What is VID and how is it...
  35. J

    Is this laptop good for gaming?

    I found a laptop on eBay that I really like and was wondering is it good for gaming? I don't mind Windows 7. https://postimg.org/image/4d84ucrad/
  36. S

    low budget pc builds?

    Hey yall im new here and to the whole pc building world in general. Im wanting to build a pc that would let me play arma 3 on decent settings. I play arma 3 and skyrim the most if theres a build that would play both of these great would be nice. Thanks for the help
  37. C

    gtx 970 or 1060

    Which one should I buy they're about the same price Gigabyte GeForce GTX 970 WF 3X OC 4GB or EVGA GeForce GTX1060 SC 6GB
  38. E

    Alienware Area 51 r2 [i7 5820(K)]

    Hello, I began by researching overclocking the i7 5820 processor and found many great articles and videos: Get the most out your Haswell-e Random Overclock Tutorial 1 Random Overclock Tutorial 2 Random Overclock Tutorial 3 Random Overclock Tutorial 4 And worst of all... Alienware Overclock...
  39. I

    Does this Void the Warranty? What Price to List?

    I changed the logo led on a Gigabyte 970 G1 and managed to break the first strip (modding, no shame) and bought replacement strips blue and red. So, when listing it on eBay should I just note that this voids the warranty to mess with the led/logo? Also, how mush do you think I could list it for...
  40. kcarbotte

    Major Patch Incoming: Big Changes For 'EVE: Valkyrie' Next Week

    CCP Games revealed that "EVE: Valkyrie," the company’s flagship VR game, will receive its first major update since it launched at the end of March. The game will get new features, UI improvements and balance adjustments next week. Major Patch Incoming: Big Changes For 'EVE: Valkyrie' Next Week...